Lisa Gawlas – Moving Through The Eye Of Horus – 10 March 2012

Have you been waking up and going to sleep feeling like you have spent the entire day and night in a taffy pulling machine?  Not only is your physical body and energy body being expanded at this time, so is the entirety of Life!

I find all of this so exciting to watch it come together and play out when only last month, it was a metaphor of understanding.  So this morning I did some back tracking to put a bigger picture together.

Thru the beginning of February I had seen the end of February like a huge pregnant fire-ball.  I had also seen it exploding and releasing intense waves of energy into March… carrying all of Life with it.

I am so grateful for and the archives it keeps.  I started looking into the end of February to see if I could see the date this explosion started.  Sure enough!!  February 24th the archives on spaceweather gave this perfect description:

CANYON OF FIRE: A magnetic filament snaking over the sun’s northeastern limb rose up and erupted during the early hours of Feb. 24th. The eruption split the sun’s atmosphere creating a “canyon of fire,”…

We have been riding that fireball ever since via super charged CME’s being released machine gun style by the sun!!

With this rapid succession of high vibrational Life infiltrating us… man our bodies feel like they are going thru the wringer!!  Exhausted, exhilarated, painful, joyful.  Even our psychic senses are hitting new octaves.  Clarity of vision and hearing.  Feeling the CME’s as they erupt, or even before they do, then of course those flat-out down days where you can barely get off the couch so a complete integration can take place.  Phew!!

But as I can see it this morning, there is a congealing taking place at the higher levels of energy.  For so long we have been random bits of spiritual potential… It is funny even as I write that line I can see a huge vat of soup.  All the ingredients in the vat of soup is from the Harvest that was opened several days ago are now congealing together to form your next greatest expression.  That sure takes a lot of the work out of our end!!

At the same time, it has completely disrupted the old field of energy that I simply refer to as the 3D mentality (greed, control, fear, etc.) and the ground in which they sashayed upon is crumbling.  We are bearing witness to the scattering, in our own personal lives as well as on the world stage.

And then there is that middle… which truly leaves me in awe.  When life suddenly and irrevocably changes and you stand in the debris field that was once your life and really really get that you are no longer the person that got you to here, and try to find the new footing to rebuild, move forward but in a whole new way.  One centered in love and not victim-hood.  A rebuilding where anger is a fleeting emotion and right choice, right action is the only focus in the heart.  I am bearing witness to this change in someone I love deeply…

I now understand these are the people with their hands in the air… emerging from their old life in a whole new way.  Lifting these folks up onto the proverbial surf board of life… easy!

I am also bearing witness to a co-creative universe.

it is so easy to think ourselves small and insignificant when we live on a planet of 7 billion people.  But yet, as I witness every single day… the universe KNOWS you personally.  The earth knows you personally.

When a man shows up for a reading then proceeded thru his reading to activate magnetic energy and open once locked doors of Harvest to the all… and within hours the sun releases an X5 class solar flare…

Then a lady comes in for a reading blowing her vibrant dog whistle… activating the energy of the Harvest and hours later the sun releases an M6 class flare… I have got to notice.

OMG, until this moment I didn’t even get the masculine/feminine interaction there.  As above – So Below!!

The human opens the door… the universe floods it with new energy!!

Together, we have forever altered the playing field of Life.  Not by public display or huge ceremonial gatherings… but by pure intent of the heart individually that swims out into the sea of the collective, forever altering the fingerprint of life.  YOU are that magnificent!

I am being reminded that starting today we, those congealed to the higher frequencies, are going to be going thru the eye of horus.  We will physically feel the effects thru March 15th.  Yes, it is a planetary event… it could be no other way.  However… how it affects landscapes, waterways, and lives will play out in its own vibrational way.

Think of it this way… when the highest octave of a note is struck, it affects every octave below it’s frequency.  Not all octaves are prepared to hold this frequency… and some will shatter. (yikes)

For those prepared to hold and expand this frequency… life shall never be the same as it once was.

The ground has been prepared and the time is NOW!  Fasten your seat belts the ride is about to accelerate!!  Weeeeeeeee….!!!

This is divinely a celestial/human event.  Activating deep ancient celestial codes in the prepared DNA of life.  Once you pass thru the eye of the needle, you can never go back again.  Not in this lifetime, or any other!

“The table has been prepared for the feast, will you sup in the gardens of life once dreamt about?”

The Time is Now!

Lisa Gawlas and the Guardians… the divine and complete merger of me and you into 1… the Eye of the All!

I think I need a bath…. I don’t even know how to close this sharing out… so I will just tip toe away and let you feel with all that has been shared.

I love you all so much.  Soooooo much!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with celestial activations!

Lisa Gawlas and very much The Guardians!!

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