Bill Ballard – Volcanic Plumes Over Southern USA (5 March 2012) – 6 March 2012

Something very interesting is going on all over the Southeastern USA. It seems to be volcanic plumes or steam clouds that is occurring in dozens of places all over the south today. A few days back there were several known “extinct” volcanos steaming including the Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas. Even near where I lived in southern Mississippi is showing signs of plumes erupting today. Dutchsinse just put out todays coverage of this at this link below. If you are interested in the past events this last week scroll through his videos of the past days.

Volcanic Plumes

3/4/12 | There has been a large uptick in Earthquake activity and Dutch also made a video earlier of whats going on Globally. Please note that this video is taken from the USGS information and at best only shows 1/4 of all Earthquakes globally. I am posting the Global Earthquake overview here

Global Earthquake Overview

3/5/12 | Since the Global Earthquake overview was posted a 6.1 happened in Argentina

Earthquake in Argentina

3/4/12 | There was another “X” Class Solar Flare Dr Keith Strong reported on yesterday. This is the 2nd such solar flare of 2012 and at the present time we do not know if this is directed to Earth. The Data is not in. Here is the video on that Flare

“X” Class Solar Flare

In case that “X” is directed at Earth it will be arriving on 3/7/12. I had previously written on what to expect from these solar flares we will have incoming this year of 2012 and you can find that information here from February 2, 1012:

Super Solar Flares And The Incoming Big Buzz

2012 is certainly proving to be all we expected this to be! I hope you all are enjoying it too.. What a fantastic time to be on Earth watching it all as we shift into the 5D! Please join us with your imagination for the 2012 40 Day Event. You dont need to go anywhere but in your own heart! For all Facebook users there is a link to join with others found on this link to the article…

40 Days Collective Focus

With Unconditional LOVE for All That IS!
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