Visionkeeper – At A Snail’s Pace – 11 March 2012

I couldn’t sleep again and lay in bed as my mind whirled on, incessantly jumping from one topic to the next, each thought screaming that it was very important and I should get up and write it down before I forget. This is exactly the same thing that happens when I try to meditate. Ego has learned my weaknesses and knows if it points out I may forget something it deems of great importance, I will stir and search for a pen and paper. It gets me every time, no matter how hard I try to resist. This morning as I lay there, I just kept watching the snowfall outside the window, almost as a way to try to hypnotize myself so I would stay put beneath the covers and fall back to sleep again. It didn’t work and in came the thoughts shouting, marching through my gray matter like little soldiers. I give up! Three A.M. rise and shine!

I got to thinking about how slow change seems to be moving in some respects. Yes there are now 177 Bank resignations, but I’m talking that real in your face change that is still somewhere behind the curtain laying in wait to make its grand entrance. You know, the perp walks in handcuffs etc. Why are we not seeing this? I am not quite sure why things are happening this way, but as with everything, it is for a reason. Could part of the reason be to get us all UN-addicted to needing our lives to be like one giant reality show? We have an insatiable need for everything to happen instantly, why is that? Is it perhaps because it is our way of bringing ourselves back into the ‘NOW’? As we slumbered we forgot so much and one of those things was the importance of living in the moment and releasing our fixation with the past and the future. Are reality shows awakening our remembering to be in the moment?

I think if we had been living life slower and paying closer attention to life’s little details as we went along, we would realize just how much change has already taken place right under our noses. We are just not noticing as we are waiting for the big unraveling. We careen through life at break neck speed having punched the autopilot button and barely even remember to think to look when we stop at stop signs. We stay locked into our confined, repetitive lifestyles and rarely venture outside our limited comfort zones. We hunker down with what is familiar therefore we do not really take notice of life around us. This too could be a reason we hunger so for reality shows. They awaken our numbed out, bored minds allowing us sixty minutes to feel alive. Our feelings have been deadened by the sameness and drudgery of life and they come alive while watching reality shows. Pathetic.

If we were moving slower and paying closer attention to life’s details everything would have more meaning. We would feel connected to everything around us. If everything had more meaning, then we would not have such a great need to somehow feel alive. We would be alive! We don’t feel alive if life holds no meaning. If we are zooming our way through life it makes it extremely difficult for us to connect closely to anybody or anything. We are running on shallow connections to life all around us, connecting only when it is necessary, like catching a burger on the fly at some fast food joint. If we were to slow down and get to know people better, get to know our communities better, get to know ourselves better, life would hold far greater meaning for all. We need to be snails not roadrunners.

We seem stuck inside a gerbil wheel with no way off. Over and over and around and around we go at dizzying speed, eyes closed and minds shut down. How much longer are we going to put up with this insanity? The universe is calling out to all of us, begging us to wake up and take back our lives, our freedom and our minds. This is not the way life is meant to be lived. It is no wonder 3/4 of the population is sickly, nobody is taking the time to pay any attention to what our souls need to survive. They need to be doing what they are meant to be doing to thrive and this way of life is surely not what we or our souls need!

Our souls need love and gratitude to thrive, it is their food source. They need to feel our happiness and contentment to feel they are doing their jobs correctly, they need to see us expanding outward and upward into being the very best we can be. All of that is being shut down and our souls are starving to death. It took forever for insurance companies to cover our heads as well as our bodies as if they were separate entities, when are we going to acknowledge our souls as part of our beingness and take care of them as well? We have been forever divided in every conceivable way by the dark ones, right down to our own bodies, dissecting us into parts that can and cannot be insured! This is just outrageous.

Humanity is fortunately waking up to the spiritual crisis it has been in forever it seems, we are finally getting it! Hello? Yes we ARE more than just our bodies. To be healthy all parts of who we are need to be well-tended and loved and appreciated. We need to be allowed to be whole again, one being within ourselves AND the universe. Now is the time to fight for our rights to finally be who we are! 2012 is our time to wake up and reclaim our freedom, our wholeness and our light so we may shine forth our love, showering the world with compassion and peace!

Blessings to you all,

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    Beautifully said…just perfect, VK!!!