Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – In The Mirror Of God’s Heart – 4 March 2012

God said:

Be at ease, beloveds. Home is where I AM, for where I am are you. There is no apartness. There is no moment when you are not safe in the depths of My heart. There is one outcome in life, and that is to wind up with Me. Not only that, you start from Me, and you never leave, so to be with Me is status quo. There is no changing it. There is no departing from it. It is a constant. You are nowhere but with Me.

Whatever the changing surface, you are deep in My heart. The world outcome, regardless of the roads traveled, is what is called death. It is called death improperly, yet so it is in the world. Death could have another name. By whatever name the concept might be called, the concept is erroneous. There is no death. There is changing form. Formlessness carries far more weight than form. The form dies, it can be said, but the soul never.

And which is the mightier of you but formlessness, of course.

Your soul wears various accoutrements. The accoutrements matter to you. You are attached to them. You are attached to certain forms. They are meaningful to the form you happen to be in. They mean a lot to you. And yet the body form that means so much to you is dust. It is made of illusion. The illusion becomes dear to you, very dear to you, your body form and others.

And yet you are soul. You are beautiful soul. You can be body-less, but soul-less? Never. You have a transmigrating soul, and, nevertheless, your soul abides with Me. We can say your soul is a part of Me. And when your body returns to dust, your soul is quite happy to be merged with Me. Your soul has never wandered. It has never been anywhere else but with Me.

Even so, while a whole story has surrounded your soul, your soul never wavered. You did. Your individual mind did. Your questions did. Your awareness of your true merit wavered. One day you, this individual you, felt up, and another day down. Your soul, on the other hand, is a constant, yet how much you love your individuality. Whatever you may say about it, you love it. You adore your individuality. You are enamored with it. You idolize it. Even when you protest about it, you idolize it. You are sure you want your individuality forever. You think that your individuality is you. Your individuality is a representation of you.

Here’s something you will like. Your soul, even as it is One with Me, will know other souls. Your soul will be swept to the souls that you have loved. Of course, you will be immersed in love, and yet the heart of your soul will recognize precise loved ones. You will have that moment’s surge of joy. You will reunite, soul to soul. You will have that reunion you crave. You will blend. You will have that. Of course, you will, for wishes come true, and, if not in Heaven, where?

There is no ending, beloveds, in Eternity. There is only Oneness, and Oneness continues as it always has. All the put-up barriers are taken down. Wherever you look, you will see love. You will look in the mirror of My heart, and you will see love.

You will see Truth. You will see the Truth that always was and which you didn’t quite see. You may have squinted at it, peered at it, sought it deeply, and, yet, didn’t quite see, didn’t quite take it in, didn’t quite believe, wanted to believe and yet wanted to hold on to past belief, your belief in bodies, for example, your belief in apartness, your belief in individuality supreme, even cranky individuality. The truth is that you have always loved, and now you love without attachment. All the same, you can love without attachment right now even with individuality. link to original article

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