Steve Beckow – It All Starts Now – 10 March 2012

The tasks facing lightworkers are evolving as the dark cabal is swept from positions of power.  Opportunities to work with the galactics are opening up. We’re invited to increase our role in disseminating information on what is transpiring. Opportunities to work in government and on the new economy will become available as the transitional governments are being planned and brought into being.

Three recent messages deal with this subject and can profitably be gone over in some detail. One is from Sananda through James McConnel; (1) one from the Galactic Federation through Gregg Giles; (2) and one from SaLuSa through Mike Quinsey. (3)

To my understanding, Sananda and Jesus are different personalities. Sananda overlit Jesus in his ministry as the Christ but he occupies a different position in the spiritual hierarchy than Jesus does. If I remember correctly Jesus works with the ascended masters of the White Brotherhood but Sananda works with the galactic fleets. Both forward the goal of Ascension.

Sananda told us on Feb. 28, 2012, that “many changes are occurring at many levels throughout the planet. We are entering a time of cleansing unlike anything that has ever happened here.” He went on to describe those changes: “Powers that be are being quietly replaced or set for reassignment. In so doing, your world is preparing for sweeping changes that are only moments away.” He then issued his invitation to lightworkers.

“You, each one, have it within your power to be a part of those changes or watch them sail by with nary an inclination to participate. However, you are the light workers and came here to fulfill a mission that is fast moving toward completion.  It is your choice to watch or become all you came here to be.”
If we are to take up this opportunity, “you need to act and act swiftly as times are indeed growing short.”

“It is truly time now to believe in yourselves and know that you are acting under the highest authority there is, that of Prime Creator. A decree has gone out across the universe for all to come to the aid of their fellow brothers and sisters.”

Our is a divine mission and “you are certainly not alone in your struggles to bring this Earth back to its long ago prominence. You have all of Heaven at your disposal and the assistance of light workers everywhere. So why then would you hesitate to act with the courage now that is needed when you are indeed nearing the finish line?” He outlines the work ahead.

“Why would you hesitate after lifetime after lifetime of stress and strain, to see a better earth now when you are so close. Is it too much to ask for just a little more effort to end the bonds of tyranny for ever on this  planet or would you continue to sit idly by and wait for someone else to do it? What can I do you might ask? And that dear ones is the beginning of courage needed to finish the last mile.”

This work will not go ahead without the participation of terrestrials – even if many of these terrestrials are in fact starseeds.

“As you have been told many times and though many sources, you are the Ones. We can not do it without your help nor would we want to, as this is your world and what happens here is a product of your collective unconscious.

“We can only guide and nudge you along but you are the ones who need to ‘take the bull by the horns’ and continue to propagate the species through your light and undying devotion.”

What can we do? Sananda replies:

“Prepare your selves, my beloved, for the times that are fast approaching that will literally shake all out of their doldrums and awaken them to realities they thought only existed in fairy tales and fantasy or science fiction.”

Specifically what should we prepare ourselves for and how should we prepare ourselves?

“Prepare by first becoming informed of the many atrocities that have been committed in the name of God or for misuse of power. This is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg as so much will be revealed to you shortly.”

We can expect the truth of our history and of our oppression to be revealed in the weeks and months ahead. And that is where our work begins.

“Many when they hear of these atrocities and ponder if they could be true, will reach out to those who may know.

“That dear ones will be where you come in, to assist those who are asking. As always, it is ‘ask and you shall receive.’ So as they ask, you will be there to assist in their awakening and to extinguish all the flames of mistrust that arise and to quench their thirst for truth. Literally, ‘the truth shall set you all free.’ It is the truth that will pave the way for a new earth and a new heaven upon the earth for only in truth are a people actually free.”

People all around the world are feeling a vague sense of urgency and seeing vaguely that something is happening.

“Many are feeling the urgency of these messages and knowing that something big is about to happen. Do you feel it within your selves? An inner knowing that all is about to come cascading down to be replaced by a new society that is formed for the betterment of all, not just a so called privileged few.”

It falls to us to inform and reassure them.

