Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 5 March 2012

This week brings opportunities to feel the new matrix, the new field, of stellar assistance that is here to accompany Earth as we dock in 5th dimension. As an explorer ship gallivanting the universe in the form of a planetary body Earth has entered her next frontier of reality and is being received with excitement, delight, and curiosity. Many ambassadors of other worlds await our awakening so that an interaction of Greater Remembrance may take place. Often I speak of Oneness and enough humans have now embodied the truth of the concept that we can expand our collective consciousness to include universal aspects that up-until-now we did not have the ability to recognize.

As we each awaken and shimmer in 5D Light we will recall more intensely ”being All within One.” Beginning this month a new sense of trust and acceptance is going to wash over the enlightened collective of Earth. No longer will we be spellbound by the ignorance of our third dimension illusion. For those ready there will be a rejoining with the greater population of universal beings who live and know cosmic levels of Love & Light therefore we can enter a field of Refined spirituality. For many of us a renaissance of Soul Fire is happening.

This latest positioning of Earth, along with the energetic tune-ups she is receiving, is sending wave upon wave of liberation that will allow the Open Ones to express an unprecedented level of their Highest and Best potential. Not only will the physical body be rapidly assuming its original template form and design, the mind will be finishing up the cleansing of perceptions and beliefs that have sabotaged our authentic agenda of Wholeness.

So what might all of that suggest as we look at our week ahead? For the most part it will feel creatively high yet physically low. By that I mean our mental, imaginative, creative centers will be reeling with ideas on how to reach long-sought goals. Harness the power of positive thinking on maximum levels of astuteness, imagination and sensitivity. Know multiple solutions to problems you have been pondering about will simply come forward. Because we released the “we can’t” aspect of awakening in February (the 14th & 15th) we are giving ourselves permission to be supported by the incoming March crystalline stellar intelligent energies.

The physical lows will develop individually based upon the needs of each unique, organic, biological field. Some bodies are still letting go of older, denser energies in order to make space for the quantum crystalline configurations that are beginning to spin and activate within the fluid centers of the physical. The “light body” process has begun so the body may signal being “tired and worn down.” (**remember Feb. 5, 6, & 7 we experienced a further illumination of the physical body. Your etheric grids are now more controlled by the Light body.) Please continue to be wise and get plenty of rest for it is certainly necessary. Be intuitive and follow the guidance you get when asking what you can do to comfort the physical this week.

Like me, you may feel “foggy” in the head during the week and also very tired to the point of exhaustion as this greater plan molds a crystalline form out of carbon-based matter. We are eliminating and removing the components in our bodies that do not fit with the blueprint of the Awakening Times. A renovation and renewal is taking place physically from the inside-out. Be mindful that the body needs you to assist it in these processes. Honor your body and it needs.

So then, expect some nice highs while still having to be patient with your vessel as it is recalibrated to better run Ascension ideas, thoughts, and inspirations. Much will be occurring in the month of March, become conscious of the “integration allowances” you need to schedule to remain connected to the vitality of your life force as you set up your daily calendars.

It is the wise person this week that chooses to cooperate with the essential nature of change and to know oneself –

©2012 Reverend Angela Peregoff, All Rights Reserved. link to original article


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