Visonkeeper – Good Times Ahead! – 13 March 2012

Instead of listening to the drama and dread on television, why not concentrate on dreaming about the good times slowly making their way back into our reality. Soon we will be free to rest, play, laugh and be free to be whomever we wish to be. Life can’t get any better than that. The main stream media is not covering any of the changes quietly unraveling before us. All people hear about is war and death, control, environmental destruction, and the demise of America and her liberty and freedom. How ghastly! Wouldn’t you rather hear about the 254 Banker Resignations from banks all around the world, the beginning procedures for impeachment for crimes against President Obama or perhaps about all of the money that has been set aside to pull this country out of debt once the corrupt financial system finally crashes and burns? This is honest reality, not what you are hearing on television.

Okay, so good times lay ahead and excitement builds. What we need to think about while being excited is getting prepared for freedom. It will be a massive change almost beyond comprehension by our war-weary minds. Perhaps you have seen caged animals finally released to their freedom yet they cower in their cage afraid to come out. The cage was all they ever knew. Well for us oppression is all we’ve ever known as well and suddenly having our freedom back may sound wonderful, but it will be a major adjustment to settle into. We may even feel depression, confusion, maybe even momentary anger. All that had been  familiar will be turned on its head. Change is never easy for most and many want to cling to the old. Perhaps we should spend some time now thinking about how we want our lives to be when freedom arrives at our front door.

Are we even aware of what makes us happy? What we truly love? What we love doing? We need to give careful thought to what our lives would look like if we could do anything we wanted to do, because that is exactly what life will soon be like. I know it is hard to believe, but we need to be ready to start our new lives once our cage door is opened and we are sprung free from captivity.

So, who do you want to be, what do you want to do? Start thinking and planning because we are getting close to this dream. If we have some sort of plans or thoughts in our heads we will not flounder as much when everything changes. It is the being caught off guard that throws us into a tail spin, so prepare. Have a direction you can head in, a plan you can work with and a goal you wish to achieve, even if it is just sitting under a tree until you die. The choice for once will be ours so think big!

This  preparation is a great way to really get to know ourselves, who we are and what we want. Let’s take this opportunity to reconnect with ourselves and dream for a while. For far too long we have been kept from our dreams, it is time to rekindle them and feel joy. Allow this dreaming and preparation to lift your spirits. There is no reason to feel the despair the dark ones want us to feel. They are the ones in despair for their world is crumbling, their plan for world domination is ending and they will soon be facing retribution for their high crimes against humanity.

We must remember it is our thoughts that create the realty we live in! If we place great intention on the happy lives we choose for ourselves, we add extra light into the world and give greater strength to the universal dream for oneness and peace to manifest. We must find the courage to break free from the lies and the despair. That belongs to the 3D world and where we are headed that will no longer be a part of our lives. Everything is happening very quickly now despite the fact you don’t hear about it. The media are still controlled by the dark ones and so we will never hear anything about what is really going on. Remember, they want to keep us in the dark, but they can no longer do that. The truth shall set us free.

It is amazing how differently we view life now that we know the truth, that all of this will end very soon. It lifts that heavy weight off our backs, the drudgery outlook we had on living in this world, that hopelessness we felt that this was all there was to life and things would never change! What a horrible way to have to live ones life! Let the hope that things will be different from what we believed, flood your heart and raise you up into the light. We have waited for this time to come for a very long time, so long in fact we had forgotten who we were and what our lives could really be like when this time came. Well it is upon us now and we are going home. So make your list of what you want to do with your life and be happy!

Blessings to you all,

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3 responses to “Visonkeeper – Good Times Ahead! – 13 March 2012

  1. cadesertvoice

    VK…another great post by you. I’m encouraged by your words and believe most of it will happen. However, I’d like to know where you get the idea that Obama is a bad president and that impeachment proceedings are underway. I happen to follow his accomplishments closely and believe he has done extraordinarily well in spite of the opposition, lies and crazed racism he faces. There are no impeachment proceedings. It has been discovered that a 2007 proceeding to remove G.W. Bush from office had been altered to change the name to Obama.

  2. Wonderful! You have confirmed what I have been given in meditation. My life is set to go in a different direction around September. They give me the fingers pointing “up” and feelings of a higher level. Moving up, things are turning up…
    I am focused upon keeping my eyes and heart open so I don’t unintentionally block my new path.
    Thank you for your words. I feel such contentment now.

  3. Awesome! Right on the money! (The ‘new money’, that is, not the ‘old money’ – LOL!). We’re all set to GO!!! We can only hope that the majority of humanity sees the positive side of the radical changes coming right away, and doesn’t wallow in fear too long . . . . According to the Unseens, those of us ‘in the know’ are gonna be pretty busy ‘clarifying’ the Real Deal for our less-informed or mis-informed family and friends.