Steve Beckow, Geoffrey West, Linda Dillon – An Hour With An Angel- Round DiscussionTable With Archangel Michael – Hosted by Graham Dewyea – 13 March 2012

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The Inlight Radio Blogtalk Radio show from 12 March 2012 by Graham Dewyea.

Thank you Ellen, for transcribing.

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel. I’m Graham Dewyea, tonight joining me is Steve Beckow, Linda Dillon and Geoffrey West.

We’re going to do something a little different this evening, we’ve had some events that have come up recently that we want to speak to, and we also wanted to take some time to talk about why we’re doing this show.

We’ll be inviting Archangel Michael to come on to share his thoughts as well. First I’d like to extend a warm welcome back to Steve, who returns to host tonight. I wanted to thank Geoffrey West, who’s been doing such a great job filling in for Steve this past month, and to share the good news that we approached Geoffrey to see if he would co-host An Hour with an Angel with Steve, and he has agreed. So Steve and Geoffrey will be alternating shows moving forward. One will do two shows and the other will do two shows, and we’ll continue with that format. So welcome back, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Graham. And I’m so happy that Geoff has accepted our invitation to co-host. And I think Geoffrey will be giving the invocation tonight.  So I’ll turn it over to him.

GD:  Before we do that, Geoffrey, I just wanted to say it’s great to have you on board in your new role. So, with that, we’ll hand it over to you.

Geoffrey West: Well, thank you very much, Graham. Steve, it’s a pleasure to be here.

Okay, everyone. Welcome, thank you. I’d like you to sit back and just put yourself into our white cloud space with our gold lining, and as we take a few breaths please feel free to repeat after me, if it’s meaningful to do so.

From the Divine God of my being, I Am, my beloved and Almighty, I Am, invoking the forces and legions of light, and love, to assist in anchoring the energies of true peace and love, reaching out to all who are ready and willing to receive it, and to enfold our brothers and sisters who are monitoring this program and otherwise serving those of a darker energy who have not yet remembered who they are. Let them know and feel our love, and that they are welcome when they are ready.

I Am the transformational light of the violet flame, encircling Gaia in each uniquely different and equally beautiful aspect of life, lifting, purifying, and cleansing the vibrations to a higher level of love and service to humanity and Gaia.

I invoke Archangel Michael’s blue flame of peace to fill the hearts and minds of all who are ready and willing to receive it, and to enfold [  ?  ] in acceptance until they are ready to receive it.

I Am the consuming power and presence of all fear, doubt and questioning in my outer world concerning the invincible activity of the I Am.

I serve life knowing that I am protected at all times, at all levels, and in every way. With profound gratitude and love, I am declaring, so bet it, and it is done. Blessed be.

GD:  Thank you, Geoffrey. So we’re going to open it up to comments with the team that’s on the radio show tonight, and with that I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

SB:  Thanks, Graham. And let me just explain to our listeners why we’ve had this change of plans. I’ve come back after a month off, and I would imagine that listeners would expect me to come back with a lot of bounce in my voice,  but I found that I was unable to present myself that way because we’ve had continuing disagreement and feedback as a result of the postponed Neptune expedition.

And some of that disagreement came in today, and the way I piece it together is that because I’ve returned to the show and returned to the blog site and have not somehow repented my ways, but am looking forward to at some point going aboard the Neptune and seeing the success of that project, some disagreement occurred.

And I don’t think it’s useful to go into the nature of it. But what it does show is that we lightworkers can take a leadership role, and make plans for projects, and even start projects, and disagreement can ensue. And we’re looking at two forms of disagreement at this moment. One is disagreement over something that somebody’s not connected with, intimately anyways, and the project is suggested, it goes ahead, and then it fails.

Another kind is a project that does go ahead, and lightworkers join together to participate in that project, and go through a honeymoon phase, and that’s really welcome. And then, as with all projects, they begin to get down to work, and issues start to arise, and they enter into a tug-of-war phase, and are really startled to find that there is disagreement among them.

So I didn’t feel I could come on the show and talk over top of this upset that I was in. And so the group as a whole very kindly agreed to actually open up the topic, what happens when lightworkers disagree, or when projects start and disagreement arises. And so that’s the introduction, Graham, to what’s happening tonight. And I’m very glad that, Linda, you and Geoff will be joining in on this discussion.

