Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Start Moving. Meet The Horizon – 15 March 2012

God said:

Of course, from your perception, you are always right. Right or not right is not the question. The question is not your virtue. The question is: Where do you go from here?

Everyone thinks he or she is right. Both parties are right. And where does being right get you? Being right results in law suits. Being right dissolves marriages. There is more to life than being right.

Life is truly not a question of right or wrong. You are asking the wrong question! Whether you are right or wrong, if you have fallen from a ladder, you have fallen from a ladder. Right or wrong, if you have broken your leg, your leg is broken.

Life is more than about right and wrong. Get off that subject. Get onto the subject of responsibility. That is quite a different issue. Responsibility isn’t something that is assigned. You have to assign yourself responsibility.

If your life isn’t presently what you want, what are you going to do to make it different?

No longer can you shove the responsibility of your life off to someone else.

It is time now to stop counting the wrongs.

If your grass needs mowing, mow it.

It has been said that pride goeth before a fall. If you have been falling a lot, relationships falling apart, look to yourself and not the other. Never mind the past of right and wrong. What are you going to do now? If you want to change the equation, what are you going to do to change it?

When you do not like the balance of things, what are you going to do to change the balance?

This is your life We are talking about. What are you going to make it?

Taking responsibility is getting out of the past, the long ago past and the past of a moment ago. When you live in the past, you reinstitute the past. I think you want to get out of the past. Let it go by the wayside.

Steady your life in the present time. This is the time of your life. Whatever has been done can be undone, not by examination, but by throwing it over your shoulder and starting anew.

In order to rebuild a better world, start building.

If there has to be change, then make the changes.

You are the mover of the Universe. Start moving. Start climbing. Do not fall behind. Go ahead. Meet the horizon.

You are not meant to be an onlooker in life. Life is not a sport on TV that you watch. Life is something you enter into. Life is the clay of existence, and you take the clay in your hands and you mold it.

Perhaps you have been tossing the clay up and letting it fall where it may. Shape the clay the way you want it to be. Create a work of art. Have fun with the clay and make it beautiful.

It has been said that I made you out of clay. I designed you. My design was not hit or miss. I did not leave you up to chance.

I created you by seeing possibilities. And that is how you create. First envision the possibilities. Choose and shape the clay of life into the possibilities that you choose. You will create every day. Life is more than a one-time job. You do not finish. You have not finished. There is no fait-acompli. There is life ongoing.

You are riding the train of life, and there is much scenery you see. Become One with Me, and become One with the scenery of life. You are alive, and you link to original article


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