Lisa Gawlas – Do You Hear The Sound Of The New Light?? – 9 March 2012

Dog WhistleThere are days, often any more, I feel like a super computer constantly downloading and integrating new software.  By the end of my day… which starts and ends very early… I have no functioning brains to work with.  Yesterday, I really got to see what is happening within me thru my daily process of reading people.  My own personal molecules expand.  I become so loaded with Light energy that to do anything else.. impossible.

I had a gap of time between my third and fourth reading yesterday and I decided to take a much needed bath.  My bath journey was cut short by the Guardians reminding me I have another reading and I cannot take in to much more light so I can have the ability to give her very important information.  Let me tell you, if you think for a single moment the universe who loves and supports us doesn’t know what we are doing each moment… think again!!

And let me assure you, even tho there are days I do not reply to comments or emails or facebook sharings… I promise you I read every single one.  My problem is the brain capacity to reply leaves by 2pm ever single day!!  Every day this Light field is getting stronger, more intense, and I drink straight from the bottle (you are the bottle) 4-5 hours a day and spend 3 hours the moment I wake up writing a blog straight from the light.

I am also finding some really odd happening between my online calendar and my phone calendar… they have become consistently out of sync.  I cannot, for the life of me, understand how.  I live by my phone calendar, and the moment I get an appointment it goes straight into my phone… and yet, several times when I opened up my online calendar to check dates… my phone and public calendar are out of sync… dates and times do not mesh.  It (almost) seems impossible…

But then I look at an event that still has me scratching my head that happened 2 days ago.  I was writing my blog for the morning and noticed my phone battery was almost dead.  I could see the blue glow of the spare battery on the charger fully charged.  I made a note to myself to change out the batteries when I was finished sharing.  By the time I was finished writing the blog I notice the phone charger changed to the magenta color of a battery still charging.  I thought… what the hell… when I picked up my phone it was completely off.  I hit the button to turn it on, thinking the battery lost the last of its juice.  To my super surprise, the battery was fully charged.

I thought hard… did I actually get up, walk 30 feet across the room and change out the battery and not remember it?  If I did, I still don’t remember it.

Some of the comments on yesterdays blog sharing was about seeing in their own lives the instant manifestation happening… well holy cow batman… count me in!!!

I should have known that yesterday, the light field would change.  Between the X1 and X5 solar flares and the intensity of the full moon, not to mention the alignment between Jupiter and Venus… of course it has to change.  But, once again I need to make it very very clear here… the alignment of the stars is only half the equation. The human is the other half, the determining factor on what the starry alignment reveals and produces as a planetary outcome.

YOU are THAT important!!

Keep in mind, I really don’t notice the smaller details until the next day, when I see the individual readings link up to form a whole picture of the day.  Today… I noticed!!

With my first reading at 8am I could see the wobbliness of the energies of March.  Very much like March itself was puckering and weakening… that is to say, the golden threads of dome like energy… the protective layer that kept the energies contained… that is what was weakening.

By the time I read for my 2nd reading at 9am… I was so disoriented because the familiar energies of March in the right hand corner of the Mesa Cliff… gone!  Instead, it was directly behind the lady I was reading for.  And she was set up like a band leader… a marching band leader pulling the intense energy of March with her.  I would watch her as she sprung her hands up in the air… releasing a huge burst of white energy upwards.  You know me… all I could think was… what the hell??

I didn’t even know how to orient myself to this new field of vision.  It was like an energetic abyss in front of her… and that was where she was marching towards.  As I focused on the energies she was marching towards… man oh man were they vibrant… intense… meaningful in a way I could not comprehend.  There was a flow of it all towards her… but gentle.  Steaming so many translucent colors of the rainbow in a field of energy that reminded me of the transulcentness of a soap bubble.  But still blowing horizontally at life… at her.

So I took her down to the field itself.  Talk about strange getting stranger!!

That golden dome of energy that has been so consistent thru January, February and all the days of March… gone.  The 6th dimensional field has been completely opened.  Phew…   But then she baffles me even more by standing out on the 5th dimensional platform surrounding the field and has this like dog whistle in her mouth and is blowing it.  I could see the energies like I did at the Mesa Cliff coming towards her… but now it was all being emitted out of this dog whistle thing… flowing into the field at what was once that orbital area (not sure that exists any longer) and going into a counter clockwise motion towards the West, then South and so on, and each revolution picked up speed.

I understood (eventually lol) that the dog whistle thing she was blowing, was emitting a frequency… and just like dog whistles, could only be heard by those who resonate at that frequency.  Once again, I hear the word “fail-safe.”

We started to understand that this whistle blowing thing was part two to the man with the glowing green key.  He opened the field… she set the resonance of attraction via sound waves to the field.

I could hear the tones… but in no way can I reproduce them or even describe them… they were not of anything the earth has audibly available currently (that is straight from the Guardians mouth.)  Once it is caught by the right group of ears, they will create a way to replicate these unique tones, for one soul purpose… calling the Children of Shambhala Home.

Thru this extraordinary adventure I got to live thru my lovely 9am reading… I got to witness April in a whole new way… that equally showed itself to my last reading of the day too.  Let me give you the exact visual:

I have seen April’s potential since last year… it has always been a mass of violet and white energy.  Yesterday, I watched this lady step into April as if the universe was a dressing room.  There was this suit of violet and white energy being held out for her to slip into.  As she walked forward, arms straight out in front of her, she slipped into this new vibrational skin.  It was so kewl to see and feel!!

God forbid we should get the yummy details of what our new highly vibrating power suit/skin means to us!  For the first time… I really didn’t care!  I know what I felt!!  Thats enough for now!!

Then… holy cow… we got to May.  I have never seen May until yesterday… it reminded me of how March looked for a long while… waxy vibrant yellow.  Only we got to go into the first week of May… and this was really weird.  There was like a cut out area.. looking like a window, but still a solid feeling to it all… it was really dark woody-like in texture and vision (it looked exactly like the image I just found, and placed in this sharing, of a dog whistle, which is exactly what her whistle looked like too.)  In the center of this wood cut out was this glowing white hole in the center, no bigger than a 25 cent piece.  She obviously came armed with a golden key… and I heard her turn it.  Literally heard it… like unlocking tumblers.

I suppose, thru the shear magic and depth of information coming thru yesterday… I never thought for a second that what we experienced… has been done.  Still kinda hard to wrap my mind around that enormity of happening.

But now as I reflect on the Q & A thru the reading… her biggest question was about moving.  Once she unlocked that May door, the answers coming back was… don’t worry about it, it is already done.  May she will move here to New Mexico… the setting and circumstance will happen as it did for me.  In less than 24 hours I went from thinking about moving to having the key to my new place.

But then…. tricky tricky spirit….

She was talking about buying a place…and spirit got really really really adamant about not buying from the get go, because “we” would be moving again before the year was over.  WE… who the hell is we????  Me and her??  Holy shit!!!

Granted, she is my good friend, and a business alliance too… but the “we” shocked me.  Like I said, spirit is tricky.  The feeling of this other move was filled around October.  There is only one thing that would have me move… and that is to start building the landscape that WILL be Shambhala.   WE will see what October brings.

I am going to close for today on that note.  To ALL the Lights of my Life… thank you for shining so brightly in this world!!  I love you!!

ADDED NOTE:  Sorry for forgetting this really important detail before I published the first time.  With my last reading for the day… I had seen, in mid-April a golden chalice (this time it looked like a chalice and not a candle holder lol) filled with the bounty of flowers that now represent Shambhala energy filled to the brim!!


Lisa Gawlas

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