GD:  Absolutely. Steve, is there anything that you wanted to share personally before we move on to Linda to share comments? Or do you feel like you’ve expressed what you need to in the moment?

SB:  No, I’m happy to comment personally. As the editor of the 2012 Scenario and other activities, I am a public figure. I didn’t start out intending that to be the case, but it has arisen.  When I began that, I really didn’t think of the issue of lightworker disagreement.

I probably was naive to think that wouldn’t arise, but it has arisen, and it’s probably something that could be expected to arise. Many lightworkers until this time have been leaders in the battle to turn back the cabal, to push them back. And it looks like we’re not only succeeding in that, but we will have pushed them back.

We have this tendency among ourselves to stand for truth and to take unpopular positions, and why should that not be extended to our colleagues, if they appear to be doing something or saying something that seems to us not credible?

However, speaking generally and not of this particular situation that occurred today, the problem sometimes arises that we very often have very little time and so tend to accept positions with something of a knee-jerk response at times. We come to arrive at some conclusions rather quickly. Some are not well thought out, and we also – and this is perhaps the biggest problem – have a precipitate of uncompleted issues that happened to us many years ago, and exist as sleeping volcanoes which can go off and motivate us to get in arguments and things like that.

I’ll be very interested to hear Archangel Michael’s comments at the end of the program because I have actually spoken to him in the past about these issues. He’s been very helpful. But we have our work cut out for us. We have to consider carefully how far we want to go with disagreements, what the impact of disagreements are on the whole lightworker movement, whether it wouldn’t be best to discuss a matter with a person privately, individually, rather than online – oh, how can I say this? – whether we want to act self-servingly, in other words, to promote our own reputations and our own desires for attention and power? Again speaking generally, these are the kinds of things that can arise for us when we get into disagreements as lightworkers.

We have a lot of work ahead of us as lightworkers, and many of the listeners to this program will be leaders in lightwork, so the question is, are we prepared, are we willing to do the work required to keep unity in a movement that’s all about unity? Are we prepared to have our discussions in a fair and gentle way, so that our differences can be resolved without hiding but without blaming? We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us, as a lightworker movement.

I think it’s a really good thing that the four of us here today are agreeing to broach this subject, to bring it out into the open, to talk about our own experiences. And so, with that, perhaps, let me turn it over to Linda and hear from her about her own experience.

Linda Dillon:  Thanks, Steve. And, welcome back! I know it has been a bit of a two-edged sword, but welcome back. And as I was saying earlier, I think there is a reason why the term lightworker is still in force rather than just lightholder or light-seeker. But what I wanted to do, where I wanted to start tonight, there was a few things that I wanted to talk about.

First of all was the elephant in the room, and secondly the nature of channeling, and thirdly, how do we deal with – when we are disappointed, discouraged, feel let down – how do we deal with disagreement? And you notice they are all like “dis-es”, right?

First of all, let’s talk about the elephant in the room, as Steve has called it, the failed Neptune excursion. I wouldn’t use that term. [laughing] Not because I’m biased, and I’m sure that I am, but because so much has come out of this entire exercise. And that’s not trying to justify the channeling or the nature of the channeling that I did, on behalf of or with Grener and the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies.

We’re talking about our star brothers and sisters. I know, and I’ve heard from so many of you, how excited we all were about the thought that we would be going to visit a mothership, and how exciting it was, and how dear it was, how fulfilling of a deep yearning it was, to be able to go and meet with our star brothers and sisters. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for!

And for me to say I’m disappointed is one thing, but I also want to say I’m disappointed for all of us. It’s not that I’m dismissing it or I don’t get it; I get it. But I also … I’m in a lucky position, maybe, because I’ve been at this a while, but also because the conversations continue. You know, they continue with the Council of Love. They continue with Grener. They continue with Archangel Michael. So I, for one, know that this excursion has taken on a different form, a different way of visitation – certainly slower.

But I want to bring our focus to something else that happened that was the exciting part of it, and that was that thousands and thousands and thousands of us said yes! That we really were ready, willing and able to go. And it didn’t matter whether we had our bags packed or not, if we were just jumping on or beaming up, it didn’t matter, we were ready and we know. It’s not just a belief system, we know our star brothers and sisters are with us and we’re anxious to get on with that.

