Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Mental Creation And Clarity – 8 March 2012

After last weeks Access Into Information, we are continuing to enhance our creative abilities.  As Lightworkers we utilize the True creative power of our internal focus (emotional and mental) to create the world around us.  If you are adept at it, you are noticing that ‘miracles’ seem to happen around you.  You are noticing that while change does take time, you are experiencing it faster than those that do not align with their power to focus toward Love.  You are responsible for focusing yourself toward health, positive solution and openness no matter what is going on around you.  You are patient with yourself and others as the realignment occurs and the world of form adjusts and builds.  You are astute to the signals of Creation that offer you time to rest or time to refine and fortify your focus.  You are aware of those that come to test your resolve and those that come to support it.  This awareness is your mental and emotional intelligence at work. 

Clarity is a by-product of practice, focus and peace.  Even a paramedic is ‘peaceful’ in an emergency situation though they are moving fast, processing a lot of mental data and dealing with extreme emotions.  This is ‘peace’ on a spectrum that is so vast that it is available in any situation.  Can you imagine that?  As we experienced in last week’s Access Into Information, if you can expand the middle road to encompass All, you then have access to the full Truth of Life; that with sorrow is release that offers freedom, with pain is a signal that offers solution, with peace is a courage that Knows that All is Well so deeply that it is never lost to a moment of circumstance.  That is mastery.  That is Lightwork.  Working to remain in the Light of illumination during the darkest of moments.

Mental creation is the (first) action of Life.  It is the resonance of form creating.  Mental information is the result of your spiritual nature communicating through emotional information and you processing that into physical application through the mind.  For most people the mind is a problem because it is not strong enough to discern with absolute autonomy and to focus with clarity.  Meditating will help with the focus and courageously and relentlessly applying Love into each situation will help with finding peace no matter what the circumstance.  With that application you find your autonomy, for autonomy resides within the deep connection to All Life when you Know All is Well.  As you apply Love, you become Love.  It isn’t the easy path, it’s the courageous path.  It’s the path of humility as you realize you were judging (separating) or avoiding in the name of ‘love’ or what is ‘right.’  Action becomes part of the path when your emotion exemplifies inspiration rather than obligation.  True change is created in Love, not force.

As we sit to Blast Mental Creation and Clarity, we are enhancing our power to create the new world.  We are allowing information to inform; refining our focus and uniting with the power of the universe.  We are leading the way toward new solution, not pushing against what-is.  We are shining our brilliant Light as a beacon to Love’s Grace, creating a foundation that supports Love’s growth.  We are the peaceful power that electrifies the darkest night, bringing dawn to form.  Blast on!

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