Lisa Gawlas – The Coming Energies Of March Thru Cctober 2012 – 13 March 2012

I swear to god it seems for the last two nights someone is taking every strand of my physical body and rearranging it!!  I am feeling it must be the new intensity of the magnetic field emerging.  Not to mention the full clearing of the digestive tract… ugh!

The duration is very different for everyone.  The more work you need to get your DNA up to speed, the longer the process, often the more intense.  Bless every single minute of it!  It is truly your divinity being poured directly into your human vessel!!

Before the hypnosis event “The Eye of Horus” was done (March 11th) I got a quick little message from the Guardians that unfortunatly, I ignored… but that it was going to affect the Medulla Oblongata (If you are unsure how the medulla works in this intense light field, just click here.)  But equally, the medulla works in harmony with the Pineal gland as well.  Which now gives me understanding to the day before the event.

When I started my day of readings on March 10th, something very strange started to happen within me.  It felt as if someone put a beam of light at my forehead and started pulsing energy into my third eye.  It actually started to create a dull headache.  The readings were wonderful… brighter than usual.

Crazy me had 5 readings schedule for that day, I did the first three effortlessly… by the time I got to my 4th one, something really strange happened.  That pulse of light that was so consistant in my forehead seemed to get stronger and then… the light, the field, just exploded.  Reminded me of a cosmic paintball gun… there was texture to the light, because as it exloded with a projection forward to where I was viewing… the white light was light luminous white paint and was actually dripping down my back door!  My headache was accelerating to super ouch-ville!

I had no clue if this light explosion was my client, my eye, or the field it self… (seems it was all of the above,) so I connected with my 5th reading scheduled for the day.  There was no way I could bear to look at the field… the pulse was now stinging me from the looking.  But the field became like a massive fogbank… pure wet light.

I rescheduled my last two readings and sat down to take the transmission for the hypnosis event called “The Eye of Horus.”

The human inside this living divinity can be really funny.  I was sure I had an idea of how this very specific, code activating event would go… I have been getting glimpses of it since we did the hypnosis event “The Planting” on Feb. 26th.  I have got to laugh at my own mind for thinking it knows something… It knows nothing of the pureness of the Light as it releases to Life!

Right from the opening, there was a purposeful release of all the magnetic energy from the 6th dimensional fields and above.  A taking in of a new magnetic energy now on earth.  it is really only today do I fully get what this aspect does.

Sometime last week, I got our first glimpse into the month of August.  It was a gel like pure red energy… everywhere.

The new molecules called forth thru the eye of horus is aligning the physical body with that new, magical landscape.

The heart’s desire.

Ya know, there are so many times I look at myself and say… how on earth did you not already know this!!  This was one of those (many) times!!

The heart, which is truly your soul prompting… has desires!  It always has had desires.  Mostly tho, we conger up what we think we want from our mind.  Not even the same ball park.  If nothing… when you are aligning with your minds desires, you are putting out a chaotic stream of energy… yes, you can and will pull that to you as a way to be realigned back into the heart center.  All paths are valid.  Not all need to be walked unless your mind is stronger than your heart!!

I remember Archangel Micheal asking me in December “How do you see yourself in 2012.”  My mind went into 20 directions… and then I dropped his question fully into my heart and I felt it.  I felt the resonance within my heart speed up… a quickening of the energy within.  All my heart could feel was being aligned with like-vibrations in an environment conducive to my own desires.  Which is all about Shambhala.  A week or so later, out of the clear blue sky, I moved to exactly that place…. watered and secured by the universal watering can called YOU!

This is the ONLY way the heart key works.  Remember, fail-safe!

The Eye of Horus… now this really really surprised me.  Again, thinking I know something lol.  The greatest clarity comes when you accept you know (from the minds point of view) nothing!!

So the eye of horus starts out like a milky white portal, pulsing.  Yup, that is exactly what exploded all over my door!

