Benjamin Fulford – Update – 12 March 2012

Reply from Ben on readers question : Illuminati Use China to Loot the West
Subject: Fwd: Fw: Illuminati Use China to Loot the West

hi ben –  I wonder if you have seen this ?  it seems there is a dual game being played !!  is Ch to be trusted ??


David Richards — Illuminati Use China to Loot the West

Answer Ben:


That was a very interesting article. It is true that the West has been transferring technology and know-how to China. It is also true that China has been helping poor countries around the world develop. In order to prevent world war 3 and develop trust between nations and peoples, mutual sharing of knowledge and trust is essential. When looking at Chinese investments and activities, the question you need to ask in each specific case is “are they doing good or evil?”

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