Visionkeeper – Preparation For The Journey – 10 March 2012

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As things speed up around us and time seems to be closing in on us, I think we are being nudged quite strongly to do our work within and get prepared for what we have been waiting for. We have dawdled long enough and sat on the fence swinging our legs long enough, it is now time to clear ourselves or resign ourselves to the fact we have chosen to remain here in 3rd dimension and accept that. We are nearing the end of the time we have available to do the work we need to do within.

It is time to sit quietly and take an inventory of what areas of ourselves we would like to clear away. Do we worry too much, do we anger too quickly, do we need to no longer hold grudges, do we judge others, do we compare ourselves with others, are we not pleased with ourselves? We spend way too much time in our heads! This is a good time to practice going about our life everyday living it from our five senses. We have not used them very much and they have grown rusty. Make a point to use them everyday to heighten them. We need to make the effort to stop depending only on our minds to live our lives. We can try blindfolding ourselves and spend a day living that way. It will sharpen our other senses that we would normally need to aid us without our eyesight.

There are so many ego driven issues we get locked into, but they are not going to go away unless we work on them! First of all we must remember these issues we perceive are just that, our thoughts about an issue. Who is to say our perception is even correct? If we think about something with ego driven thoughts, then right off the bat we know more likely than not, it is incorrect! So here we are putting all of our beliefs into a thought that is not even correct. Wasted energy! We need to go through our list of issues we believe about ourselves and the world and ask the same question for each issue. Is this really true? Is there actual proof this is true? If we can’t find concrete proof, we have an issue to be tossed away. There will always be work to be done, so dig in for the long haul. It will be worth it!

Please remember, we have spent our entire lives being told we are not good enough in subtle and insidious ways. Take note sometime of all the advertising on TV.  They tell us we are too fat, too thin, depressed, unable to cope, require cosmetics in order to be beautiful, can’t grow hair, we need help finding a mate. It is an endless onslaught that continually tells us we are not good enough as we are, we need help on all levels.This was pure evil designed to weaken us and make us feel we were helpless and imperfect.

Look at all the drugs they push at us everyday to make us ‘Better”. Many times these drugs are harmful with various serious health warnings attached to them. They can even be fatal! That’s nice. Die because we don’t fit in with the insanity or we are depressed because of what has become of life. We have been made to view ourselves and our lives as damaged and needing repair, not just fine as we are. It is time to cast this dreadful programming to the wind and begin to reconnect with all that IS right about ourselves! We are who we are and we are fine! We are beautiful, powerful, compassionate beings and we are perfect just as we are. We are NOT what they would have you believe.

We must clear out all of the incorrect programming issues we carry within and make open space for the love to enter in and take root. The majority of issues we need to clear out require us to be AWARE! We must take ourselves off of autopilot and be aware of our thoughts and actions at all times. We must catch ourselves as we judge, as we lie, as we allow ourselves to become fearful, as we doubt. When we catch ourselves involved in one of these thoughts, we must stop and acknowledge the slip we just made, forgive ourselves and correct whatever it was we were about to do. If we do this enough times it becomes automatic and our lives begin to change for the better.
There really is no other way to undo these habits we now have ingrained in our being.
Anything in life that is meaningful and helps us to grow and expand our consciousness, requires work. We have been driven to live distorted and fabricated lives which took us   far away from who we really are, from our essence and goodness within. It is now time to leave the lies behind us and get ourselves back on track and headed in the right direction. Look on the positive side of life, realize that every thought you have is an opportunity waiting to be born. We have work to do within, so let us get busy so we can be packed and ready to shift forward into the fifth dimension when that moment arrives.

Blessings to you all,

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