Visionkeeper – Swimming Upstream – 8 March 2012

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I see and talk to so many people around me who are struggling to continue their epic battle to swim upstream against the current. Life does not work this way. Denial of what is taking place in the world right now will not work. Eventually the truth catches up with us and slams us upside the head. Refusing to change yet wanting to at our cores will only lead to eventual illness if we continue to deny ourselves the life our souls wish for us to lead. Defending the evil taking place all around us out of fear will only freeze us in place and close down our minds to the truth. We cannot swim upstream against the current of what is happening in life right now, we must save our energy for the battle we are in to extinguish the darkness.

When I was young and we went to our cabin in the summers on the lake, I would spend hours in the rowboat or canoe. I got to know the waters pretty well and water rolling down the lake meant good weather but water moving up the lake usually brought with it rain or shifts in the frontal systems. It was usually certain times of the day the lake would change direction too unless there was a  storm close by and moving in. I always chose to go out on the water when it was moving down stream and tried to return when it shifted and began its rolling march upwards so as to be carried back home with little effort on my part. If the water can carry us along or in this case the energies, why in heaven’s name would we fight against them?

If the solar flares are coming in and we feel off base then accept it, recognize it for what it is and let’s find ways to be quiet or to ourselves . If we can’t because we are at work then we can find ways to pace ourselves, we should not over do and always stay away from confrontation at all costs. If the dark ones are doing something evil and it is distressing us unmercifully, we can find ways to make things better. Just sitting by and fretting is swimming upstream, finding a way to help with the situation is flowing down stream. If people are in situations of great need, then give of yourself in whatever way you are able, for giving helps our light to grow in strength. If we swim upstream it is because we remain locked in place and are doing nothing to try to change our situation. Flow=movement, movement=growth and growth=change. It is imperative we always keep moving.

Now is the time for ‘out of the box’ thinking for sure! As Albert Einstein said “You cannot fix problems with the same minds that created them”. It is time to begin thinking in 5D not 3D. If there is something we don’t like or that is in our way stopping us from accomplishing our goals, go around it! Years ago when people didn’t want to eat the poison we were being forced to eat the organic movement was birthed. When people were fed up with being poisoned by drugs to get better but instead they got worse, the Alternative Medicine movement was birthed. There is always a new way of getting around the old way, but it takes people with bright minds willing to create the answers. The answers are there for everything we see as hopeless, it just takes ingenuity and determination to get it done. Start being creative! Please share your ideas in soul-utions up at the top of the page.

The way we will win this battle is by being resourceful. Resourceful is my middle name so I know. There is always a way to make things better. In the case of the dark ones and the control they hold over us, to win it will take not allowing ourselves to be fearful and by NOT complying with their insane wishes. For all the laws they keep creating to control us we must join together and create our own laws at the state level that say no to Federal law, we will not do it your way, we will do things our way! It will mean being active, creating petitions and hitting the pavement from sun up to sun down, but isn’t it worth it in the end? Right now the majority of people are half asleep and still complying with the demands of the dark ones out of fear! This will only tighten the noose around our necks tighter! Do not comply, allow that inner you to come out and stand up for itself. We can and we will do this if everyone does their part.

Blessings to you all,

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