Lisa Gawlas – Suns Kundalini & Harvest Time!! – 14 March 2012

 Artwork by Rhonda Rhodes, VAMan oh man did yesterdays solar flare knock me straight on my ass!!  I had every intention to go into town (close to an hour trek) and get food and other supplies as soon as my last reading was done for the day… which was 1pm.

Until about 1pm I was filled with energy, with excitement, and a grocery list!  And then my legs turned to led, I swear someone pulled the plug on my whole body system… I couldn’t muster the energy to go from my couch to the car, let alone walk around a grocery store.  I sat pinned to my couch wondering…. what the hell?  I even thought about taking a bath, a meditation… I couldn’t muster the energy to even start that!!

And then into my gmail comes an insightful message from a friend, a large coronal hole in the sun in the shape of a triangle.  I went to to see not only are we in a solar wind stream, we had another M7.9 class solar flare.  Well bowl me over will ya!

These highly potent solar winds and solar flares are loaded with pure light energy… where there is light, there is knowledge… a higher understanding.  You are naturally taking all this in.  It is your responsibility to find a way to extract it… and then share it with others!!

You can look at all this highly evolved information coming to earth in zip files.  These zip files ooze into the consciousness of those ready to receive new, expanded information.  These zip files have a mixture of information within them… again, depending on the vibration and expansiveness of the consciousness.  Some are very personal to you.  Like a software add on that will take what you already know, what you already do, and give you the information, the running processes to make it ever more than it was!!  When we are in readings these days, I now realize we start the extraction process together.  What I see in others simply takes my breath away and gets me excited for the potentials at hand!

Then there are those full planetary extractions… that which will help all of the earth quicken.  The moment you unzip this information and put it out in the air (either by blogging, talking, whatever… it has to come out) it moves at the speed of light to all open consciousnesses as that ah-ha moment!!

Many of us are taking in massive zip files in our days and unzipping them in our nights, thru sleep.  Very much like a computer reboot.  When we wake up there is new information sitting at the forefront of our minds.  At least, this is my process!!  This is one of the main reasons I blog the moment coffee is in my cup.  Lets just fill the morning (ummm…pre-morning lol) air with de-Light!

Well, this morning is filled with some really interesting information.  I pray, I have enough unzipped to put it into coherency for all of us!

The Kundalini of the Sun.

I found a great website called: The Biology of Kundalini, in which this excerpt is taken: KUNDALINI – (Sanskrit kund, “to burn”; kunda, “to coil or to spiral”) a concentrated field of intelligent, cosmic invisible energy absolutely vital to life; beginning in the base of the spine when a man or woman begins to evolve as wisdom is earned. Kundalini has been described as liquid fire and liquid light. The ultimate outcome of kundalini is the union of Will (sakti- kundalini), Knowledge{prana-kundalini) and Action (para- kundalini)

I suppose I have never once thought beyond the earths kundalini.  Why would I?  To be fully in the experience of kundalini awakening and integration is enough to send you on a trip of Ecstasy to last many life times!  Once integrated, it is forever part of your DNA codes.  I always knew… I suppose…. that even the divine feminine (earths soul energy) had a masculine vibration or counterpart to it.  I lived its understanding in my wild and crazy bathtub in 2001.

I would never have imagined for a moment the sun itself, what we can look at as our father, the divine masculine would have his own kundalini energy.  But of course it would!!

But before he could release his full divinity to the earths children, we had to get in alignment with our earth mother… Gaia!  Integrating and USING the energy of the earth!

Finally.. eough of us are so aligned, so in harmoney with the pure energy of Life, or Earth… he, the sun, is sending a very very important part of his energy for acceptance, integration and use!  (I am just so excited!!)

If we can take a look at how important both are… this actually may give rise to the hmmmm difficulty, or slowness in our manifestations.

Earth has her own gravitational field, her own magnetic field deep in her core.  It is so designed to keep us in a limited reality.  Literally keeps us on earth!  As we awaken to the earths soul energy… that kundalini fire within we are all familiar with… we take on her gravitational field… envelope within our very cells her magnetic field.

We can look as earth as the dream-scape.  The land in which we dream (live) upon. All dreams can find fruition here.  The landscape will morph and change according to your core energy.  (Please pay attention to that phrase… core energy, not mental words.)  We have even seen our dreams go from core energy to reality thru out own actions.

