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John Ward – Ezone LTRO – Sensation As Data Show Draghi Is Funding Sovereign Bailout By Stealth – 5 March 2012

New SuperMario game revealed

ECB boss using sealed money-flow scam to hoodwink markets

Bundesbank’s Weidmann continues to sound alarm bells Continue reading


Wes Annac – The Pleiadian High Council – Physical And Telepathic Contact With People On Earth – 5 March 2012

Thanks to Lisa (Wolfke74) for the Image

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

We have visited the people of your world many times in your history, be it recent or ancient. At this current moment in your ascension process, our primary preferred method of contact and communication with the souls we are in communication with has been through the telepathic channels established in the minds and energetic fields of you all. It has not always been this way, dear souls. We have made direct contact in the physical with many people and whole civilizations. Continue reading

Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 5 March 2012

This week brings opportunities to feel the new matrix, the new field, of stellar assistance that is here to accompany Earth as we dock in 5th dimension. As an explorer ship gallivanting the universe in the form of a planetary body Earth has entered her next frontier of reality and is being received with excitement, delight, and curiosity. Many ambassadors of other worlds await our awakening so that an interaction of Greater Remembrance may take place. Often I speak of Oneness and enough humans have now embodied the truth of the concept that we can expand our collective consciousness to include universal aspects that up-until-now we did not have the ability to recognize. Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Full Update – The Hunt Is On, Cabal Arrests Accelerating – 5 March 2012

Comments and notes by Geoffrey West : UPDATE TO POST BELOW FROM BEN: Update on the “death” of Lord James Blackheath. The just published Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20120305 states that Lord James Blackheath was murdered by the cabal. The source for this information was a member of the Rothschild family. The Wikipedia entry on Lord Blackheath also stated that he died on February 29th. However, a spokesperson for the House of Lords in the UK said that “as far as we know he is alive and well.” [Please note: The Wiki entry included above does NOT show a death date for Blackheath, just a short paragraph at the bottom concerning his Feb 16th speech about the cabal ~G]

The Hunt Is On, Cabal Arrests Accelarating Continue reading

Graham Dewyea – Inlight Radio (Blogtalkradio) – Our Galactic Brothers And Sisters – Stephen Bassett – 5 March 2012

Our guest is Stephen Bassett, executive director of the Paradigm Research Group. Mr. Bassett is an exopolitical activist and a leading advocate for ending the 65-year government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. His advocacy work has been extensively covered by national and international media.  He has spoken to audiences all over the world about the implications of formal Disclosure of the ET presence. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – You Are Spinning – 5 March 2012

God said:

The world is a-changing, and you right with it. You are riding an escalator of change, an escalating escalator of change. It may seem to you that you are not changing, and, yet, in world terms, you are moving fast. Do you feel it?

You who are Silence and Stillness are moving fast. You are propelled. You are spinning at a new speed. No more ruts for you, beloveds, for spin you will. You are spinning closer to the Sun. You are riding on the rays of the Sun. You perch on the Moon, and you wave. Stars flash before you. You are entering the Realm of No Time and No Place which means, in fact, that the pull of gravity is less. Continue reading

Natalie Glasson – The Celestial White Beings – Reflections Of The Creator – 5 March 2012

Your achievements upon the Earth and within your being are immense at this time; you have travelled through so many experiences, challenges and journeys to reach this point. It is a time that you have been longing for and yet it is the experience of reaching a place that is more enjoyable than arriving at the destination. We wish for you to know in your heart that everything on the Earth now is as it should be and everything is being guided by the will of the Creator and your soul combined. Remember that you now hold greater responsibility in your spiritual growth at this time. The will of your soul is just as important as the will of the Creator in your reality. Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 5 March 2012

The good news about the changes cannot be held back for much longer, as it will be seen as too important for the whole world not to share the knowledge. The Internet is alive with information, and more people than ever are coming forward. After months and years of preparation, a sudden push has started a whole series of arrests and resignations, that is sending fear through the ranks of the dark Ones. Having felt that they were safe and beyond reproach, they are shocked to find that they are now vulnerable. There will be no let up until the Illuminati are removed from their positions of power, and that is proceeding with all speed. It is enabling other missions to also move faster, and the way is being opened for the governmental changes to be lined up. It is all part of the continuing collapse of the old system, and no matter what is done to prop it up it will never be the same again. Continue reading

Kauilapele – Benjamin Fulford On Workers Radio Sydney From Febr. 29th 2012 Including Links To Mp3 And Videos – 4 March 2012

Benjamin Fulford is a journalist living in Japan is interviewed by WorkersRadioSydney 88.9fm in Australia by Host Jack Frost and ChrispyT (love the names!). Found this at RMN. The videos links are below (each opens in a new tab or window; and each has some neat cartoon and other pictures), followed by list of the mp3s created from them. I found this, as usual with Ben, a fascinating listen. He speaks of many things, in particular, the role of Prince Harry in the new financial scheme of things. Continue reading