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John Ward – Think Not What You Can Do For The European Union…… But Rather Think About What It’s Doing To You – 12 March 2012

Tonight, the Eurozone finance ministers are due to approve the bailout package for Greece. The MSM widely expects them to do so. As the earlier Slogpost today argued clearly, if they do, it will be because they can only keep their third-rate currency zone and anti-democratic Union going by dealing with crooked people as addicted to the gravy train as they are. Those supposedly representing their citizens in the Athens Government have, in turn, acquiesced in every increasingly bonkers Troika demand for austerity and repayment, because not to do so would take away their seedy access to the People’s money. My God, I’m sounding like a 1970s agitprot Trot. That’s how unpleasant this crew are. Continue reading


Benjamin Fulford – Full Update – It Is Time To Storm The Bastille, Vive La Revolution – 12 March 2012

(For those who have read WW3 written here in the article it is a normal type error by Fulford himself. You should read WW2: Lucas)

The financial war that has been raging intensively at least since 2001 may be finally ending. This week a three pronged effort to convince the Luciferian banking cabal to surrender is being carried out. In one prong, the Chinese government has announced it will start the mass installation of wind and solar power devices on rooftops world-wide in order to free humanity from the cabal controlled energy grid. In another prong, the cabal controlled central banks will be asked to make good on broken promises by redeeming financial instruments backed by gold stolen from holocaust victims during World War 3. The third prong is still being kept secret but essentially it is a promise to start a bottom-up revolution in cabal controlled countries like Italy, France, Germany, the UK and the US unless these countries stop their ceaseless war-mongering. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Horus – 12 March 2012

Today marks the day of another solar flare that is heading toward earth with a magnitude that can surpass any that has been so far. It has the potential to wipe out the area that includes all of downtown Manhattan and the surrounding 20 miles. I tell you this to also enable you to see what we are capable of when the need be. Even though this flare could cause great damage, it will not because the vibration of earth at this time is in a position that will dilute the energy of the flare and reduce it to a size that will bring about heavy weather activity such as high winds and heavy precipitation. Continue reading

American Kabuki – (Update 11 March 2012) – 270 RESIGNATIONS From World Banks, Investment Houses, Money Funds – 12 March 2012

“Some big names on Wall Street are eager to step out of the spotlight after enduring years of financial-crisis turbulence and negative attention from politicians and protesters” Peter Ressler, the chief executive of RMG Search.”

Late Update 3/11/12: Added names for Vatican Priests being investigated for money laundering.
Updated 3/11/12  Special thanks to Gabriel at http://www.facebook.com/MassResignations for tracking Insurance, Government and Healthcare Resignations.  Also special thanks to Sophie who has kept me very busy with some very good URLs.


Visionkeeper – Life On The Fly – 12 March 2012

(picture via http://www.favim.com)

Life is kind of strange these days for many people, we are not really all here in 3D and not really all there in 5D. We just seem to be flying about between locations, testing what is being offered by each, do we really dare make that leap across the road, what if I get there and it’s not like it was cracked up to be? What if I don’t like it can I come back? Believe me, if we make the change we won’t ever want to come back, not that we even really go anywhere to come back from. I think some people believe we move to a new earth. We do, but not physically. Continue reading

John Ward – REVEALED – How Paying Double For German Subs Helped To Sink Greece – 12 March 2012

The German type 214 submarine….expensive if you’re Greek

“We paid double for three submarines from Germany,” says an Athenian source who has lodged several incriminating documents with The Slog. Most of this, once again, seems to involve the near-ubiquitous role in German engineering and arms supplies of the multiply corrupt company Ferrostaal. Looking at the numbers, some of this appears to have been German profiteering connected to payoffs: “we give you 3 million euros, you lets us stuff the invoice with another 20 million” and so forth. And always in this farrago of filled pockets lurks the presence of numerous company acronyms MFI, MIE (Marine International), PDM, Zelan etc….all odd joint ventures and often registered in Liberia or Cyprus. All of them have obvious attachments to Greek elite members, and most of them in turn have connections to civil service procurement officers and/or senior politicians. Continue reading

UFO Report – UFO Sighting Over Columbia – 12 March 2012

uploaded by on 12 March 2012

Photojournalist Edgar Malagon, states that while on a photography assignment at the refinery in Barrancabermeja. He captured images of two UFOs that were in the vicinity of the oil complex. At the time he took the photographs he was doing work for a documentary on the oil city of Colombia.

He stated that the two UFOs flew over him at a distance of no greater than one kilometer through the clouds.

He said that the shape was oval, very perfect and they were going at high speed.

Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 12 March 2012

I hope that you didn’t stress out as the March winds blew in some magnetic instability last week. It was yet another reminder from the solar brain of our galaxy that we still have an incredible amount of information to integrate into our DNA codes as we ride this Ascension train of change. The sun will play a very active role in 2012 and 2013 emitting magnetically charged particles called coronal mass ejections that soar through space with compelling force to assist us at this pivotal time. The Ascension has movement and since I last wrote the velocity of light increased 17% establishing new growing pains that will lead to great new horizons of harmony and peace. Continue reading

RT.com USA – Obama Signs Anti-Protest Trespass Bill – 12 March 2012

RT.com USA reported on the signed Bill by Obama making  criminalizing political protests as the protests are a federal offence when disturbing political events.

This is an other way of saying censorship and cutting  rights of citizins of the USA is increasing. I hope people wake up. As I have said already before.

look at article link : link to original article first published 10 March 2012

Wes Annac – Mariara The Pleiadina : You Are All Needed Crucialy In The Informing Of Humanity – 12 March 2012

The Galactic Federation and the numerous other extraterrestrial organizations assisting Earth at this time have been assisting you in your Earth test for all of your recorded history. Our assistance to you was agreed upon by us and you before you all made your difficult ventures in the low vibrations. You asked us as indeed we are your family in spirit, to help you advance along your cycles in time by showing ourselves to you and exposing you to technologies and such that were more advanced than those of the various civilizations we were to contact. Continue reading