Suzanne Poulson Spooner – Message From God & Gabriel – Meditating Into The New Earth – 14 March 2012

God & Gabriel

[Hello God & Gabriel.] Hello Suzy, can we begin with meditation? [Do a few minuets meditation while listening to Snatum Kaur.] That is wonderful. When you meditate you aura beams colors like the sunsets. Let’s begin.

Today we would like to TAUK about Gaia. Gaia is just emerging from her birth. The Earth is now separating her energy so that universal support may speed her ascension. In this New Earth or Gaia is the vibration of God & Creator. In this vibration is the frequency of fifth dimensional energy. This is your heart center, Suzy. When you meditate you are truly in the New Earth. Living your purpose will become even clearer when living in this state of heart. Picture the sunset and your angelic energy is reminded of its origin. Invoke your right of bliss and your vision is clear. Be in the Now and you won’t worry about the past or the future. Pretty reminders of this are now emerging with the spring energy. Portals are literally in front of you wherever you go. Next time you are in your meditation, picture your sunset. Give Us a shout-out and We will join you. Various discoveries are at your fingertips. Be open Suzy in your heart. [ Thank you God & Gabriel. I guess I will be mediating more regularly. :) ] We think that is good. link to original article

following the meditation video:

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