Ann Albers – Message From The Angels And Ann – 10 March 2012

Simple Pleasures

This weekend I took time to “be” with the bees. We have so many simple pleasures in life to be thankful for. The angels once said, “Ann, someday people will appreciate the real abundance in life… like a bee on a flower.” Sitting in the green grass, with the warm sun on my back, serenaded by these fuzzy little guys buzzing around, while the air was perfumed with the smell of lavender, I couldn’t agree more.
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Photo taken in Phoenix, AZ.

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As so many of you celebrate the return of springtime, we celebrate the return of new life in your hearts. For indeed the light is rising up within you. That light is what you are made of and it seeks expression in all things. How can you add more love to your lives today? Can you bless the computer which allows you to read this message? Can you give thanks for electricity as you turn on your lights? Can you appreciate the simple gift of running water? For indeed, dear friends, these are gifts and blessings that many in your world do not share. You are lucky to be able to take them for granted, and yet we in the heavens encourage you to take nothing for granted.

The food upon your table has traveled many miles for most of you. As you eat a simple salad made from ingredients at your local grocery store, there are hundreds to thousands of individuals to whom you can give thanks. The seeds that grew your vegetables were harvested and stored. The farmers tilled the soil, planted, watered, fertilized, picked, cleaned, and shipped. The food was packaged and displayed in your grocery store. The store managers, merchandisers, clerks, and baggers were there for you. The knives you cut the salad with were manufactured of woods and steels from many different countries. Again there were those that fashioned them, packaged them shipped them, sold them, and helped you find them. And if your salad comes from your own garden, with the lettuce torn by your own hands you can still give thanks for the seeds, the rain, the sun, and the beauty of your own two hands.

You are all connected to one another dear ones. You are all connected to all of life. A volcano spewing ash in a country half way around the world may seed the clouds that made the rain that watered your lettuce. A person centuries ago may have cultivated the first plant that is an ancestor of the heirloom tomatoes you just ate. You can not escape your interdependency with all of life. No man is an island, as you like to say. We say you are all interconnected in the ocean of God’s love.


And so dear ones, your actions ripple out to all of life as well. You eat the salad and you provide a living for those who brought it to your table. Or you till the soil in your own back yard and tickle the heart of mother earth. You don’t even breathe in isolation for the air you inhale has passed through the waters and the trees, and the breath you exhale is recycled unto the very same. You share the atmosphere in which you live with seven billion other human beings and every living thing. From our viewpoint in the heavens, we marvel that you could ever feel alone.

So as the energy of love strives to rise up from within you share blessings of appreciation for the simplest things in your life. Instead of focusing upon what you do not yet have, focus on the blessings you do. An abundant heart is one that can see the good in all things. And when your heart is filled with this love and appreciation, it will expand and the universe will be able to fill your cup to the brim with even more.

God bless you! We love you so very much.

— The Angels

Message from Ann

Hi All!

Years ago I was at a spiritual retreat with a shaman at a beautiful placed called “Feathered Pipe Ranch” in Montana. I was lucky enough to be there, not only for the featured speaker but also when a group of Tibetan monks were visiting, and when a Chippewa Cree medicine man was there. The workshop participants watched in silent reverence as the monks did their prayers. Later at dinner someone asked the medicine man how he enjoyed the monks visit. He snorted with contempt! “They did not stop to thank the water for being there!!” he complained. We all suppressed giggles. I guess you can always find more gratitude… or more loving allowance for others’ traditions!

In later years I was lucky enough to go to Peru. After my experience there I think it should be part of our education in the more developed countries to visit a third world country at some point in our lives. We were blessed to be tourists and when a hotel said it had hot showers, it meant literally maybe one, or two. And if you were lucky enough to be in the room with hot water, you shared. In a country where the things we take for granted were lacking, the people were happier, more connected, and certainly more generous than a lot of individuals I’ve met in our own country. When you have less, it seems you appreciate more.

I am glad to be living in a home with running water and electricity. With that does come a whole new share of challenges – leaks, shorts, etc. Recently my a/c checkup company came out for a pre-season check on my system. Apparently a prior repair company had done some wiring in the attic, that was now sparking!! Instead of grumbling and complaining about the repair costs, I am feeling blessed. It was caught in time. I have electricity. And I will have air conditioning in the summer. Millions on earth live in mud huts with sweltering heat and little food. I find no cause to complain.

And so the angel message this week is a great reminder that when challenges arise in your life, stop and look around at the million blessings we take for granted every day. I have hands to type with, a computer to connect with you, and most importantly of all, all of you to connect with.

Have a blessed week!

Love and hugs,

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