Lisa Gawlas – Causable Action And Facing The Backflow! – 8 March 2012

The seeds of light spreading.Boy what an atmospheric change this morning brings.  I can feel it so deeply as I sit here staring once again at my screen wondering what to write about.  My personal plan for this sharing was to write more of the details about the readings a couple of days ago.  But it is not flowing.  So, I just sit in my stillness… feeling.  Equally letting the Guardians know if they want to share… come on thru.  Instantly, my mind shifts to a little phrase that was used several days ago in my post:

Causable Action.

The first definition of cause at is: a person or thing that acts, happens, or exists in such a way that some specific thing happens as a result; the producer of an effect.

Action: an act that one consciously wills and that may be characterized by physical or mental activity.

With these understandings… I am also seeing/feeling/hearing that “humanities torch of responsibility has been lit.”

Equally in my field of hearing…“Backflow” a flow that returns toward its source.

All of it mixed together like a quantum soup of meaning and feeling.  The one thing I know about spirit, they never speak superficially… there is always a deep well of meaning to anything they put into the audible universe.

Man oh man… this surely is not where I thought it was going.  lol  Tricky tricky spirit!

First of all, we surely (myself so much included here) do not give enough credit to the human.  None of what is currently taking place on earth could be taking place at all without the humans CONSCIOUS effort and co-creation!  Just feel with that for a moment… a really deep moment.

On February 26th 12 simple humans got together via skype to join in a group hypnosis event given by The Guardians of Shambhala.  From that day forward, many others participated in that event as well.  Every soul adding to the initial energy of that perceived moment in time.

In that event, we were instructed to take a touch from the core of earth, place it into our heart flame, light it and place it back onto the etheric wall of mother earth.  Until today… I assumed (shame on me lol) that it was a personal torch… nothing is ever singular on mother earth and especially IN Mother earth!

The causable action from this event was the torch of responsibility was lit from the heart flame.

There is one extraordinary example of the Backflow of this causable action… for whom I have never been more grateful for than I am right now as this understanding comes clearer.  Good ole Rush Limbaugh.  Let me tell you… celebrate this man for being a neon poster for the changing times.  He surely is not the first public figure to completely defame another.  Not by a long shot… but holy cow batman, the backflow of his actions has been awe-inspiring!!  Change in rapid succession by a unified heart energy that said… no more!

Thank you with all my heart Rush for Being You!!  But equally, for the soul agreement between him and Ms. Fluke to be the public display on how intensely 3D, and all that goes with it, is crumbling at our feet.

Causable action.

There are two bandwagons I have sat upon for the last 11 years.  At times… harping on it (smile.)  Meditation and consciousness.  They are bed-fellows.  The more meditation time you are in, the more conscious awareness is brought to you.  The Light of Life fills you from the inside out and not the impossible way of outside in.

Now what if, your soul contract with life itself needed to you to be consciously aware and acting right now… but you weren’t?   Chances are (grin)… you would book a reading with me!  lol  (please please don’t take that to mean anyone booking a reading with me is not consciously aware… holy shit… not even close, the majority are very very conscious. It’s really the needed action from the conscious part of our participation I refer to here.)

Now… to the reading I didn’t talk about yesterday in my blog, and the one I thought I was going to start this sharing with… now I understand why I couldn’t start with that… I didn’t even remotely understand the fullness of it until all the above was translated into this moment.


His reading was the 3rd one in one of the windiest reading days of my life (March 6th, 2012).  He was not in the wind at all… instead his reading opened up so strangely that I had no foundation for interpreting it… at least, not until right this moment!

He was standing in the center of the Mesa Cliff and surrounded by all these crazy flags.  The kind of flags you would find marking holes on a golf course.  There was at least 100… to many to count.  He was in the center of them.  These flagpoles each had a vibrant color flag on the top and encircled him in a perfect 360 degree circle.  I heard the word “flagstaff” in relationship to these poles with color flags on them… but had no clue beyond that of what it meant (the universe was clear to point out it had nothing to do with a city in Arizona.)