But the other thing it brought up – for everybody, in different measure – was what’s still left inside of us, and what the Council has referred to as letting go of the third dimension and letting go of the old paradigms of old Earth, such as despair, discouragement, depression, feeling defeated, lack, limitation – all those things – anger, fear – all of that came up to the surface. This was a huge opportunity for all of us, individually and collectively, to just let go of it.

And it isn’t as if the Council doesn’t give us ways or tools, or whatever your practice is in terms of clearing and letting go. We have the tools at our disposal. So, on the one hand, it said, yes, we’re ready, and on the other hand it brought up a lot of issues for everybody.  So I guess that part has been a bit of a golden lining.

But aside from our own spiritual work, whether we sit and we scream or cry into our pillows, or scream at heaven to help us get through something, how do we also deal with this in our human community? The theme right now is unity and community. So how do we deal with this kind of disagreement and disappointment?

I’m also going to be asking Archangel Michael – and I have been in meditation – to talk to us a little about that. Our star brothers and sisters, if they have anything to teach us, that’s it. They have moved past this place of conflict to a place of honoring differences, honoring the mission more than the individual ride, more than the individual journey, more than the individual wants or desires. And they found a way to accommodate both. So I think that’s something, as we let go of the old and transfer into the higher realms or higher dimensions, that’s something that we’re learning to do, and hopefully we can come back to that as a group.

But before I pass the mike, as it were, I also wanted to just say a few words about the nature of channeling. Why do we channel in the first place? Not why do we channel the Council of Love, or why do we call Linda Dillon, or why do we do radio shows? But why do we seek this kind of information? And we have, throughout all time and space. In every culture there’s a form of channeling.

We do it because we know innately, in our bones, in our hearts,  that we are in a sacred partnership, above and below. And we are seeking those words of wisdom, those words of compassion. We’re seeking guidance and counsel. We’re not seeking direction or interference. We’re not seeking any being to control us. The one thing the Council has always been clear about is the final arbiter for each and every one of us is our hearts.

So if you’re hearing something that doesn’t feel like truth to your heart, then, first of all, stop listening, and go deeper into your heart. Sometimes it’s just a resistance. It’s not what you want to hear. It’s not what you though. It could be an ego block, or it could be an absolute truth saying, “Don’t go there.” Maybe it’s not time. Maybe it’s not accurate information. But listen to your hearts.

This is what the Council and every being who’s reached that place of enlightenment tell us: go within. And that’s also what we’re learning: how do we stay in community and unity, but also go deep within, let go of all the dross, and really come to know the truth of our hearts and who we are? And where we fit in this new world, in this Nova Earth?

So it’s a lot. Collectively and individually, we have a lot on our plate. And there are times when we are going to feel like we’ve been wrung out. And that’s when we need to support each other, that’s when we need to reach out, not only above, and below to Gaia – because she will nourish us like nothing else – but also to each other. Because as lightworkers, as lightholders, if we can’t reach out to each other and have conversations, and then figure it out amongst ourselves, then who are we going to work with? How are we going to get through this?

Archangel Michael tells us there are millions and millions of us already in the process of Ascension. If we can’t talk about the most intimate details of our hearts, of what we’re going through, then we’re going to have a problem.

So, I’m sorry if we all didn’t get to go to the Neptune yet. I’m sorry on behalf of Grener and the crew of the entire fleet of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, if they were precipitous in their invitation, but I for one am not giving up. I believe in what I do, and I believe in what we’re doing together. So, with that, I’ll pass it over back to you, Graham.

GD:  Thanks, Linda. Geoffrey?

GW: Our history has always been filled with people who have risen up to stand out among the crowd. And it has been in all ranges, walks, professions, messages, ministries and the like. And each of those have faced incredible challenges in their own respective spaces. And although they may be considered lightworkers, at that time, revolutionaries in thought, word, or deed, lightworkers have to experience their highs and their lows, and they’re the ones that have to go through all the experiences and pull themselves out of the proverbial depths, because that is what we’re being called to do.

And I guess a question pops into my mind. People often ask me, “Why does God do bad things to good people?” And I guess what comes to my mind is that God doesn’t allow bad things to happen to good people, rather that God gives those people the opportunity to show just how strong they really are in walking their talk and just being the example that they are ready to be at this time.

