Visionkeeper – Time To Expand Our Minds – 14 March 2012

As we speed along towards the end stage of our journey to the light, now more than ever before we must broaden our minds. What we will most likely see as things heat up, will not be real and we need to be aware of this. The dark ones have a wonderful way of spinning a lie into an action packed docudrama that digs its hooks into everyone. We must learn to see it for what it is, a ploy to entangle us deeper into their web of evil, the media are not beyond Photoshopping film footage to suit their needs. It happens and we are not even aware of it. What you see on TV is not reality!

We also need to learn to expand our minds, to begin to allow ourselves to contemplate things we once found to be impossible. As this battle for the light draws to a close, new and fantastic truths will begin to unfold before us. We must be ready for this as well. We may not want to believe what we hear at first, fear may hold some back from opening their minds, but open we must! There is a great deal that has been going on behind the dark curtain as we all slumbered away. Yes I think most of us know full well that the Roswell crash was not a weather balloon, but what about the fact we have been interacting with off planet beings for a long time now, their technology influenced ours and they walk among us. Hard to imagine? Start preparing because there will be many things none of us can ever imagine.

We have had so much information hidden from us it boggles the mind. From our outer space activities to patents for free energy and new ways of healing, world Governments have been very busy behind our backs. It is now time that this knowledge belongs to us all not just a few. It is exciting to think about yet there will be those who are fearful or filled with denial in their last-ditch effort to hold onto the “what was” in their lives. Our visions and understandings about life have been so narrow it will be difficult at first to grasp the enormity of what has been kept from us all. Life is so much MORE than we ever imagined and we best get ready to have our minds blown open. Do not fear, all is well and good.

I hesitate to write about these things but I think the time is right to introduce us all to what is to come. Like we need to stretch a balloon out before we blow it up lest our cheeks burn from the pressure we exert to force the air into the balloon, we must begin to daily stretch our minds out and test the waters of a world far different from the one we thought we were living in. Time to move our comfort zones out more a few feet everyday. The expansion of our consciousness is just one area where we will experiencing the changes.

Are we ready for thoughts of other beings entering our lives? And no they are NOT evil. Hollywood at the behest of the dark ones has been working overtime to create movies of fear, of invaders who wish to destroy us and our world. It is just Hollywood, nothing more. Of course, just like we have a few bad apples in our world who wish us evil, so too for the different inhabitors of the universe, but by in large they are good and want nothing more than to help us become free. Do not fall for the fear tactics. Yes, very soon our lives are going to change dramatically on so many levels, all I can say is buckle up for the ride!

So are you feeling nervous, scared, excited or maybe just apprehensive? That is to be expected. We always knew that our realities were going to shift and new things were going to be blowing our minds open. I wonder if you expected this kind of reality shift? It is pretty big to take in all at once. That is why I am talking about this stuff now. We have to adjust our minds to what is coming and I figure getting into it gradually is probably best. It is hard enough to accept the fact our Government is against us, even harder to imagine visitors from far beyond. We will accept it all in our stride and open our hearts in welcome. As I mentioned there is no need for fear, they have been helping to protect us from the dark ones for quite some time now. We have much to thank them for. I will leave off an interesting article on the latest events surrounding the sun so you can begin to take in the new reality at your own pace. Stay strong and think from your hearts always! Be the light.

Blessings to you all,

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