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Ronna Star – Archangel Michael – The Power And Majesty Of The Elements – 7 March 2012

Beloved masters, an understanding of the elements of FIRE, AIR, WATER, and EARTH, which are unique components, facets or elements of the nature of our Father/Mother God within this Sub-universal experience, is vitally important as you seek greater wisdom and Self-Mastery. These are the four major elements which were encoded within the bodily system of the original human form to assist in Self-realization and Self-mastery on the material plane of existence. These elements are supplied to all created matter in this Sub-Universe via the great Archangels’ RAY-diation of the twelve Rays of God Consciousness from the Heart Core Essence of our Father/Mother God. Continue reading

Four London Based Cartel Banks In The U.S. Hold A Staggering 95.9% Of The U.S. Counterfeit Money aka; ‘Derivatives’: The $600 Trillion Financial WMDs That Are Set To Explode! – 7 March 2012

The London Based Banking Cartel (Rothschild), Are Attempting To Hide Their Counterfeit Currency aka; (Derivatives) by A Scheme Called “New World Order”.  They have weekend countries with derivatives, only then to bail them out with more derivatives. In the U.S. Bill Clinton Repealed The Glass Steagall Act Giving The Green Light For Rothschild To Engorge America With Counterfeit aka; Derivative Mortgage Debt causing The Housing Bubble. Continue reading

John Ward – Exclusive – Why Greece Cannot Be Allowed To Survive & Why Merkel Is In Such A Hurry To Get To Fiskalpakt – 7 March 2012

ANALYSIS: Why Berlin, Washington, the German Constitution, the Fiscal Union and the Greek bailout are unstoppable forces hitting immovable objects.

Quite a few of you will already be aware of the facts I’m about to discuss. What you might not have done is put them together in order to make more sense of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s currently somewhat delicate situation. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Push Pull Of Solar And Lunar Energy – 7 March 2012

 Holy blowing winds batman!  I should have taken note from the sharing that came thru me yesterday about tornado like winds, because that was the theme of the readings yesterday!

My first reading yesterday… my lord, talk about blowing my brains all around.  In her reading she (as well as everyone else for the day) was standing about on the middle of the Mesa Cliff facing the intense winds of March.  Now imagine you are in a super powered wind storm and you are walking directly into the wind.  Welcome to the first half of March. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Adama – 7 March 2012

(Picture of Nancy Tate on the left)

I am Adama from Telos, Inner Earth. I come today to add to what has already been said through you. It is time now to get down to business, and the first order of such is that you all take a moment and take a breath of clear fresh air. You can do that no matter what the air is like around you. Take a deep breath, and while holding it take the moment to bless your life and what it has brought you. In that moment the air around you will purify and take on the blessings that you hold within yourself. In that moment there will be a new beginning for you and it will be laden with love and new promise for your life. Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 7 March 2012

More of you are beginning to believe that the changes are becoming significant, and the details are there for those who are prepared to search for them. After several disappointments a stage has now been reached where events have moved on, to a point where the dark Ones cannot stop or reverse what is happening. Their days are numbered and they face the embarrassment of losing their position and wealth. Often both have been gained through bribery and corruption, and for them the unspeakable is happening. Not only are they being forced to give up their position but to lose their ill gotten gains. Justice will be meted out according to their crimes, and a valuable lesson will have been learnt. They are treated no less or differently to any other soul, and will make good the damage they done. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Walking In Heaven – 7 March 2012

God said:

You are on the cusp of the opening of Heaven. Heaven is bursting open like a flower. This is inevitable. Heaven beckons you. Heaven says it lives on Earth, that it is not set apart, any more than you and I are set apart. Heaven is an image of Oneness, well-nourished, well-supported, well-lived, eternally forged in the blazing Truth of Love. Truth resides in Heaven, and you are the essence of Truth. In an imagined interim, you have forgotten you are. Your eyes have not yet accustomed themselves to the Light, as if Earth did not bloom in the full rays of the Sun. Continue reading