Lucas – What Should I Believe?- The X -Files On the Situation – 11 March 2012

It looks like seeing through the eyes of Mulder in this world today where you are shown organisations, governments, companies, peoples darkest faces. They let us see their deceit, lies, fraud, unlawful acts, war crimes, crimes against humanity, treason, acts of robbery, etc.

As I was reading through the news of the past few weeks I came across for one instant, a Greek bailout with money that is borrowed and is not even real money. Bonds issued and given fraudulent. Guarantees have been given by EU and Euro zone states in direct violation of the  EU treaty.  No state within the EU nor Euro zone can be held accountable for in this instance any debt of a member state. The ECB violated the treaty and laws also. The  Banks, IMF, Credit organizations, financial institutions and ISDA played their role in the ongoing game within the fraudulent system. The fraud and lies written in ink about how Greece was not defaulted, as it already was, where showing how bad these people and organizations want to stay in power and want to prevent  the new golden age of abundance to take over. The push for an NWO – New World Order in dark cabals style in Europe by Merkel and others will fail. The people are more and more seeing through the smokescreens put up.

A NWO as the best solution presented under a dictatorial EU with already the powers and institutions its needed in place is what they want. They just need the lawful justification to use their ultimate powers to its fullest. The European Court, the WEU as the Armed Forces, The Europol law enforcement agency, The Commission as the Ministers, The chairman of the EU as the new President, The Parliament as what It should be the sheeple blabla representation, etc.  Only the fiscal union that brings the ultimate power of taken money from states, companies and citizens is the new step they want to see in a new EU Constitution to be shuft down our throat. They are out of legitimate money or assets and desperate. So will the cornered cabal make desperate moves.

Even in the USA the things are not different as the fake money games  are  also still played over there. The FED already was in hidden terms accused of fraud in a congressional committee hearing by Ron Paul.  Yes that FED that has its  contract by law expired in 2013 . It  becomes clear the Congress is just a ceremonial place that has nothing to say in its own country.It even does not act when the Constitution needs to be defended.  This came to light by Alex Jones. And if the congress has something to say the voices of the congress often are bought with money via the big dark lobbying companies and institutions. So who is making the laws and bills the House passes. The elections of the  Republican candidates for the next presidency and the series of incidents in  Ron Paul being robbed of  votes and his candidacy are stunning. Polls rigged and fraud with votes is what I read in the alternative media. So this is what you call democracy. It never was then or was it.  It is the system to keep you quit as the real decisions were made elsewhere. If your own armed forces  and president say they only need a legal basis from foreign bodies like a UN or NATO what is your own Constitution and Bill of Rights worth. The answer is clear.

Look around and see what all is coming to the surface. What needs to come out as it has to be changed. We have to change it. Stop walking with the cabal as their sheeple. See that your governments over the world and in the  USA, EU, ECB, Banks and dark cabal companies are not your friends or doing anything in your interest. See the hidden agendas at work. The illuminati and dark ones in power holding to their last strongholds are loosing. The game is played. Game, set and match for the Light. Let it be your waking up to the new world, the golden age. This will not be the NWO of the dark cabal. They try  with fear mongering still to get a Third World War going as they believe in it. It will not happen. Not now nor ever. Peace will be soon the only thing in existence.

Look for the signs in the things happening. The resignations of the bank, financial institutions and money funds leaders are such small signs. See the arrests already taking place and lawsuits initiated. Look for the emerging new things. You will see this month big changes and breaking news presented day by day. The financial elite will have to clear the decks or be removed. The new system will be inevitably out rolled these coming months.

See the dark companies who have brought damages to health, poisoned food, see the  drugs companies that introduced medicine, viruses, bacteria and vaccines only to make money not to cure, see the warmongers and industrial war complex who make money out of selling weapons, drugs, murder, black ops that bring more war, unrest and incidents. See the private hired war soldiers operating in all this for money, see the greed in all from energy supply, oil, gas that has only one goal making money in polluting. See the greed in governments and companies having  the patents for new free energy systems but not letting us know about it so we can benefit from it all.  All this will change. So enough of the X-files as disclosed and exposed there will not be any more secrets nor threats.

Love and Light,


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