“You are being called upon now to wake up out of your long slumber and step once more onto the battlefield, not of war but of light and peace, not of mistrust but of truth, not of hate but of love. The plan for the earth is being reestablished once again for all to know their greatness and their inalienable right to freedom that is established in an environment of truth and real justice.”

Therefore we should be preparing now as the dark is swept from the Earth.

“Be ready, dear ones, to answer the call when it is sounded for the final trumpet is soon to blow and with it will be the end of all that was dark upon this earth to be replaced only by the light. Light has indeed descended on earth and love and light and power are restoring the plan on earth.

“It is time now for you to respond to the call to do everything you can to spread the word of light and love to all you can, so  that no one will be wanting again. You have the power dear ones to take back what has rightfully been yours, to nourish the earth and all those who reside on and within.

“Find it within yourselves to reach out one more time to lighten the loads of others as they strive to understand and grasp the full meaning of freedom that has eluded most for so long.”

Once our missions are complete, we’ll be able to relax.

“Once this has reached its conclusion and all are fully on their way  toward their own ascension, then dear ones, you can relax and consider  this a job well done and a knowing that you were a participant in the greatest undertaking this universe has ever seen.”

Our reward will come not only from the appreciation of others but also from our own inner knowing that we go the job done.

“You will have earned the gratitude of many, but most of all you will know that you did your best and accomplished what many believed could not be done in such a short period of time. Until then, please keep your game face on and remain in the battle to keep the light shining brightly to all those who are ready to receive it, and to  others, keep them in your payers so that they will open up to the light when they are ready.”

The Galactic Federation speaking through Gregg Giles tell us that the changes we’re waiting will come swift and unannounced.

 “The changes you wish to see in your world will come as a thief in the night. One moment your world will carry on with the hustling and bustling of the old paradigm, then suddenly, nothing that you have come to know as your reality will ever be the same. This is the kind of change we are talking about, and this the kind of change you will experience.”

Our task is to prepare ourselves and as many others as possible for a smooth transition and startup to the new arrangements.

“Your task [is] to prepare yourselves and as many other souls as is possible is so important to the smooth functioning of this operation. Please continue to spread the news of what is about to transpire. We greatly appreciate your efforts and assure you that it will be soon that this phase of your mission will be completed and all that has been discussed will be yours.”

Our work is to spread awareness of what is occcurring and why it is happening.

“Give us, as well as our Earth allies, the opportunity to make this goal a reality by continuing your hard work spreading awareness of these arrests and the following proceedings and what significance they hold for the people of your world.”

They distinguish between the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command. The lightworkers are their ground crew and Earth allies.

“It is a very interesting sight to behold, these three large groups; the Galactic Federation of Light, the Ashtar Command, and our Earth allies, working together on this immense project. You, our faithful Lightworkers, are also a vital part to our overall mission, and we consider you part of our teams of the Galactic Commands, and as we have said, many of you are already members of either one of our space oriented organizations.”

They call the accountability phase the prelude to to Ascension. The dark needed to be removed for the raising of our vibrations to go ahead.

“These proceedings are being carried out in order to help facilitate a smooth transition leading to your ascension, as it was decided these dark ones and their alliances would be too disruptive a force and needed to be removed from your societies. Upon removal of these dark ones, we see an upsurge in your collective vibration, and we would like to see the greatest possible boost from this event.”

We are to prepare our fellow humans for this event which will be as sudden as well as the collapse of a row of dominoes.

“This is where you come in, our Lightworkers, as it is your job to set up the dominoes for this event to trigger. Continue to line them up as they will soon go down.

“You have all done a remarkable job leading up to this point, and we wish to thank you for your efforts and once again assure you that all that has been discussed can and will be yours. Do not allow yourselves at this late stage to now begin to fall for the lies and propaganda of our opposite numbers.”

Some of our numbers have been ruined, incarcerated, or killed. But that has not stopped us or the galactics.

“You have experienced a few losses within your ranks as some of your brothers and sisters have fallen for these ploys and they have turned their backs on us and on their assignments. These are relatively rare cases and will not affect our mission. Continue on with your assignments remaining steadfast to your convictions, and do not allow yourselves to be lured by the sirens of deception.”

