Lisa Gawlas – Let Go Of The Past And Face Your Present! Please. – 2 March 2012

I have decided that I no longer go to sleep or wake up alone.  I have woken up so many days lately with topics and important points to talk about in my sharings… as if someone has already started the dictation before I even wiped the sleep out of my eyes.  I know it is the Guardians… and I know the Guardians are You.  So let me just say thank you for leaving a little room in my bed for me, but at least let me grab my coffee before we start yapping together!  (smile)

My first, and thanx to working on the hypnosis recording, my only reading yesterday really seems to be a huge exclamation point for today’s topic.  So much so, it was replayed in importance as I awoke.

The lovely lady that is part of my 4 week meditation course and we had hit week 3 together.  Her meditations have been evolving nicely as her inner understanding of where her life, her magnetic field, is pulling her.  But that pesky ole mind we have.  It can analyse and eventually dilute any given scenario from here to kingdom come!  Ahhhh the human trapped in a spiritually evolving life!!

Just listening to her talk herself into and out of everything… I had to take a peak as to where she was in alignment with all the new imagery.  I was so incredibly surprised by what I saw… as well as what I had understood.

It seems now, the readings start out on the top of the Mesa Cliff to give a glimpse of where we are at in relationship to the energy of March.  I literally see the cliff, so there are truly edges to this view.  March is located on the far right of the Cliff.  She, on the other hand was located at the extreme left of the Cliff with her back to March.  There was Light flooding in from everywhere.  There was nothing hidden or out of view or even burning off.  But she wasn’t looking at the Light, she was in her rear view mirror.  Looking at details of her past I could not see at all.

Between her and March was this big ass slinky energy thing.  It was vibrantly the same color of March’s energy, yellow and white.  The energy slinky was probably 3-4 feet in diameter and stretched all the way from the month of March across the Mesa Cliff floor to just near the heals of her feet.

We talked about her needing to turn around and face what her heart already knows.  But man oh man that crazy mind we have been gifted for this journey thru matter.  Coupled with all the outside influence of people who have no desire for you to change your life and follow your own heart.

Not once did she turn around to face March thru any of our conversation.  I suppose I didn’t really pay attention to this really important detail until now.  Well, that’s not really a true statement either.  I was aware she didn’t turn around.  Even gave her meditation exercises to face the March slinky and go with it.  But truthfully today… this is a big deal in the evolving field of life.

As we concluded our session together, I connected to her big, beautiful slinky (smile)… to see what ya gonna do.

What I seen, understood and felt that if she continues to look at a past that no longer exists (altho, from our minds eye and where our feet are placed in life, it sure can seem really real!!) that super charged slinky will connect to her feet and calves and literally pull her into March… but not to ride the wave, absolutely in the undertow.  I could feel for the first time… the undertow… liquidy light at the bottom floor of March.  It felt like it simply sucks the past off of you.  I didn’t stick around to see how… that was enough!!!

I have hope for her tho… tremendous hope.  She concluded our session with a really profound thought that came to her.  It is time to live her own dream and get out of everyone elses dream that has her in it!!

Talk about a mouthful of truth.  Talk about the energy of this precious field that is March!!!

Now to change the subject, but I suppose equally important, because this too was being shared with me as I awoke.

I had two other appointments on my calendar to read for.  I had a good 4 hour time separation from the above reading to the next.  I decided I had plenty of time to re-record the hypnosis session called “The Planting” (in Shambhala), get it worked into an MP3 and sent out.

I so completely and utterly forgot the effect it had on me when we did this as a group event this past Sunday.  I was done for the day.  Cooked even!!

I did the entire transmission into a recording yesterday.  Which means, word for word, there I went again!

By the time my 1pm was scheduled, my brains were floating in the outer atmosphere somewhere.  I was really surprised by this.  Everything was so clear just hours before… I really hadn’t done much except maybe stress about the file size (anyone know how to get a 65MB file thru email??) and getting it to a place it is downloadable.  Right now it is on its own page on my site, you can listen to it fully… but not download it.  (Any tech savvy people want to throw me some idea’s??  I would appreciate it!!)

Anyway… I couldn’t jump start a reading if I tried real hard.  By the time my 3rd one rolled around, my mind was so far in the abyss…  I really really assumed it was using so much of my left brain, which has been on a very long   vacation that it wore out my right brain.

I couldn’t even look at emails, I wanted so much to join in the wonderful conversation on this blog from yesterdays sharings… couldn’t.  Brain functionality left town!!  Dammit!!

Until I woke up this morning and I was shown that the reason for my “falling apart” yesterday was the intense expansion triggered by once again following the hypnotic journey into Shambhala.

The Guardians had told me as I awoke this morning that it is embedded with codes and triggers (yeah, I took the transmission and seen it and felt it) and every time you listen… it takes you further.  Thanks for the prior warning!!  And I am only the narrator… geez!!

There is one thing I have noticed within me these last several days… the calm, and even, it’s so much deeper than that.  For the first time in a very long time, I am starting a month with a major deficit happening.  Even the body system I was living within goes into the cycle of worry…. how am I gonna pay this and then pay it again in a couple weeks… blah, blah, blah…

I can even see the tremendous value in having such a financially lean month.  My greatest stress trigger is paying my bills.  When it appears like I can’t (and trust me, it really appears like that even today) my body and mind fills with stress… goes into crazy ass scenario’s and almost always I throw up my hands and just tell my team to take me home… I am done.

That auto-play within me… somehow… is missing this week.  I am looking but feeling a calm replaced by a frenzied worry.  And yet… thru it all, no visible potential of how it is going to work out.

Our own greatest test is to be put into the place of stress… or worry… and do we play our old records back to ourselves… or has the record changed.

We cannot bring our old records, our old stressers into the new pristine energy of what I call Shambhala.  We will have the opportunity in the coming days and weeks to be head first in those area’s of our internal stress triggered life parts… to see if the old programming has changed.

I know mine has… and let me tell you… it feels really weird!

I raise my wine glass, my beer mug, coffee mug and tea cup to all those facing the energy field that is March head on… dare to ride the wild wave forward!!

With ohhh so much love, joy and weirdness to all!!


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