So then I had seen the energy of March.  It took on a very purposeful dome shape to it thru his reading. Then I had seen these magnetic lines of energy going from each flagpole and was very specifically placed at a point on the dome of energy I call March. I could feel the subtle flow of magnetic energy from the flagpole to the dome and back… I still had no clue what on earth it meant to him… or us!

I went inside the field of march to see if there was anything more I could understand… well, I seen and felt clearly… he was jumping up and down in a frenzy somewhere in the timeline of March 10th thru the 15th.  He was doing something in-particular, intense even, but I was clueless to understand what.

So, I took him down on onto the Field to see if we could get some sort of understanding.  Well holy flipping cow batman… I thought he had a caffeine buzz in the week leading up to the 15th… he was on super fast speed as everything unfolded on the field.  I suddenly seen him working really fast in the dome of energy on the field… starting with the West point (he was inside the dome) I could see him unlocking the West Doorway with a vibrantly glowing green key.  Then, as if on speed, headed to the South doorway and opened it.

All I could ask was “what the hell are you doing??”  and the universe stated so clearly he has the master-key!  I didn’t even know there was one!!

He is a Master Key Holder.

I had to ask… why are you starting in the West in opening these doors and why counter-clockwise?  Asking the universe more than him… and I heard the universe say because it is needed to be done that way.

Alrighty then!

Altho I did not see him unlock the East or the North, I knew he was heading there… obviously on a frenzied mission!

I did ask about this frenzy of motion and again, the universe replied… sometimes we wait until the 11th hour to get something done…

So I took him back up onto the Mesa Cliff to try to understand those crazy flags!

Until this very moment… I never once thought about the fact that what is unfolding in our readings is ACTUALLY happening in that moment thru the entire universe. I give it to you to redo in meditation.

Today… in that crazy phrase of causable action understanding… I really get what his reading was about… and it was less a reading than the 11th hour having arrived on earth and he had work to do!!  CONSCIOUSLY!!

When I took him back up to the Mesa Cliff… I watched as he started to ping each flagpole.. one at a time… the vibration of energy that flowed to the dome was intense and exciting and I had no clue what on earth he was doing and where or what those flags represented.

But what he had done… consciously thru the light of my eyes unfolding… was activated a very particular frequency thru all the universe.  Hence several hours later an X5 flare was released from the sun… literally.

I now understand that he has opened the field of harvest and full bloom to all of the earth.  When one opens something it is done in a counter-clockwise motion.  In the coming days, weeks and months we are going to watch as all of humanity reap the fruits of their energies laid out before them.

Word of caution… if you move into somebody’s garden that smells of rotten fruit… get the hell out!!

The end of his reading… now fills me more than it did the day I read for him.  I pray it fills you as well…

I seen him standing in the area of time around the Spring Equinox.  The rainbow bridge directly at his feet… and just sucked him up onto it.  There was an arch above the clouds that came down thru the clouds but was not complete… and once again, in his reading I remembered this rainbow bridge from the opening of the hypnosis event called “The Planting.”

Like I said, the bridge (in his reading) wasn’t finished… it only came down about 3-4 feet from the clouds in the sky but left off at such a field of pure white energy.  I thought about the hypnosis script and breathing the new air after we emerged from the clouds… well let me tell you… the new air is here (thank you solar flares… and this man… and everyone else too) …breath!!

Causable Action and Backflow.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh…… and the Winds blowing at us during the first half of March…. is blowing the energy I call Shambhala towards us!

Holy Flipping Cow Batman…

“We have been planting and growing seeds thru eternity.  Our Gardens are now in full bloom and the Harvest is well underway.” (The Guardians)

Have I told you lately how much I love you, appreciate you, and honor every ounce of energy that is You… that is US blooming for harvest!!  Let me shout it from the mountaintops I LOVE YOU!

Thank you!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with dancing in the fields of Shambhala!!

Lisa Gawlas

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