Visionkeeper – Life On The Fly – 12 March 2012

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Life is kind of strange these days for many people, we are not really all here in 3D and not really all there in 5D. We just seem to be flying about between locations, testing what is being offered by each, do we really dare make that leap across the road, what if I get there and it’s not like it was cracked up to be? What if I don’t like it can I come back? Believe me, if we make the change we won’t ever want to come back, not that we even really go anywhere to come back from. I think some people believe we move to a new earth. We do, but not physically.

It is our minds that are making the leap not ourselves in body. We leap by changing how we perceive life, how we interact with life, how we interact with ourselves. It is a move out of this dark and hostile environment that pursues only the good for a few, into a light filled world that pursues the good for all. It is a world where love is both felt and exchanged by all, where all are equal, where everyone is allowed the freedom to be exactly who and what they desire to be, it is a world of gratitude for all life, it is a world of freedom. If you live on the dark side of the tracks and happiness to you is power and gain and greed and control, then the trip to 5D is obviously not on your agenda.

On top of all the disruption going on in the world, and the lies and the need for others to control what we think, now we are experiencing an increased number of solar flares coming to earth and affecting us all in different ways. For some people these flares may put them on edge, make them feel nervous and tense, others feel a burst of elation and awareness, maybe headaches or body aches, still there will be those that may feel nothing at all. Just remember to be aware of them so we can understand why we may be feeling what we are feeling. For those more interested in knowing when these flares hit earth you can go to Space Weather and keep track of them. This is an excellent example of how educating ourselves to what is going on makes our journey easier, for when we know and understand what is happening to us, we are in control of our lives and we have no fear.

Staying grounded is important at this time as well. Flitting about between dimensions is a bit destabilizing for we are neither here nor there. Being out in nature is a very good source for grounding. If you are lucky enough to live in a location that is warm, take your shoes off and go barefoot and physically reconnect with mother earth. Sit down and be still and allow your energy to fall into synch with  energy of earth.

Stay still and watch the wildlife. More and more birds are arriving along with spring and birdsong is erupting everywhere once again. Bring a pair of binoculars if you have some and watch more closely. Sit beneath a large old tree and lean back and let your energies melt into the energy of the tree as well. Stay silent and listen, for trees will talk if you pay attention. Meditation is an excellent source for grounding as well. Also turn off all electrical components such as laptops, cell phones, ipads etc. We need to connect with our own energies and earth’s energies, not the electrical energies of machines. We are being beckoned back to reconnect because we have strayed so far away we are becoming more robotic and machine like everyday and less of who we are as human spiritual beings.

We must try to make time to do the things that bring us happiness. We have neglected ourselves and our well-being for the almighty dollar and this must stop. We have allowed ourselves to become slaves driven by the need for money to survive. This is not what God had intended for us all. We were sent to earth to learn the lesson of how to love and we got hijacked along the way. It is time to fight back for the freedom to be ourselves. We must disconnect from the mainstream as much as we can and refuse to comply with the insanity any longer. Complying just keeps feeding the machine and will continue to do so until it drives us all into the ground. Let us take back our right to be free and live as we so desire! Don’t listen to the propaganda anymore. STOP! Listen to your hearts and follow what you feel is right instead. That is where the truth lies. Within you, within your essence, within your spirit.

Blessings to you all,

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