So we’re given all the opportunities to move through our respective growth, because we’re all uniquely different, and yet we’re all equally beautiful. So we need our respective messages, our respective truths, and our respective paths in order to step into that wholeness of being in what we are. And Linda and Steve have both talked on it. It’s not that all messages are going to resonate with all people, because each is uniquely different.

So whether it be that one paragraph in a completely long message might resonate with me, and something else might not resonate with another, that does not necessarily invalidate the full message. And as we’re learning to communicate with the world, it’s a matter of a smaller group of us, at least right now it’s a smaller group of us, but it’s rapidly expanding, and we’re finding ways to share information that will resonate completely with some, but in other cases it may just plant a small seed in order to germinate for several weeks. And that may come in the form of having buttons pushed, it may come in the form of an epiphany, just a completely, “Wow!” incredible moment.

So in terms of the Neptune event, I saw – I was completely packed and ready to go six days before the event. I’m proud to admit that. And I was all set and ready to go. As I watched things unfold, it honestly did not surprise me that this happened. And in fact, looking back in retrospect, I actually was grateful that it worked out this way because it really brought out a lot of lessons for all of us, myself included. Although I was disappointed, I looked back and I was able to say, this really was an incredible test for all of us to see just exactly where we are in our space. Were we really worthy to receive this grand opportunity?

And it revealed that perhaps some weren’t as ready as they may have originally believed themselves to be. Now, that’s not necessarily wrong. There is no right or wrong. It just pointed out where we are. And that was, to me, the wonderful aspect of it all. You know, would I do this again? Absolutely. If someone said that something was going to happen, I’d have my bag packed, I’d be ready to go, and I’m proud to say that. This is me, personally.

You know, we’re looking at a Star Trek type scenario, right now, where, you know, we’ve got the Warfs, we’ve got the Datas, we’ve got, you know, the whole range of people who are bringing their unique personalities and their skills, their aptitudes, and their fears and their doubts. And we are – we are walking a path together in creating this new awareness. And as we step into our awareness of where conflict or where doubts arise, we come to the energetic level of – which I personally feel is the root cause of all disagreements. And James Redfield, in the Celestine Prophecy, talked about control dramas, and named four of them:  the intimidator, the interrogator, the aloof, and the poor me, and how we bring those dramas into all of our reactions. And as we become more aware of them, we begin to see not only how they impact us but how we put those energies out on other people.

In relationships, we witness how two people coming together build each other up, energetically, to come to a point later on where one or perhaps both slip into cruise control and ultimately fall back into their dramas, and the energy dynamic begins to collapse again, unless both people are aware of it. So we are definitely going through the growth period. I’m learning to accept it. I’ve gone through, you know, my elephant in the room, dealing with peace issues; I’ve gone through the challenges, the rejections and the criticisms and the condemnations.

And so I do understand what it – what it means to, to hang on or to believe so fully in a message that you’re willing to almost walk through fire, because in essence that’s what we are doing. We’re walking through the fire to burn away all the aspects of ourselves that no longer suit our beings, in order to rise up to be that phoenix that comes up out of the ashes that make us the lightworkers and the lightwarriors that we are.

I think that’s all I have to say.

GD:  Well, thank you Geoffrey and Steve and Linda. And I’ll offer my thoughts around this and then we’ll move on to the next portion of our show. Thinking about how there’s so much happening on a global level, on a larger level beyond that, a universal level, on a smaller level what’s coming up for us individually, there is so much happening within a very short period of time. There are a lot of unknowns, and those unknowns can bring about anything from stress to excitement and anything in between.

And I think about when people come together, well-intentioned people, and I’m thinking about our wonderful lightworker community, there’s so much diversity and richness and energy and creativity, and we have an opportunity, in fact we are creating this new world. And the new world is about group consciousness. It’s about unity consciousness. It’s about recognizing that we are each individually unique and beautiful. We have individual gifts, individual contributions. And it’s about honoring and celebrating that diversity and the beauty in that diversity, and coming together to work for something beautiful.

