Graham Dewyea – Inlight Radio (Blogtalkradio) – Our Galactic Brothers And Sisters – Stephen Bassett – 5 March 2012

Our guest is Stephen Bassett, executive director of the Paradigm Research Group. Mr. Bassett is an exopolitical activist and a leading advocate for ending the 65-year government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. His advocacy work has been extensively covered by national and international media.  He has spoken to audiences all over the world about the implications of formal Disclosure of the ET presence.

Stephen Bassett discusses the current White House Disclosure petition and offers his perspective as to why there has been a truth embargo regarding the extraterrestrial presence. We discuss the increased media coverage that has been happening, why the extraterrestrials are here, and what might happen post Disclosure, which he believes will likely happen this year as the most significant event in human history.

The White House petition is titled Disclosure Petition II – the Rockefeller Initiative. You don’t need to be a US citizen to sign it, just an email account.  It takes a few minutes to set up an account and sign the petition. Note: the White House website has been experiencing some problems with the petition page. If you run into problems, it may be helpful to use a different internet browser or try again later. Here’s the link to get to the website:

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