Once released from the grip of the dark, we’ll begin a new phase. The blinkers will come off and we’ll become partners of the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command.
“There are many surprises in store for you, as can be expected once released from your current amnesiac states and the veil of forgetfulness is lifted for you. Many of you have had long careers with us, and you of course, will be welcomed back warmly when your mission here is completed.

“As we have said, many of you will also begin working with us, and some of you will go on to begin your new careers as full members of the Galactic Federation of Light. We look forward to the day when our recruiters can speak personally with you, when all the details of this opportunity will be fully discussed with you.”

We can mull over the options available to us or we can return to our starseed homes. There is no need to rush into our next assignments as opportunities will always be available to us.

“You will have time to think over your new career choices, and you will also possess the opportunity to return home, wherever that home may be, if you decide you no longer wish to remain with our organization. You can always be considered again for recruitment in the future, as we are always growing as an organization and committed individuals are always a welcomed addition to our team.”

And finally, SaLuSa also advises us that the work for which we came will very soon be opening up.  He begins with a description of starseeds, including the young children who have incarnated to help with Ascension.

“Of recent times you will know that many Star Seeds have graced your Earth, and as you see it you could well believe that they are non-conformists. They are often very individual Beings, and in some instances may be visiting Earth for the first time. They are used to expressing themselves exactly as they feel and according to their personality. To some they appear rebellious, but that is simply because of their ability to see above and beyond what the ‘normal’ person does.

“They are free souls, not used to being hampered or restricted in the way that you normally are by doing what is expected of you. They are therefore to be given the freedom to fully express themselves, and often even with very young souls their wisdom is far beyond the average person. They should be encouraged to speak their mind, and listen to their words and advice. It is why they have come to the Earth at this special time, and have a lot to offer as you prepare for Ascension.”

He tells us that we have reached the time of general quarters, all hands on deck, when much will be happening quickly. Many lightworkers may find that their skills in explaining what’s happening will now be valuable.

“It is as you might say a time when it is ‘all hands on deck’ as you enter a period when changes will take place in rapid succession. For many reasons, those who are Lightworkers will be called upon to involve themselves in many tasks, that they have prepared for over many lives.

“There will be souls that find it so difficult to comprehend what is taking place, leaving them confused or even fearful. What you can do is to put their minds at rest and give comfort where it is needed. Your presence and calm approach will be reassuring, and ease their worries. Given time it will become apparent to most people that out of the chaos a new age is growing from it, one that will give the answers and bring to the people what they want.”

SaLuSa has said on many occasions that a large number of lightworkers here today went through the destruction of Atlantis, whose memory may cause difficulty for us.

“Many of you have lived through a similar time such as the demise and destruction of Atlantis. Those memories are still held deep within your subconsciousness and may evoke fear when you feel you are facing another catastrophe. However, this time as most of you are aware there is to be different ending as divinely decreed. It does not matter what is placed in your path, nothing will stop Ascension taking place.”

He tells us that the fact that we know what is taking place should buoy us up and allow us to do our work.

“Knowing what you are aiming for in life is going to give you self assurance, and a level of contentment that, regardless of what is happening around you, you will not be detracted from your goal. The thought of bringing your time in duality to an end should give you a wonderful boost, and the ability to keep steadfastly on your chosen path.”

He tells us that our special work at this stage is deemed to be communicational. I assume that at later stages other work such as terraforming will assume a greater prominence than they do now. At this moment, we’re to explain what’s happening to those who see only chaos.

“Lightworkers are coming into their own now because they will soon be needed, to help pass the word around as to what is happening and why. If some souls reject it, then accept it as their choice and allow them to experience what they have chosen. It is all taking place with a purpose, that the end of time as you know it will have served its purpose. Experience in any shape or form is what you have come to Earth for to help further your spiritual evolution.”

Our sources can be seen to have concentrated on certain themes at certain times – ascensionitis two years ago, clearing old business last year, and assuming our lightworker roles at the beginning of this year. We can see unfolding before us that part of the Divine Plan that will see the forces of darkness swept from the Earth and the people of the light liberated. The time we’ve been waiting for has arrived and we’re being told that our work in bringing peace, harmony and abundance to Earth is now about to begin.


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