Lisa Gawlas – Shambhala – It’s As REAL As YOU Want It To Be!! – 4 March 2012

 I spent yesterday really reflecting on the vast information coming thru each reading this week.  Every reading, every single thing I have shared so far, I have taken personally.  The way I see it, YOU are the greatest Light upon my life’s stage and what I need to know, understand and release, comes thru each aspect of you.

When I had actually seen the garden of life I refer to as Shambhala in creation… real, livable and growing… I closed out the vision without asking any more.  Why would I do such a thing?  Truthfully, because instantly I got scared.

I am as much that wonderful lady hesitant to get into her field of harvest as I am the precious lady bound beneath the mesa cliff.

Several days ago when I was in a meditation with my Rock Man Jorge, I asked him straight out, are you real.  Will you one day have skin and bones that my hands can actually touch.  His reply was “I am as real as you want me to be.”  Well what kind of answer is that!!??

Yesterday, I finally got up the nerve to go into meditation, call on the Guardians and ask if that vision I had seen of the garden of Shambhala real.  Once again, I get that annoying reply of “It is as real as you want it to be.”  This time tho, instead of ignoring the reply, I felt with it.  I felt with the vision I had seen of Shambhala… it could have been a clip straight out of the movie “What Dreams May Come” in texture and vibrancy.  I dropped down into my heart and without a question, I replied: I want that!  I was just as surprised as their next reply: “then you have work to do to bring the energy of it together.”

Funny how my crazy mind works.  The first thing I think of is money!  What the hell is up with that?? lol  Today.. this morning… this is what binds and even gags me just beneath my dreams.  Hell, the greater universes dream!

The Guardians didn’t even let me start to spin my wheels with those crazy financial questions of how… instantly they said “you bring the energy, let the details of how it will all come together to us.”  I have never felt a hmmmm not even sure what the correct words would be to describe what it is I never felt (smile)… but I felt it!  And it was REAL!  Perhaps a sort of surrender.  I am not going to look at the how, but focus on gathering the energy of participation in the initial set up (like I even know what that really means lol.)

I got out of my meditation and since I now had a few extra dollars (thank you sooo much, and let me tell you, the wildlife outside my door, thanks you as much too) I went to the feed store to get birdseed as I was out and the animals were really looking for their morning breakfast, which wasn’t there.

As soon as I got into the car, there is Aerosmith singing “Dream on” the line: Dream until your dreams come true.  amplified in every cell of my Being. I hear you!  I didn’t hear another song for the rest of the 11 mile journey… I was busy dreaming!

On my way home, another very amplified in my cells song came on the radio “Radar Love.”  (by Golden Earring) I just laughed!

As I was nearing my home I seen something I have not ever seen before.  Now keep in mind, the landscape here is just simply divine.  I breathe it all in anytime I am on the road.  As I was breathing in the rock formations near my home… I had seen a huge golden energy vortex on the mountain tops near the Mesa Cliff.  My breath completely taken away.  I had to ask… was this always here and my eyes are just now able to pick up its vibration?  No.  Our combined energy and focus brought it into vibration!!

If you ever, for a single moment feel like what you do doesn’t matter… feel again!!  It matters more than I ever realized.  Concentrated focus on a single (yet broad) goal.

Now I get why March started shrinking in yellow dome energy size with the understanding it was becoming “concentrated.”  Phew!!

Last evening my beloved editor/cover artist/and really good friend Nichole called me to finish up my book “When it All Falls Apart …Again!” and getting it epublished (should happen today)… we also talked about the city of light/Shambhala.  Actually mostly about the size… what a big city it should be.  Interesting the conversations that trigger things I have forgotten along the way.

I suppose I have always seen this potential.  I have seen people coming together with pure heart energy, living, loving, expanding together… and it literally creates a glow of energy, of light, that is visible from overhead.  The City of Light is not a figure of speech or a metaphor… but a truth in the created reality of Shambhala.  A synergy of pure radiant heart energy.

I have got to take a moment to laugh here… I had no clue what to write today’s sharing on.  I stared at my computer for a good hour and finally asked the Guardians to write about whatever topic they wanted to.  Of course it had to be about Shambhala!!  I just love it… I just love You, since you are the Guardians!!

It may not really seem like in as we wake up every day in the same bed, put our feet upon the same floor and seem so separate by time and distance in our creation here on earth.  But we Are gathering, we Are creating, we have ignited the Light of Shambhala together.  As we stay focused within our hearts alignment, strengths our own abilities and understandings…together, it will be placed into created reality seemingly all of a sudden and out of no where.

Before I close this sharing I want to state something so important that came thru me just a moment ago.  WE are all building this together.  Which means, we are all fine tuning our unique spiritual attributes for use and growth of the city I refer to as Shambhala.

Geez… how did I not see this before.  When I first came to this place here in Jemez, the very first Guardian I had seen in clear view was Jemez (the name he calls himself).  He is set up as a “look out” on the top of the mesa cliff.  I never really understood what he was looking out for or why… until this moment.

I have a unique vision, developed and enhanced over time and most importantly thru constant use. He and I can “see” the purity of vibration of the initial residents of Shambhala.

“To create for the sake of creating is wreckless.  A shared vision is not the same as a shared internal and external frequency.” (Jemez’ words not mine.)

Everyone brings their unique skill set for use and application… hone it and use it!!  It is more important than you or I ever realized!!

If any of this is as real as I want it to be… then I open my door, my heart, my full energy field to both Jorge and Shambhala.  No fear, no worries… just focused intent and causable action (hmmmm what is causable action???  lol, love how they just slip things in!)

Together, WE are One and WE are REAL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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