Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Open, Sesame – 10 March 2012

God said:

I am not part of your heart. I am your heart. Your heart is the pulse of Mine. Your heart beats to the tune of My heart. Any constriction you feel in your heart, any heartache you feel in your heart, is an intrusion upon your heart and does not serve Me and, therefore, leaves the world diminished. Love alone belongs in your heart. That’s it. That’s the whole story of life on Earth.

All that you call pain and suffering constrict your heart. Somewhere along the line, you got the idea that, because of this or that, the love in your heart has to be contracted, withheld, forced down, secreted, hidden, guarded. No, no, no, this is the time when your heart is to expand. The truth is that there are no borders to your heart. Yes, fences have been built to surround your heart, yet they are facades. Fences do not protect your heart. They confine it. Fences around your heart keep you attached to suffering and the imagined past.

You leashed your heart and attached it to a stone. You got in the habit of short-changing your heart. You limited your heart in the name of safety. In the name of safety, your heart got beat up, wounded, trampled. Whatever may go on in the world, you are responsible for your heart, which is Mine, and you have repressed it. You held your heart in. You wrapped it up. You said to your heart: “You can go this far, no further. Stay where I tell you to stay, and do not venture from this spot.”

Your tying up your heart, your binding it, chaining it, stepping on it, remind Me of the elephant who was chained and could not reach beyond the limits of the chain. The elephant was so used to the chain that even when the chain was not fastened, the elephant stayed in where the chain had once kept him. He could have gone wherever he wanted yet he continued to stay in the small circumference assigned to him.

Pick up the bound elephant of your heart and give it the permission to roam free. You have no right to keep your heart in bondage. Give your heart sips of freedom and help it become the King of Hearts it is meant to be. Your heart is not to be contained in a repetitive circle.

There were days when buffalo roamed free, and then fences arose, and buffaloes did not roam free.

It is a mandate from Me that you free your heart. Your heart is not meant to be your prisoner and do exactly as you say. Your heart is meant to lead you. You are meant to follow your heart. Your heart is a leader, not a follower. Your heart is meant to sing. Your heart is meant to leap over fences. Your heart is to love and not restrain its love.

Of course, you know I am speaking of love larger than personal love. Open your heart, and you will love as one committed to love. No longer will you sweep your love into a corner. Your heart is not limited to your chest. Your heart is the Open Sesame to life. Your heart is the Great Emancipator. Your heart is the heart of life, and it reaches. It reaches out, and it reaches everywhere. Your open heart asks to give itself, and it gives and gives joyously, never feeling circumvented, and never circumventing anyone. Your heart is the key that unlocks all hearts. So what you do, dear ones, is throw away all the keys. Unlock your heart. Remember it is Mine. link to original article

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