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After seven hours of deliberation, ISDA tonight reached a unanimous decision that the Greek bond swap represented a default, triggering CDS insurance totalling some $3.5bn.

It’s a bit hard to see how you argue uphill and down dale for that amount of time…and them emerge unanimous.

The Dow Jones newswire was reporting earlier this evening that ISDA felt its decision ‘could only be made once CACs are formally activated by Greece’. Continue reading


Steve Beckow – Don’t Know, Don’t Know – 9 March 2012

Billy Meier meets Semjase: Look who’s coming to dinner (picture on the left)

As we start out on our relationship with what Graham Dewyea calls “our galactic family,” there’s so much we don’t know about and much of it we don’t know we don’t know.

And we can’t go to Wikipedia or Coles Notes (who remembers Coles Notes?) to work up the subject. No one has written on it and the mass of society hasn’t even caught up with the fact that there is a subject here to study at all. Continue reading

Ann Anderson – The Council Of Twelve – We Are Blessed – 9 March 2012

We are the Council of Twelve. We are here to say hello to you and to greet you with smiles and happiness on this beautiful, spring-like day. Isn’t it a good time to be alive? We hope that you appreciate and enjoy your life. We hear you asking about your purpose, wondering about the meaning of life, why are you here, what is it for? It’s for the fun of it.

Now we know many people are in trouble, in want, in despair. But you are not. You are fortunate. You don’t have to minimize your appreciation of your good fortune because you think that other people are not similarly blessed. The fact is that all are similarly blessed, so to think you are getting away with something you don’t deserve is a corrosive illusion. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Do You Hear The Sound Of The New Light?? – 9 March 2012

Dog WhistleThere are days, often any more, I feel like a super computer constantly downloading and integrating new software.  By the end of my day… which starts and ends very early… I have no functioning brains to work with.  Yesterday, I really got to see what is happening within me thru my daily process of reading people.  My own personal molecules expand.  I become so loaded with Light energy that to do anything else.. impossible. Continue reading

Jafree Ozwald – Enlightened Beings – How To Be Unstoppably Happy – 9 March 2012

There are many people who have spent lifetimes striving to reach their dreams and goals which they believe will one day make them happy. Yet, most find themselves addicted to the pursuit of their vision, and the fantasy of what may come, instead of actually enjoying being happy in their lives today. The truth is there are as many distractions inside us as there are on the outside of us, and they are ALL excuses that say it’s not possible to be happy right now. The secret we have discovered to becoming unstoppably happy is simply to see how happiness is not far away at all. It is always a choice readily available to you in each new moment. Continue reading

John Ward – March 23rd : It Just Keeps On and On Turning Up – 9 March 2012

One of many small details to have slipped out in the six hours since Greece was saved for posterity, or something, was this gem at 12.40 pm GMT today (Friday):

‘Evangelos Venizelos, the Greek finance minister (left), said Greece is still €7bn short of its targeted debt cut of €107bn. He confirmed all bonds issued under Greek law would be part of the deal because of the collective action clauses, while those holding bonds issued under foreign law would be given until March 23 to decide.’ (Daily Telegraph live blog) Continue reading

Steve Beckow – What Are Our Sources Currently Focussing On? – 9 March 2012

Perhaps we can discern some of the themes that our spiritual and galactic mentors are bringing to our attention recently as a means of seeing how the whole 2012 scenario is progressing.

In a recent conversation with Archangel Michael, the Boss said that, while channeled speakers do say things which are consistent with each other, they don’t all use the same language. And that is done on purpose, to appeal to different segments of the population. Continue reading

John Ward – DEBT SWAP ‘RESULT’: Hold The Euphoria….Validation, Scrutiny And Poison Pills Still To Come – 9 March 2012

The White House-Wall Street-Berlin-Frankfurt plan is still on track

Before everyone forgets what The Slog has said in recent days about this tiresome debt-swap mirage, let me just summarise:

1. I said plans had been put in place for a Greek default March 23rd. The last date set for bond-swap settlements announced yesterday is….March 23rd. Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 9 March 2012

What a journey you are having through duality, and one day you will be able to bring to mind any lifetime that you wish to check out. Your present consciousness level is such that very few people can do it in a controlled manner, but sometimes you get a short recall out of the blue. It can occur when you visit places or countries that have a past life meaning to you. Occasionally it is something simple like a smell, or a familiarity with a certain period in your history. In fact all of your many life experiences are still within your subconscious memories. They serve you well and account for example in many of your preferences in dress, and you could hardly have not noticed how styles seem to go around and come back again. Of course you are affected by your surroundings and cultural upbringing, and conformity is often expected by your peers but you still find your own preferences surface. Continue reading

Wes Annac – SanJAsKA – You Are The Souls Of The Ancient Civilaziation We Have Informed You Of – 9 March 2012

Thanks to Lisa (Wolfke74) for the Image

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Each and every world and galaxy alike go through collective lessons which see such collective souls more advanced on their ascension paths. The process of ascension is one which is continually happening to each and every collective and ‘individual’. We say individual with such quotations because indeed, even what can be seen as an individual human is composed of a collective of organs, blood cells and such and these things all carry consciousness. Continue reading