Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Lily Of God’s Heart

God said:

You have already awakened to Me. You never really slept so that you can be awakened. It’s just that you have been off in a daydream down a winding road, and you haven’t easily seen your way back.

Within awakening, you have been drowsing. You close one eye to Truth, and with the other you follow fantasy and believe in it. You believe in every nook and cranny of the winding road. You believe in every detail of it, and you hold on to it. As you hold on, you let go of that which is greater than a dream. You let go of that which is truly anchored in your heart. You have been dreaming. You have never quite discerned the difference between Truth and the imagined delineation of the life you live on Earth.

You haven’t sacrificed Heaven, yet you have denied its validity to you. You have overlooked it, or you have denied it out of hand. What you don’t see happens to be where you are. What you do see is where you think you are and yet are not. To Me, you are like a baby angel who has bounced onto Earth and forgotten to bounce back up. You became an angel of forgetfulness. You clipped your own wings.

Now the baby angel is beginning to remember, and you unfold your wings, and you see you only thought your wings had been clipped. You are ever what you have ever been. Illusion is not Truth. Illusion was never anything but illusion, just as Truth has always been Truth.

You cannot really chip away at Truth. Truth never forgets Itself. You cannot vanquish Truth. Truth is a hardy flower that bows down only to Itself, which means that Truth bows down to you, even in your stance of being away from it.

Beloveds, you are really an Angel of Truth. You can fool yourself a thousand times, and yet Truth cannot be fooled. What you have been doing is going through motions. Your life on Earth, as you have perceived it, has been an act. You have really gotten into the role you play, as if you wouldn’t know what to do without it. You haven’t quite dared to play yourself. What wondrousness is yours if you but dare to behold the glory of yourself?

Your view of life on Earth has mostly been reversed like the negative of a photo. Yet, even within the reversed picture of yourself, Who You Are can be seen. You can recognize that you are far more than the watered-down version you have kept of yourself.

You are the lily of My heart, and you see that not. You would like to believe it, and yet you believe it not. You believe in shadows more than you believe in Me. You call shadows black and white, as if black and white facts are the making of you. The facts are the distortion of you. You are beautiful in streaming color. The black and white versions of you do not exist, for your light and My light are the same.

As some people are color blind, you have been Truth-blind. Truth-blindness is vanishing now from the face of the Earth, and True Sight is rising.

Look, it is easy. It is easy to see Truth once you are willing to let go of the picture you hold. For what reason would you look back on ignorance and hold it dear when, right in front of you, you can reveal Truth in your throbbing heart?

You are not Earth-bound and tied to Earth as you walk on it. You have never left Heaven. You can never leave Heaven. You can’t abandon it, even though you may think it has abandoned you. Think again, beloveds. You can believe in Truth. More than that, you can know Truth even when you can’t see it. link to original


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