We have all also heard of instant manifestation, not a week later, but a second later.  Teleportation, time travel, intergalactic travel.  We have heard all these exciting things and have kept an eye on the day we have full access to such things.

That day is close at hand.

The suns kundalini energy has been that missing ingredient… purposely so!  The sun, as the earth, is aligned to pure radiant love.  PURE.  We had to align with the pure love of life in order to align with the pure love of heaven!

Well, we have done our work!!  (Happy dancing over here!)

At the end of the Hypnosis session called “The Eye of Horus” it really left us on a cliff hanger.  A big ole straw thing placed in and thru the core of earth, filled with liquid yellow light… that the Gaurdians called “the soul of creation”… not once in a million years did I think… sun kundalini!  All I could think was… what the hell??  And it left off as a build up to the equinox.  Now I get it…. sorta!

For this phase of earths journey… the gravitational field… the magnetic field around the earth has been closed.  The opening of the eye of horus (which the guardians referenced several times within the hypnosis as “the eye of god, the eye of the needle, the eye of creation” is the opening in which the second key to life (ohhh my goodness, they even said the 2nd seal… who knew!!!  I am getting so flipping excited over here!!!) was being opened!  That was the portal called the eye of horus!!

The 3rd happens thru the equinox energy (man oh man I cannot wait to take that transmission and understand how this all fits together!!)

What is happening right now… actually since March 2nd and close to every single day since then… the full on release of the suns kundalini energy… moving thru us, the human and embedding… impregnating the soul of the earth.

The sun is pure magnetic energy.  This is the very key we need to use, FULLY, our magnetic attraction.  Our instant manifestation skills.  Again… with fail-safe mechanisms built in.

This energy is NOT about accumulating wealth… or hording… or even keeping anything.  I don’t even know how to put into words what it is.  But whatever it is (smile), and the humans that are aligned to it, are the only ones who will have access to it… at least in the beginning.

The integration process will be very very different than the integration of earths kundalini energy.  (boy, I was just put in an information black out lol)

I also want to mention something else… that little (actually really really big) ah-ha moment someone triggered within me yesterday.

One of the ladies who will be here with me thru the equinox emailed me for directions and told me of what has been happening within her life these last few weeks.  Everywhere she turns around is the word “Harvest.”

Harvest, thru my readings and my understandings from the Guardians is about all that energy we have ever put out in all of our lifetimes, being here for us to use.  Every good and unsung deed is now ripe in our lifes gardens.  And will quicken as soon as the sun is fully integrated in our energy field.

I instantly thought of my March.  Extraordinarily different than my February (thank you dear lord.)  The fluid energies of March have really allowed my garden to grow effortlessly.  Examples of our harvest already coming to us:

I went down to the states social service department to see if I can get free dental insurance.  These new intense energies do not like my old fillings at all!!  Sadly, we live in a country where those needed perks simply aren’t offered to adults.  However, she did say I qualified for family planning insurance.  Really?  I am 49 years old, had my tubes cut, tied, burnt closed in 1990.  I really don’t need that.  I got it anyway!!  Which really made me remember a crazy dream I had about a month ago.  I was walking thru my back yard with my rock man Jorge (from meditations) and we started talking about having a child together.  I told him, that part of me is closed down.  He said something I will never ever forget: “anything is possible in this land.”  The lady from social services sent me the insurance anyway!  I had to smile.

She also said I qualified for fuel assistance and sent me a check for $128 (see that 11 vibration there) for propane.  Which I ordered for the 4th time living here.  My usual propane man arrived and I ordered my usual 50 gallons that cose $176.  He started writing on a paper in his hand and said if I ordered 64 gallons he would reduce my rate of $3.12 per gallon down to $2.45, so for $1 more I would get an extra 15 gallons (equalls a 6 – soul partnership)… of course I said yes.

I also get notified that I am getting (have gotten) $200 a month in food assistance!!  Well holy shit batman… all because I need dental insurance!!

Granted I didn’t get what I set out to get… but received so much more in the process!  Makes writing the check to the IRS this year worth it!!  I can now look at it as watering my own garden thru my income tax that I must pay out.  Yay!!

The Harvest is truly underway… and will only get bigger, stronger, and more intense as the days and weeks pass by and the full integration of sun and earth align within our hearts magnetically!

I know there is a lot I am not saying… please bear with me as I unzip more files, and read more people.  I am so utterly grateful to all of your, in ways, my words will never be able to express.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of magnetic solar powered kundalini energy to All!!

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