Blossom Goodchild – Here We Are Then! – 8 March 2012

Well, the sun is setting here in Noosa and another day ends as the evening begins … A silvery full moon tonight and I have plans to do a meditation by the Light of it! How blessed can one be?

More and more I delight in the knowingness that my soul is happy. So much of my youth was spent not understanding how ‘it all worked’ and blaming my misfortunes on anything other than my state of mind. If I’d only known then what I know now … how different things would have been … but I didn’t … so they weren’t!

No point in regret … just grateful that I know what I know now!

The days ahead are indeed uncertain … but they have always been. Yet no matter what comes my way … I have found a place to stay in my heart and I ’ain’t movin!! It’s cosy there. It’s safe. It allows me to expect and accept the most delightful scenarios that I have attracted to myself …

I LOVE BEING … Happy … Joyous … Upbeat … Funny …

I LOVE KNOWING … Peace … Serenity … Stillness … Grace

I LOVE FEELING … Gratitude … Love … Alive … Awake!!


We didn’t come here to indulge in morbid disillusion … We didn’t come here to give up or give in. Nor did we arrive on this planet to be grateful for ‘our lot’, when ‘our lot’ is nowhere near that which we deserve … that which is our right. We didn’t come here to moan and groan about things that do not serve us. We did not come here to watch TV and fall for all the lies we are fed. We did not come here to be scared of stepping outside the square. We did not come here to be beaten and down trodden … did we!!!!!

I know I certainly didn’t, but I didn’t know that for a very long time.

We have broken out of the mould. We are recognising the power that lies deep within us. We are emerging from the cacoon. We are standing strong. We are uniting. We are listening to Truth. We are holding onto our hats (whatever that will eventually mean) and we are KNOWING that we are DOING WHAT WE CAME HERE TO DO!

At last we can FEEL the difference within ourselves. We can speak out to those who think we are raving lunatics and not care what they think about us … because WE KNOW we ARE raving lunatics!!! Just kidding … because we KNOW that in the days ahead those very same people who mock us will come seeking us out asking for assistance and oh so very happily shall it be offered.

All this that we KNOW … All this that we FEEL in our hearts … it cannot … it simply cannot be a vast en masse joke …a hoax … a fraud!

There are too many of us now, from all walks of Life … all over the world … all KNOWING the same thing. We are on the brink of something BIG. On the very edge of change. All of us waiting to experience that which our hearts longing speaks of …

So very soon now … soon WILL BE now! … because there will be/can be no more waiting. We have been prepared. We have been waiting in position. We are ready to take flight when our hearts hear the call.

The Lights that we are shall shine brightly up and out toward those not of Earth and those of it. And they will be anchors in the darkness for those lost to find their way.

It is NOW that we must shine out those Golden Rays more brightly than ever before … ALL THE TIME! So many are seeking understanding and we in the KNOW are here to give it to them. We are gentlemen and woman and gentleness is our True nature. Let us not bombard and overload the seekers, but let us offer discernment in how much is too much at any given time.

Remember that we have learned and embraced much over many years. The newly awakened need time to digest … time to absorb. New concepts that are now ‘old hat’ to us … need to be pondered and considered. One’s new Truth needs time to adjust … to FEEL comfortable … to FEEL at home!

We are so very close now to being shown THE TRUTH. THE TRUTH that we already KNOW yet at this time are unaware of.

We are the Way Showers … the Light Workers … the Peace Bringers.

We are the ones chosen to make this work … to see this through. Even though right now we may not KNOW what ‘this’ is …


SURELY SHIRLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Love and Thanks …
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