Lisa Gawlas – The Push Pull Of Solar And Lunar Energy – 7 March 2012

 Holy blowing winds batman!  I should have taken note from the sharing that came thru me yesterday about tornado like winds, because that was the theme of the readings yesterday!

My first reading yesterday… my lord, talk about blowing my brains all around.  In her reading she (as well as everyone else for the day) was standing about on the middle of the Mesa Cliff facing the intense winds of March.  Now imagine you are in a super powered wind storm and you are walking directly into the wind.  Welcome to the first half of March.

I think we will all know what it feels like to be sand blasted!!

The 2nd reading started out equally as intense… actually, moreso!  She was infused with this gyroscope energy.  Inside a massive bubble of energy that was spinning vertically as well as horizontally all at the same time.  She was molecules spattered about in this gyroscope energy bubble thing WITH the winds of March blowing at her.  Phew!!

Yesterday, I deserved hazard pay!! lol  I am not only looking at you… but right there with you.  My brains were so sore, my head filled with pressure for most of the day.

But at the very same time… pain aside, the excitement of what is happening.  My first lady changed her entire life.  Dropping out of school and preparing to focus on energy work and enhancing her spiritual skills.  Everything in the universe not only supported her choices, but were dancing in celebration of them.

Don’t think for a moment walking into the wind is bad… it’s not!!  It super good and needed for that sand blast effect on the entirety of your energy field.  Cleansing to the core!!  If your legs and hips feel a little achy… this is why!!

My 2nd lady was going thru a full intense energy cleansing and infusion.  Doing ANYTHING in this state… near impossible.  I have a feeling what her body and life is going thru resembles my December. Total and utter change that had me personally pinned to the bed sleeping… purging, infusing.  I couldn’t move, think, read or much else for that matter.  If you find yourself in this state… celebrate, if you can find the energy!!

Here is the good news with these two happenings.  Mid-March the winds change direction.  Instead of feeling like you are walking into 100 mile per hour winds, the winds will suddenly be at your back… flinging you into right alignment, right place, right everything (unless of course, you fight against it.)

Another common theme for yesterday was surrounding the March Equinox.  I just want to catch the wind and arrive there already!!  Each time I had seen it, in all three readings… was that vividness of the imagery of “What Dreams May Come.”  Joyfull, fulfilling, filled with an energy I hope everyone on earth wakes up to in their life!!

And that was the other feeling… in an instant… it all changes.

Please forgive me if I am jumping all over this morning.  My poor body was woken up at 3am… and I do not do well with little sleep.  There is too much happening to miss sharing again today… so please bear with my scattered sharing (smile.)

Another thing I could clearly see was this push-pull energy coming from my second reading.  It was as if there were dashes of energy coming from what I now refer to as March to the lady in the intense gyroscope pulling every ounce of her towards it.  At the same time, a completely separate energy pushing it all away.  I heard spirit say this is needed for what is coming up… the alignment and clearing all at the same time.

Thanks to my facebook friend Donna… I now get a deeper understanding of what is magnetically happening!!  Sorta anyway!

We are moving with the lunar pull of the earth.  We happen to be in the full moon phase… intense by any standard.  Then, our precious sun joined the dance with an X1 CME on March 2nd and then today holy cow batman an X5 CME.  Both days I was woken up long before my brains should have!

The radiation energy released by the sun pushes on our magnetosphere bubble around earth.  …and our bodies!!  While the lunar energies are pulling on our energy fields.

There is so much more to share, but… I don’t have the brain capacity to bring it all together right now.  I will share it tomorrow!!

May the winds of change strengthen you and not completely flatten you!!

((((HUGZ)))) of magnetic energy!!

Lisa Gawlas

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