Visionkeeper – What Stories Will We Tell? – 6 March 2012

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I look at this tree and see stories. Stories of how it became twisted and somewhat gnarled. A story of how it came to be where it sits in this picture, where did it come from, who planted it, how long has it been growing, what stories does it have to tell? Many stories I am sure. It looks old and well-worn so to speak. It is regal looking and beautiful.

I wonder too what stories we will tell of our journey through the world of illusion and back out into freedom again. What will the stories be like about the actual process of ascension? Will we even remember once we get to where we are going? Will these stories even hold meaning or be quickly forgotten? This process reminds me of having a kitten or a puppy. Friends come by and remark on how much it has grown yet we do not see the growth for we are around it all the time. Are we even truly aware of what is taking place on earth at this time or just a part of it’s happening so we do not really notice?

We didn’t notice as we were lulled to sleep and quietly pulled into the trap we find ourselves in today. We just marched merrily along through life assuming we were free and happy and embraced by Democracy. We were the loyal patriotic ones waving the red, white and blue, but what were we really being loyal to? Loyal to the illusion? It is difficult for many I am sure to face the cold hard facts that life was a lie.

I see memorabilia or remember things today that instantly draw me back to earlier times of what life was like. The old tv shows like The Lone Ranger, The Cisco Kid, The Howdy Doody Show. We ate peanut butter and Marshmallow Fluff sandwiches on Wonder Bread, ate Velveeta cheese and drank Kool Aid or Orange Crush. We spent summer evenings catching fire flies in jars and playing ball at the park or riding our bikes with streamers on the handles. That was life, our life, but that life was not real, it only appeared to be real.

For many this is a very unsettling feeling and many wish to cling to what was, for blowing about not anchored by what is familiar is most uncomfortable. We keep books and books of family photographs or memory books of trips we have taken. Do you suppose pictures would even be necessary if we had been fully engaged in our lives appreciating every moment? Probably not. We would have lived life so fully it would be with us forever. This holding on seems to be a symptom of a life not fully lived and by no fault of our own. We had been led astray from living life fully. We were thrown into the clutches of Television, keeping up with the Joneses, hooked by the need to own the latest gadgets, kowtowing to advertisement and being anybody but who we were. We didn’t really know who we were!

Soon if all goes as planned, we will know who we are, we will be living in our lives fully, we will all be equals and the drive to keep up or be better will be a thing of our dark past. We will live fully in the moment , appreciating every minute of it. We fear letting go of our memories for they define who we were or are, but how do you hold onto an illusion? How do you make memories from illusions? Where we are headed will hold far more meaning than our memories ever could. There is nothing to fear and everything to gain. We should look upon this shift as exciting and embrace this change for we are going from illusions into reality and finally we will be able to be and express who we truly are and experience this new way of being on higher levels we could never even dream of. Let the party begin!

Blessings to you all,
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