Bill Ballard – Time To Understand How HAARP Works – 4 March 2012

With all the people killed across the USA yesterday, many persons are now asking how HAARP works and about these man made storms and tornados. Dutchsinse (Michael Janitch) put together one of the most complete works I have seen to date on the subject for all to inform themselves about. Visit his blog to find out more.

We all must come together to stop this madness. None of us can stop it alone. What is happening at this time is the great “Apocalypse” or the unveiling for all eyes to see… That’s what 2012 is all about!

This is actual weather warfare going on here in USA for all to see! It is not conspiracy theory but now FACT! It will take all of us joining together as a collective to spread the news and demand the stop to this!

With Love
Bill Ballard

first published 3 March via link to original article

P.S.  comment Lucas:  I recomment also the articles and website of Dr. Nick Begich – about HAARP. Further there are a couple of hundred commercial working Weather Modification companies around. For an example look at

HAARP is not only for weather modification in use but also for milititary purposes. So the range goes from earthquakes, storms, tornado’s untill mind-control and destroying things with the signal sent.





One response to “Bill Ballard – Time To Understand How HAARP Works – 4 March 2012

  1. L.Lalancette

    I have difficulty with the fact that Americans (?) are so eager to get rid of their own countrymen – hasn’t mankind learned anything from the past?? It will come back to haunt them.