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Blossom Goodchild – Spiritual Reality Back – 11 March 2012

Spiritual reality back

I hadn’t planned on channelling until tomorrow, yet after watching a particular interview , I feel the ‘calling’ so strongly , that I have abandoned other plans and … well …… here I am . I’ll leave you to proceed.

We desire to be in communication with you at this point in your time , not because of the urgency of a message , but because you are in place to receive us and that which we wish to speak of. Shall we say your receptors are on full firing cylinders. Continue reading

American Kabuki – (New Update 10 March 2012) 254 Resignations From World Banks, Investment Houses, Money Funds – 11 March 2012


Updated 3/10/12 More additions, thanks to Sophie who has kept me very busy. Thanks also to Gabriel at http://www.facebook.com/MassResignations for tracking Insurance, Government and Healthcare Resignations.

I don’t mind if you re-blog this listing. Save yourself the wear and tear on your karma and do me the favor of including http://americankabuki.blogspot.com in your reposting. Thanks to all who have caught minor errors. Special thank to Gabriel at Facebook Global Mass Resignations for some resignations I did not find in my searches. Continue reading

John Ward – Greek Bailout : Uncertainty Persists As New Sovereign Liabilites Surface – 11 March 2012

“We’re about this far up the beanstalk”

There are signs that Germany, the IMF and Washington retain their doubts about Greek ‘salvation’

Seemingly confident that the worst is behind him, Evangelo Venizelos strode into a PASOK Party conference this morning. A pensioner on crutches hurled a full yoghurt pot at the obese Finance Minister just before he got to the podium. Perhaps this was the old man’s way of trying to add a little culture to the occasion: either way, it was a timely reminder of the deep unpopularity of the austerity measures this shifty and widely hated man has driven through – by fair means and foul.  Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Lily Of God’s Heart

God said:

You have already awakened to Me. You never really slept so that you can be awakened. It’s just that you have been off in a daydream down a winding road, and you haven’t easily seen your way back.

Within awakening, you have been drowsing. You close one eye to Truth, and with the other you follow fantasy and believe in it. You believe in every nook and cranny of the winding road. You believe in every detail of it, and you hold on to it. As you hold on, you let go of that which is greater than a dream. You let go of that which is truly anchored in your heart. You have been dreaming. You have never quite discerned the difference between Truth and the imagined delineation of the life you live on Earth. Continue reading