And my encouragement for us all – and this is a reminder for myself as well – is to recognize that we have a beautiful opportunity here. We’re creating history. Let’s come together and find strength in coming together and create this magical, beautiful new world that we’re wanting to create. And we’ll make mistakes.

And in the midst of much change and many events, I see this as analogous to a rocket ship. The ship has taken off, it’s going really super fast, and many of us probably don’t now how to fly it. We don’t even really know where we’re going, and we’re holding it on together with duct tape. And so we’re learning as we go. And so a lot’s happening. And it can be intense, and beautiful, and wonderful, and challenging and everything in between.

I think this has been a worthwhile and timely discussion, and I really appreciate Steve and Linda and Geoffrey for sharing your thoughts. And with that, why don’t we take some time to shift a little bit? And Steve, I’ll go back to you, and perhaps we can as a team talk about why we’re doing this and what this show is about.

SB:  Sure, Graham. And thank you for your comments, and Geoff and Linda as well. Well, for me the show is about preparing us for these remarkable events that are coming up. And the – it’s a very difficult task, because we know about some of the changes, but you know, we’ve heard about them, say, in chapter headings, but a lot of what comes up will surprise us and even shock us, because we’ll find out that we didn’t know what was coming up, and we didn’t know we didn’t know.

And this second area of life, where we don’t know that we don’t know, can be especially shocking, because all of a sudden life becomes very rapidly a place where we could go into fear, because we’re totally at sea at that point. We don’t understand anything.

And we don’t – we might as well admit it – know anything about how to be with a galactic. We don’t know what they must deal with when they meet us. Our emanations like fear and hatred and greed and even lust can be very unpleasant for them to handle, and that’s one of the things that came up over the Grener expedition. We don’t even know about that, that our emanations could affect galactics. We don’t know how to sit down at a meal with them.

And I want to underline for our audience that all the galactics we’ll meet will be human. We’re not going to be sitting across from people that shock us by their appearance. They’re all human. The human form is very common in the Universe. But what we’re trying to do on this show, and on Graham’s other show called Our Galactic Family, and on some other shows that are under discussion, is to blaze that trail, to open up those subjects, to have us start to consider some matters, to have us look at our own reactions and our own patterns and see exactly what the impact of those will be when we – when these new factors are introduced into the equation; to prepare us for the collapsing of the economy and the rise of the new abundance economy; to prepare us for all manner of things which, if we even thought we knew about them, we probably would find that we’re mistaken.

This is totally new, what is coming before us. It’s going to be a wonderful time for us, but we need to get over our own fears about it and our own ignorance – I use the word lightly – but our own lack of knowing about what’s coming down the pike.

But we, on this program and on Graham’s other program, have agreed to try to open up these subjects and reduce the amount of lack of knowing that we have and cushion our entry into this new world. Thank you, Graham.

GD: Linda?

LD:  Okay. When I first talked to Steve and with Graham about this show, I was excited, because I felt it was a vehicle and a way to share the incredible messages of hope, of love, of healing, and promise, from the Council of Love. Since the very first time they started talking to me, the first subject of conversation with them was about the shift – and I don’t care whether we call it the shift in consciousness, or paradigm shift, or Ascension. They were talking about the renewal of our hearts and turning to a society which was the rebirth of the original plan for Earth, which was to be a place of love, a place of joy, and that included inter-dimensional reality.

Now, there’s been years and years of preparation. And I completely agree with what Steve is saying, because we still don’t know. We know a lot. We’ve been given our tools to go forward and get through. And we’ve been given so many gifts. But the one thing I’ve certainly learned is that there is always more. And the Council never ceases to amaze and surprise me every single day. And so it’s always more than we think. It’s always more than we expect. It’s always bigger. And you know what? It’s always better. It’s always grander than we can even imagine.

So yes, I see this radio show as a place where we can together prepare for what is ahead and to receive those guidances and messages and insights to help us do so. It was very straightforward for me.

GD:  Great. Thanks, Linda. Geoffrey?

GW:  I’m kind of coming in from the perspective of being a “contactee,” so I’m having my contact experience through this having been graciously invited and accepted by all three of you.  So I, although I was not a part of the original vision, the vision that you share is certainly in alignment with the vision that I have been carrying on with my work.

