Lucas – The Great Spirit In Ourselves – Thinking Love – 15 March 2012

Sometimes there are some  special moments in our lives we are feeling the great spirit in ourselves stronger than ever. Even as we suffer now and the last bashing of the dark  is felt we as human beings see the light shine in our hearts as we think love. The love that irreversibly concurs all and brings live and creation. It is our basic vibrational tone. We being  love lights.

In an hour of darkness barely having income and just having bread on the table. Not knowing if the last bits are taken from you it is the thinking love and compassion that makes the great spirit in you overcome all. It says to you there is no lack.  You are not lost. You just are love and light and came here upon this earth as one of the strongest souls in this infinite-dimensional universe to withstand all challenges. You have taken upon you the roles you had to play in this ending cycle of duality. You played it well. Your role in theatre is played over now. You are asked to take the applause and get ready for your price. Prepare  for what is coming. And Help awaken others in being light.

You are all the bright sparkling stars that  fill the last dark corners on the celestial pavement  with your lights. Know you are  powerful beings that just awakened to  unlimited powers of creation. All created  in unconditional love. Know and trust your heart as things will feel difficult. Fight your last own ego and duality battles with love and think with your heart not your mind. The light you sent will be accumulated in the energies that come from the source to bring  about  what is decreed : “heaven on earth”.  Our new dimensional home will be soon completed. The Great Spirit will be seen in All. As we are part of the All. We are One.

Overcome that what is greater than all sorrows, pain, lack, difficulties, as you are the great spirit yourself. You the creator of your own future and being of endless possibilities.  Listen to the call of your hearts as we are the change we ask for. Now become the bearers of light and the warriors of light. Do your part in establishing heaven on earth. As you will be never alone on your quest nearly finished.

Love and Light,


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