Yesterday, I started to see the eye of horus as a portal way above the field… like a milky white tunnel that elongated from March 10th thru the 15th (and keep in mind, in this place of no time… dates are symbolic.)

This powerful energy will affect all of humanity… all that live, breath and love on planet earth.

After the hypnosis event on the 11th, I was loaded with pure vibrant energy.  I baked, I cleaned, I sat in a field of love and could feel… I mean really really feel waves of love flow up thru me from my feet… out my eyes.  Just like that, my eyes started crying love.  The rain/reign of Love thru the tears of Horus.

If you think, 12 focused people cannot change and affect the world… think again!  Actually… dropped down into the heart and feel the truth of it!!

I got it recorded as an MP3 the very same day… and mailed it out to everyone who purchased a 1 hour reading or sent me a donation to receive all three activation’s.  (The mail has been strange, if you didn’t receive the new passcode, please let me know.  If you would like to participate in these intense activation’s and alignments, just water my garden with a donation on my website, I will send you the webpage and passcode!)

Let me tell you, I can feel when you are activated… because my body seems to merge with yours… hence all the aches and pains of new high vibrational alignment. Phew!!

On top of all that exciting stuff… I have also been seeing something I really didn’t understand until yesterday.  There are two poles placed out in out timelines.  One I feel is in May… the other… In October.

Keep in mind, the human body goes thru a process.  It’s magnetic field gets stronger and stronger with each passing day… with pure resonance to the heart void of the minds interference.

Those who’s core radiation (new molecular enenrgy) matches the first magnetic pole of May…

I have got to laugh here… I just did a google search on radiation and magnets and found a reply from someone on yahoo answers that goes by the name of “call me batman“ Magnets can ‘bend’ the path of emitted beta and alpha particles. The reason is due to something called the ‘Lorentz force’, which is the force magnets exert on moving charged particles (alpha and beta particles are both charged particles). Magnets can only attract other magnetic materials though, and they don’t absorb anything.

I laugh because the divine masculine, the sun energy, the very place all this radiation is coming from showed up in my meditation dressed as batman!!  Synchronicity in full here!!

The fact that statement says it “bends” things and I seen the tube like pathway of the now elongated eye of horus as arched… bending… I am learning to put puzzle pieces together faster!!  Must be the Puzzle Master within coming more to the fore! lol

Here is a series of events to watch out for:

March 15th (on or about) the gold lightening rod strikes the new magnetic field of the earth… fully activating it’s charge.

The equinox… holy flipping cow batman… the liquid yellow light of the soul of creation, placed within the earth (again from the hypnosis event) releases itself to all of creation.

Purity of heart is the only thing that leaps into full growth.  Discordant energy is going to have a really really hard time, period.  Until this huge crux on earth, chaos was allowed to grow and flurish as much, if not more than the radiance of love.  It has been collectively stronger… until now.  No more!!

OMG…  I so didn’t get this until right now (I am so thankful for writing).  Those of us waking up with severe neck pain, spinal pain… that is the charge of May already pulling us towards it.

Bending us, arching us, pulling us to the highest magnetic field of creation the earth has ever…. hear that (I do) EVER known before.

Our pull into the high energy of May, is a process of full re-alignment in every aspect of our lives.  Giving way to an even stronger magnetic pole set up (I believe) in October.

Where ever you land in May… don’t get to comfortable.  It is simply a resting point.  An acceleration point.

There are seeds of growth acceleration already being released.  A new Kundalini energy has emerged from the soul of the sun.  Thru your current timeline you have only had access to the earths kundalini energy… felt and activated within the root and sacral chakras.  The divine feminine.  Now, the earth is fully ready for the integration of the pure energy of the sun… the divine masculine of creation.

This is where Divine Power (masculine) meets and integrates with Divine Heart (feminine).

We will talk more about this energy… later. Phew!

I am going to go process all of this for a while.  Holy flipping cow batman!!

To all the magnetic alliances of my heartfield… THANK YOU!!!


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