So in my own personal evaluation of my life path, I can see very clearly all the experiences through my life, even from my childhood, were giving me unique opportunities to prepare to become a communicator, and not just a communicator, but a communicator of a very complicated message to a group of many people that do not speak English as a native language. So indeed, we are communicating a message in a much higher vibration, a message of a much deeper sort. And all of my 3D activities up to this moment of now have prepared  me to learn how to communicate to people using relatively simple words, to perhaps speak and enunciate a little more clearly and slowly, so that people have an opportunity to grasp.

This radio show is an opportunity to allow me to step into a bit more of the communicator’s role. And I’m grateful that my message or my work resonated enough with all of you that you felt comfortable bringing me into this fold, to answer this particular call of service. And I hope that I will continue to serve that, and it will also help me to expand and grow the message that I communicate with my work as well.

So I’m grateful. And I’m here to be in service, to assist not only myself, because I’m here to grow as much as anyone else. And as I step more into my heart space, I hope that my journey in doing that will empower and resonate with as many of the listeners as possible, to find, to help them see that they have it within themselves, they can be their own channels, if they wish to be. And perhaps a day will come when they are realizing that from their heart space, maybe they won’t need us at a certain point because they will have found exactly what they needed to step out and become their own great example of what the new Earth is becoming. And that’s what it’s all about, empowering masters to be masters, instead of followers.

GD:  Well, terrific. Thank you, Geoffrey and Linda and Steve. I am so proud of this team. The people on this show, this team, are a perfect example of people moving forward in the light with courage and with integrity.

The goal of An Hour with an Angel is to provide spiritual teachings, guidance on Ascension, and updates on current events. And I think as I reflect back on our past shows, this is our fourteenth show, I think we’ve covered these areas pretty well. And…does that mean we have it all figured out? Does it mean there’s not room for growth? I mean, no, certainly, we’re learning, we’re creating, and that’s part of the beauty. And, I’m thrilled to be working with such a wonderful, terrific and committed team.

So, I’d like to carve out some time here to bring Archangel Michael on board to share any comments that he feels moved to share. But before we do that, I’d like to encourage our listeners tonight, and for those listening after tonight, we have a comments section on our Blogtalkradio page, so if you look down below on our show page you’ll see an opportunity to share comments. And there’s an opportunity to share comments on every show we do. Tonight in particular I encourage you to share you thoughts, share your comments, what you like about the show, areas that you think you’d like us to expand upon. We welcome your feedback.

So I’d like to bring Archangel Michael on. And we have about 15 minutes or so left. And with that, Archangel Michael, welcome.

AAM:  Greetings, I am Michael, warrior of peace, archangel of love. Welcome, my beloved friends.

SB:  Thank you, Lord.

AAM:  I’ve spoken to you recently about your sword and shield, and I have encouraged you to carry it high and to use it wisely, with great discernment. But what you carry within you, each of you, not simply those who speak publicly tonight, but to each of you who listen to this message, is courage. And it is part of the gift of your heart, of your strength, and of your very core. You would not have traveled to Earth during this time of magnificent change, but also upheaval, if you did not have courage within your heart, if you did not have bravery, if you did not carry an outrageous sense of adventure.

And yet here you are, lightworker, lightholder, and everything in between. For there is not a soul on the planet, even those who live in darkness, who do not wish to know the light, that do not wish to know love.

That is the struggle that each of you faces. And it is not just the love of Gaia or each other, it is not just the unity or community. It is the unity of your sweet self. It is the integrated, unified heart. It is that sense of knowing that, no matter what, you are anchored in love. You are the embodiment of love. And you are worthy of love.

So, my friends, how do you proceed from that place? My sacred brother, Jesus Sananda, has said this many times. “I told you to turn the other cheek. I ask that of you. But, dear friend, I did not tell you to let yourself get beaten up.” So my fellow warriors, my peaceful warriors of blue, regardless of ray, where is that middle ground? Where is the heart of stillness that allows you to remain in your core, in the love, and still engage in lively debate, disagreement with discernment, introspection but not loneliness? How do you navigate the way? And you do so by staying in your heart, by acting in alignment with integrity, with truth.

You know fully well where truth lies. Yes, I have embedded my blue flame of truth within thee. But you also have had it. I have given it to you time and time and time again. And when you are fully honest with yourself, you know what is truth, and you know how to proceed with integrity, with ethical understanding, with compassion, and yes, even forgiveness. Because that is the role of the lightworker. That is the role of the enlightened being. It is not to roll around in the drama.

