Steve Beckow – Don’t Know, Don’t Know – 9 March 2012

Billy Meier meets Semjase: Look who’s coming to dinner (picture on the left)

As we start out on our relationship with what Graham Dewyea calls “our galactic family,” there’s so much we don’t know about and much of it we don’t know we don’t know.

And we can’t go to Wikipedia or Coles Notes (who remembers Coles Notes?) to work up the subject. No one has written on it and the mass of society hasn’t even caught up with the fact that there is a subject here to study at all.

Never mind the CIA trying to keep the subject under wraps or ridiculing those who say they saw a UFO. We are now in the process of trying to understand how one deals with a Sirian or works alongside an Arcturian.

We’ve heard what the work is. After the galactics and us, their Earth allies, bring peace to Earth, which is said to be something we’ll accomplish in mere months, we’ll begin terraforming the planet, removing the precipitate of centuries of pollution and the various chemicals that the cabal seeded onto the Earth through chemtrails, the use of depleted-uranium weapons, oil spills, and so on.

At the same time, we’ll bring in a new wisdom economy or global abundance program, try to heal the wounds of people in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Darfur and other places, nurture children who’ve grown up in war zones, some of whom have served as soldiers, killing and maiming on command, liberate and revive women who’ve been sold into sexual slavery around the world, dismantle social structures founded to preserve privilege and keep the people down. The list goes on and on.

And all of this we’ll be doing while getting to know our galactic mentors who, perhaps a year or two ago, did not exist in the public mind. It’s hard to know what task we’ll need to turn our attention to first.

And all the while we have to keep in mind that the task may be as hard for our galactic teachers as it is for us. Our mental and emotional emanations may be toxic to them. Our failures to grasp and our self-serving agendas, our tendencies towards drama and conflict, our sexual thoughts and pleasure-oriented desires and failures to follow the natural law and honor the divine nature of life – all of these must make us primitive in their minds.

It’s as if we met a primitive society but, instead of raping and pillaging them as we did historically, we actually set out to benefit them as they are doing with us. Really and truly contributing to their well-being, as we never have in our own history.

Everything we’ve touched we’ve debased, brought down, turned into dependency. We’ve spread our disease upon contact, stripped peoples of their lands and wealth, wiped out whole civilications. No wonder we fear the galactics.

But they’re a higher-dimensional society and have none of these patterns of behavior. They’re indeed here to benefit us and prepare us for a jump in consciousness. They come bearing gold and beneficial minerals we haven’t even heard of yet, such as vanadium. They come offering healing technologies and labor-saving machines and communication breakthroughs, on and on. And they ask nothing in return.

They truly are our greatest blessing and what they must wade through to make their contribution and set this world right in preparation for the wonderful events ahead at the end of the year we can only guess at. Never mind going down into the heart of London’s East End. We can only guess at what it must be like to deal with a society as primitive as ours must be to them.

What they will have to endure, in terms of an unruly bunch like us, who probably affront their senses and challenge their tolerance, is a matter we may not know about until much later. And, for our self-esteem, it’s probably best that we don’t.

I’m not even sure it’s appropriate to say we’d better get to work understanding the situation because I wouldn’t know where to start or what we need to learn. Like the natives who didn’t even recognize a European ship was on the horizon, we don’t know what to learn or what to look for.

We’ve been discussing “Disclosure” and “First Contact” and that’s about where we’re at. We’re about to meet Captain Cook and Captain Vancouver and approach them bearing gifts ourselves. Never mind them saying “take me to your leader.” We are about to say it. We know nothing about what comes next and nothing about how to discuss it.

But one thing is certain as we listen to the celestials, ascended masters, and galactics address us through their channeled messages and their interviews on our radio shows is that they know what they’re doing and they do what they do in service to the one God that all of us worship and for the benefit of all of us. We are literally in good hands and the future which is already mapped out for us is a future we would gladly choose if we had thought the matter through, as they have.

We are in the hands of human beings (yes, human beings) from other civilizations who started this Earth experiment long ago. Our family, our ancestors, and our future.  We are ourselves uprooted Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, long ago colonists and now the owners of Starship Earth. We are being led out of the morass we’ve built for ourselves and into a Golden Age. And we don’t know how it all will be brought about. And we don’t know we don’t know.

But they know and they know they know.

And they have only our welfare at heart. We may therefore need to be quite humble for what will seem like a very long time and trust that we are being taken care of by civilizations much more advanced than ours who have solved their problems long ago and only want to benefit us.

This is not our own history. This is not the overthrow of the Aztecs, or the capture of Hawaii, or the wresting of the land from North American Indians, all of which we have been told they will set straight and have us make amends for. This is not an invasion of killer bees or the monster from the black lagoon.

This is the bringing of countless blessings by our more enlightened family from distant places among the stars to carry out a Divine Plan that takes in not only Earth, but much of the cosmos. This is the arrival of the contingent of the Company of Heaven in our locale, the same Company of Heaven that is arriving at many other planets at this time of the ending of one life cycle and the beginning of another.

This is the beginning of the Aquarian Age, the Sat Yuga, the Golden Age. This is what we have been told about by every civilization on our planet who was made privy to the Plan many centuries and even millennia ago. This is the start of a mercy mission that will see all of us relieved of our burdens, brought into a way of life that we could only dream of, and have every wish that we thought impossible delivered to us by beings more beneficent than we have ever encountered in our collective history or Hollywood dreams.

So be ready for miracles because everything that happens to us from here on in may be a pinch-me-I’m-dreaming miracle. We are about to welcome our wildest dreams and our most cherished hopes in the form of a society that only cares to benefit us. We are about to awaken from a terrible dream and literally see Heaven descend on Earth. And all for no price of admission save shedding our fear and opening our heart. link to original article


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