Wes Annac – The Ascended Masters – You Are Breaking Spells And Laying Lighted Foundations – 4 March 2012

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-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The finding of Love in its less distorted forms is a process that takes place from the very moment one decides to descend into the lower dimensions, and the path upward is naturally filled with challenging obstacles and stages for one to experience, grow whilst experiencing and learn from. The integrating of lessons through challenges is important in the growth and exposure to each and every molecule and Creation of the lower realms which you wished to experience the full intensity of.

The difficulty of lessons being learned is no stronger than now, with the ascension of you all on dear Gaia’s surface in such acceleration. Have you not been feeling the effects of each and every purity increase? There have been very many recently. As you were made aware of, you have recently passed through a cluster of synchronistic dates which brought Logos energy in a purity that has not been attained [on Earth] in quite a long time. This was done in accordance with not only the energy work that has been done for Earth on Her surface and beyond, but also with the activating of various crystals and other higher dimensional stargates which we bring the increasingly pure energies through.

As you are all expanded and you feel the opening and usage of your chakras, the various crystals and energy gates around your surface and in your atmosphere naturally respond by themselves beginning to open up and activate as well as bring the Kundalini energy through that many of you are now bringing through. This is the Law of Attraction in practice dear souls.

You are expanding, growing and discovering the higher realms and purer energies for yourselves, and as such your outer Creation is responding by itself beginning to open up in itself the energy gates and planetary chakras that bring the pure energy of the higher realms through to you for you to integrate and use to Create the events which unfold in your Lives.

The lessons you are putting yourselves through as well as being exposed to are the final lessons you laid out for your ultimate rise back to the higher and purer dimensions from which you Created the lower realities and the lessons and stages you were to experience on them, from. Indeed, we can feel how difficult it has been and we know that despite your perceived failures in many avenues, you are all growing and learning in accordance with the various timelines which you laid out for yourselves when planning the lessons you are currently undergoing.

Believe us dear souls, Creation is infinite and with any event that occurs, on Earth or otherwise, each and every scenario and situation is thought of and planned for when planning such things out to be experienced. No matter what you do while inhabiting the lower realms, it will be in accordance with the timelines of whichever Life plan you choose for yourselves through your choices [on Earth].

This is your Creation dear souls, in every way that statement can be expressed and understood, and despite what you do while playing around in this imaginary reality of yours, you are always Loved infinitely beyond measure by us ascended souls who are helping you out of the lower vibrations, as well as by our dear Mother/Father Creator.

Dear ones, if only you could feel and fathom the Love you are being given at this time, for it is great and it is infinite. We do understand that for you to feel such Love just yet may break some freewill-instated barriers on your end, because while you are feeling the Earth’s Kundalini as well as your own Kundalini in an increasing purity, you still have yet to feel the purity of these higher realms which we ascended souls who are assisting you exist in, as well as the purity of realms so great that even we have yet to feel and comprehend them, in their full purity.

It is important to make an attempt to feel or fathom in your own ways the grand Creation that lies ahead of you from this point, as well as the infinite choices you now have to make. While inhabiting the lower realms you have been binded to such realms through the actions which you chose and still choose each and every moment of inhabiting such realms. Now, you are breaking the spells that have kept you binded to ancient and lower dimensional methods of thought, feeling and behavior, and now that you are doing so you are laying a foundation so Golden, so pure and Harmonious and full of potential, Lighted and Grand potential, that again the Creation before you is infinite and at present, quite unfathomable from your current perspective.

You have just a few vices and thought patterns to transmute and integrate and we can feel that many of you are becoming committed to the ideas of making efforts to better your Lives and clean out the residue you have gained form many Lives in the lower realms. We are fully supporting you in this process, dear souls, regardless of which stage of the process you find yourself at. Call upon us for we cannot act unless approved to and asked for by you. We abide strictly to your Freewill laws and wishes, as we do not wish to ‘bust’ the illusion in any way as it is your Creation, your experience and your decision as to how it is experienced.

We will be with you when called upon, and we will help you by acting in accordance with your higher self and your soul-fragments existing in the higher dimensions, to manifest events in your Lives which will help to nudge you more toward your intended Life path. Of course again, this help can only be received if asked for by you.

Your guides and your higher self give you all more assistance on your Life paths than you may believe. We are with you at every stage, at every lesson and every moment, helping you to find the Light in each and every situation you are presented with. Yes, the stresses accumulate and at times it seems for you like you cannot escape a boxed-in Creation of your own making, but dear souls just the fact that you are realizing the limitations you have imposed upon yourselves and the need for you to break such limitations and transcend them; this is manifesting the energies of the higher realms and the purely-Created lessons for you to experience in accordance with you finding the means to break such limitations, to transcend them and ascend to the state of Oneness that you deserve to be feeling.

If only the level of Love involved in this process could be fathomed [by you], you would truly know that even when things seem to be at their worst on the surface of Earth, all truly is well and beyond the illusion you are experiencing and have Created for yourselves lays lands so mystical, so heavenly by your standards and so pure, that if felt by you for even a sliver of a moment, you would know that all of Creation truly is harmonious and that there really, truly is no reason to ever worry or produce any types of low, unbalanced or out of synch vibrations on the ascending surface of Earth.