So, as human beings, as the human collective, both in small groups and as an entire planet, you are learning the rules of engagement. You are learning how to engage with one another in ways that acknowledge that there will be push and pull, but that it is not about power, it is not about hierarchies. It is about a circle. It is about support. It is about consideration, but not permission.

There is a very big difference between license and consideration. It is to be honoring of your sacred self, because as you do that you extend it to others. You cannot live in compromise with yourself, and then expect others to honor your sacred space, and what you hold to be true and dear.

Do you have questions for me this night?

SB:  Well, Lord, if I may ask a question, the conventional wisdom about what one should do when one disagrees is either fight or flee or mate – I changed that a bit – but there’s another alternative, and that’s to actually be with what arises for us and process what comes up so that we’re clear of the old business that might be reactivated in us when we’re attacked or we disagree.

Have we exhausted the alternatives? How should we, as light workers, field our own feelings when disagreement arises? And you’ve said a lot so far, but is there anything that we’re not aware of about ourselves, about the way we proceed as third-dimensional beings, or about the situation that we face, that we haven’t seen so far?

AAM:  You are learning.  And I have often asked you to be the observers of your sacred selves and each other. The first thing that you have need to do, that we would guide and ask you to do, when situations arise, whether it is individual or collective, which cause you to feel out of balance – because that is what disagreement, or discouragement or disappointment is about. It all hearkens back to fear. It is fear that you might be wrong, that somehow, upon this journey, you misstepped and didn’t understand. And that puts you often in a very defensive position.

So if there is one thing that I am saying that the human beings do not fully understand yet, it is that you do not need to be defensive. Yes, there is a time for fight or flight, but that has to do with physical survival. It does not have to do with your spiritual journey. Of course you want to physically survive. And you are mightily protected in doing that.

Each of you have misstepped many times. But it is to observe what is rising up, look at it, embrace it, let it go, and then, from the place of being the observer, engage, engage who you are disagreeing with, the same way that you would engage someone that you heartily agreed with.

It is very easy to sit with one who is in agreement with you. You can build each other up, you can share your heart, you can laugh and cry, and pat each other on the back. The key, the key to community is putting the defensiveness aside, that urge to attack. When I speak of being the peaceful warrior, I speak about engaging – to use a dramatic term – the enemy. Because the only enemy you will ever encounter is yourself, and you are not the enemy.

So you have need to love yourself, to cherish yourself – yes, it sounds simple – and yet the awareness of that love is the most complex thing you will ever encounter. It is not achieved in the blink of an eye. It requires courage to speak to somebody rather than turning away. It is to hold that love in your heart and know your own value, and knowing that value, be prepared to discuss and to hear, not just with your ears, but with your heart. What is the other person, or group or country or group of countries, what are they really saying?

They are saying that they are disappointed, they feel disenfranchised, they feel duped, they feel stupid, they feel fearful – but these are things to let go of. These are not elements of wholeness. This is not part of the core of who you are. This is false paradigms. So your opponent is really your best friend, who is acting as that mirror to bring up for you what you wish or need or prayed to look at.

So be fearless. And if you are fearful, dear heart, turn to me. That is what I am here for. That is what we are all here for. It is very simple. When we speak of partnership, we mean that in a very gentle, real, full way. Turn to us, but also engage.

We have asked you to step forward, each in your own unique way. And even our requests asking lightworkers, lightholders to step forward has brought forward an eruption of fear. We speak to you about Ascension, and then we ask you to go inside, because the fear arises. What if I am not chosen? What if I am not ready? Why do I have to leave my spouse, my dearly loved family? I am afraid.

It is all right to be afraid. But as a collective, if you have missed anything, it is to let go of the fear. Let go of being defensive. It doesn’t work.

SB:  Okay, Lord. Thank you.  Geoffrey?

GW:  Sounds like the music’s coming up. So maybe, Archangel Michael, a quick, final word?

AAM:  Be safe in yourself. Trust in your heart.  Go in love. Farewell.

SB:  Thank you, Lord.

GD:  Thank you for joining us on An Hour with an Angel.

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