You have been ascending at your core for quite some time. Even the many of you who are walk-ins were helping the souls previously inhabiting your current bodies to themselves ascend at their cores, so the cores and surface of their bodies could host such Lighted souls.

You have been ascending at your cores in many cases longer than you have been awakening at your surface, and this is because the awakening of the core is a foundational awakening. Your higher self begins to funnel distorted aspects of its overall self down to you to begin the healing work at your core, and once the healing work [which such soul fragments do from the borders of the higher dimensions] is taken to a certain level, the resonance of such aspects of your higher self then inhabit a home in your core, to begin bringing forth the real you through your own awakening, to the surface you.

Many of you have become increasingly vocal about us Angels who are assisting you, as well as about the extraterrestrial souls assisting in your planetary and personal ascensions at this time. Those of you who are becoming the most outspoken about the ascension of Earth and us beings who are assisting you, are in many cases souls who have been awakening at their cores and surfaces for quite a long ‘time’.

Of course, the awakening of a soul always takes ‘time’ in the lower dimensions or in the higher realms, but for us as you know, time is not a concept. We do not feel your linear limitations of time and if you could learn your history as well as your future in their full experience, you would realize that the many different time periods feature souls incarnate on your world who in many cases acted the same way you act even today.

Take a look at your history and if possible attempt to research your true history rather than the history you have been fed in your mainstream and in your schools, and attempt to study the behavioral patterns of any souls from any time period. In developed cultures and undeveloped cultures alike, you will see that you all act the same way, in an aligned manner. You all have the Life experience; working, feeling emotions and learning from various lessons placed before you, and whether one is learning such lessons from an undeveloped time period or a time period with much technology, the same dimensional experience is still being offered in accordance with each and every soul’s life plan.

Try to feel the purity of the higher realms and the energies of us various beings who are assisting you, and try to feel these pure energies past the distortions and lower vibrational shells of reality which you have set up for yourselves. Of course we would never force doing such onto anybody and the lower vibrational experience is one that can be experienced for as long as any soul wishes.

As you continue to wait for events to manifest on Earth and in your own Lives, the profound importance for you to know that it is your actions which decide what happens in every manner on Earth, is beginning to be expressed. We have felt the frustration in many and we must let you know that this is your ascension process, and the events that manifest either in favor or against your continual finding of freedom act in accordance with your own decisions which you make along your paths.

Of course we wish not to ‘preach’ to you, but you must know that the souls who are assisting in your ascension processes are purposeful about not giving dates and such, as the events that manifest on Earth are constantly changing and are constantly decided by each and every one of you [rather than us].

You have heard many times before of the nature in which you are all connected with each other energetically. Each and every atom of Creation be it awakened or lower dimensional, is connected with each other though in the case of the lower dimensional experience, the connection with higher dimensional entities is established and real but not felt until the lower dimensional soul begins to ascend, which is now happening with so very many on the surface of Earth.

This Supreme connection is maintained throughout all of Creation, and for the limited perceptions and constraints of the lower vibrations, the energetic connections are sort of split up into groups. Groups of souls are connected through various interactions and decisions made on Earth and on other worlds before the Earth experience. As many of you know, there are quite a few soul families or groups of incarnate souls who are very close in energy and in spirit, and the soul family is a prime example of the energetic connection being split up into groups of souls who feel a very strong connection with each other while still feeling the illusory separation from the rest of the souls on Earth.

Of course, the structures of the group connections go deeper than just soul families who can already feel the connection. As we mentioned before, a connection is maintained with each and every molecule, atom and being of Creation even if not yet felt. The soul families who feel strong connections with each other but not with the rest of humanity, are still experiencing illusory separation and have yet to feel the true connection that does exist with each and every incarnate being on Earth and beyond.

The group connections as such, do go much deeper and one such important group connection is that which you all share on Earth. We speak of course of your connection as the collective surface consciousness of Earth. Many of you have heard of the powers of a lot of people on Earth getting together and bringing through positive energies by doing things such as meditating, and this fits in with the concept we present before you now, that of you all being energetically connected as the collective surface consciousness of Earth.

Each one of you contain very powerful Creation energies on your own, but if you all got together and harnessed your Creation energies for the best, purest intentions and manifestations, you cannot yet fathom just how much power you would be collectively harnessing and just how much good you could really do.

Some of you have begun to discover that you can dive down so to speak, beyond your conscious experience to the realms of the unconscious, the ‘underworld’ if you will where your higher self as well as the fragments of your higher self which have been funneled down to assist you, are waiting to get your attention and begin to guide you in more pure and helpful ways than you have yet been graced with.

We lay beyond your conscious perspective as well, and with your veils thinning as quickly as they now are, your connections to us are getting stronger literally every moment. Whether or not you feel this connection is decided by you and what you make of each and every moment you are given on Earth.

The seasons you are to experience in the months ahead will be graced with Lighted energies. As you have reached the ‘final’ year with many synchronistical dates which bring much power and purity to the energies being Created and the resulting overall Life experiences, you are to begin noticing the effects of such purely-manifested energies in the seasons ahead. Those of you who are more energy-sensitive will notice this and feel it, and indeed many of you are already beginning to feel what we speak of in these current seasons you are experiencing.

It is very interesting to watch from our perspective how your beings and behaviors change as the season do. There are aspects of you which are kept hidden away until the aligned season or outer experience is achieved and felt. Your psyche and the patterns and structures of behavior that you set up during your Life experience is indeed amazing, and it just goes to show that even though many of you cannot yet feel what we are about to say, you truly are multidimensional, layered beings and your very essence goes so much deeper, is so much more complex and intricate than you have even begun to realize.

You are realizing this more and more as you peel away and integrate many layers of your overall being. As you integrate these layers, Mother Earth is Herself integrating and transmuting very dense layers of energy that have been prevalent on Her surface for so very long, and believe us dear souls each and every area of Gaia’s surface is beginning to be cleansed at this time.

There are many areas where lower vibrations are continually manifested on a moment to moment basis, and we want you to know not to worry dear souls, because these areas are receiving the Lighted energies they need. Though the energies being given to these areas have not yet manifested as events in such areas to occur, the energetic assistance being given to these areas is very pure and is laying the foundation for the vibrations of Love and acceptance rather than hate, death and violence, to manifest as Lighted events in such areas. Much is being done in accordance with the assistance you will be receiving from your extraterrestrial brethren after their presence is announced and accepted, but believe us dear souls it will be a bit slower of a process than many of you expect.

A bit of a ‘false’ scenario has been built up through many channels or otherwise sources of information that the disclosure announcements will automatically lead to landings and giving of new and innovating technologies, and while such miracles will be occurring we can feel that you all need some adjustment periods before the most effective actions can begin.

You  need first to be exposed to the corruption in your various governments and the rich families who have been working against humanity and enacting campaigns against humanity for decades and centuries of your time, and beyond this knowledge which you will need to integrate during a period of your ‘time’ as well, will lay the evidence of our existence as well as the existence of the extraterrestrial and Lighted organizations who are assisting in your ascension and more recently, assisting in the widespread exposure of the aforementioned elite families.

Of course, the time periods needed for you to integrate such revelations have been shrunken exponentially since the plan’s original conception but there will still be adjustment periods. The biggest ‘problem’ if one wishes to call it that or rather, the biggest obstacle that remains in the way of effective progress on a global scale, has been that of how to start the informing of humanity of all that has truly happened on your surface over the last 10,000 and more years.

So very much has happened, that many are stumped as to just where to begin. Of course, once a middle ground is established and the many factors which are being considered are noted fully and integrated into the overall beginning announcement plans, the revelations will pour in faster than many of you can handle.

This is because again, there is so very much to tell and even though this will be done in stages, each stage of revealing what has been done to you requires a lot of explanation and when we say a lot, we mean a lot by your standards. Trust us dear souls, the integration periods will be needed and appreciated by you all.

The biggest factor that has been driving the exposure of the various dark-oriented families on your world who have [again] Created massive campaigns against humanity, has been the public lawsuit which you have been hearing about from your terrestrial sources.

Of course, it is known in the higher realms that the majority on your world do not accept the words of channelings and even many awakening souls do not except the words of channelings, because indeed it can be hard at times to discern who is genuine and for many, the reality that is the ability to channel is for them, not in fact a reality. Again, it all goes back to your natural Creation powers to experience the reality you wish to experience.

It is known that the majority will not yet accept the direct words and impressions of us ascended souls who are helping you as many are not even aware of ascension or the fact that much of their world has been controlled. The lawsuit which is occurring and the information it is bringing out and has already brought out as well as inspired, has been the single biggest Lighted source and confirmation of real change beginning to occur on your surface.

All that you have be hearing about and dreaming about is no longer a dream. Real, concrete action in the physical against those who have hurt your world as well as gotten you all to hurt yourselves, is now being taken and this has happened again, in accordance with and on the foundation of the Lighted energies you have all been manifesting and feeding to dear Gaia’s Lighted grid, as well as feeding to Her and your surface experience.

This phrase we are about to give you as we make our final words and impressions for this message, is a phrase which you must always remember when you feel that solid action for the Light is not being taken, whether from you or from anyone else:

All is as it should be, at all times. There is never a need to worry about anything, as worrying produces lower vibrations and tightens up your chakras and the overall flow of your energy, making it hard for you to manifest and bring through Lighted and happy energies.

We Love you so very much dear souls as always, and we wish you to know that you truly are acting in accordance with your Life Plans and ascension paths. Each and every action you are committing is making a solid impact on your Lives and experiences, past and future, and whether or not a powerful energy is manifested for the good is left entirely up to you. Do know dear souls, that each and every action be it big or small is now having a profound impact on this entire, marvelous event.

Thank you to the Ascended Masters.

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