Visionkeeper – Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop – 15 March 2012

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For those people who have been following everything going on in the world I would venture to guess most are waiting for the other shoe to drop in regards to what the dark ones have planned next. Unfortunately, that may very well be, they will need a false flag event to throw the world into chaos and make their final move towards total control. So what do we do you ask? Well for one thing do not give it your thoughts or energy! Too many websites out there are covering all the insanity taking place, but in doing so they add fuel to the fire if they don’t remind everyone reading not to give it their energy and thoughts! Remember, our thoughts create our reality. Do you want the insanity to keep going on? If not don’t think about it!!! Concentrate your thoughts and energy on where we are headed in 5D.

Now is the time to disengage from the system as best you can. Take time out to enjoy yourself and stay as upbeat as you can. It is not easy given all that is going on in the world and the solar flares zapping us and frying our brains. It is easy to go off on a tirade now. The world needs us all to remain in the light, to concentrate on the world we wish to see become our reality, to think positive and continue waking up people all around you that are still sleep walking. We are all greatly needed to stay rooted in our love and trust of the world and in the great shift to a better life. If we allow ourselves to digress off into the land of negative thinking and doubt we are helping the dark side strengthen its army and we must not do that. We must roar our battle cry and rally the troops. We must be light!

These times are extremely difficult to maneuver through. Minefields of lies and distraction, threats of violence and further oppression, all rights to free speech dwindling away. That in itself is enough to fry your brain, but then you add-on solar flare burnout and everyone is struggling to keep up. Somehow we must, we need to support close friends and keep each other going. The dark ones are most likely tinkering with mind control through haarp and that too could be  twisting everyone’s minds into knots. Somehow through it all, with sheer determination to change the world, we must stay strong and stay in the light in our hearts. Be love!

It is absolutely necessary that we take time for ourselves and those we love. As insane as it sounds in these times fraught with so much discord and uncertainty, take time to find joy and peace of mind. We must stay balanced and sure-footed so we are ready to roll whenever we are called upon. Go fishing, or hiking or just sit in nature and drink in her energy she is so willing to share. Go be with friends, share meals, find ways to laugh together and enjoy life. The light and energy coming off of each one of us laughing and loving and enjoying our lives is  double the light normally. We enrich ourselves with balance and joy and we enrich the mass consciousness with a flood of light and power.

We are facing the final innings of this battle now. These are the dangerous times when desperation is at its greatest. We know this yet how can we honestly prepare ourselves for what may lie ahead? The dark ones may just lay down their weapons and give up, but I do not believe in all honesty that will happen. They want what they have accrued over time through pillaging the financial establishments worldwide and they want to maintain global control of the people, no way in hell they are going to give in. This battle will be fought until one side falls totally and surrender is at hand. Let that not be the light!!

We must maintain the love we all have in our hearts and continue to embrace the joy in the world. If we help others, reach out to others, awaken others we double the strength of our light, plus reaching out to others just plain feels good. If you are busy assisting others you have less time to sit and worry about what is going on around you. Remember we must not give energy to the dark thoughts. Continue to see the world as you wish it to be in all its loving splendor, feel that dream, taste it, smell it, feel it and hear it. The sun, the rain, the wind, the flowers, taste the food the earth provides, the joy you feel at finally being free. In other words, keep the dream alive and in short order we will manifest it. We will be free!!!

Blessings to you all,

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    The only thing I can add to this wonderful message is that there is no excuse for not being in-joy at all times. We may not always be happy, but we can always be in-joy. One may experience sadness, yet still be in-joy. Sadness or any other negative emotion is always temporary; joy is eternal. Joy is the very essence of our nature. If we are not joyful, we have fallen from our own grace once again into the cocreation of illusion.

    Illusion deserves not our attention. Not one bit. Not anymore. Pour joy through all illusion and watch it disappear forever. In-joy!

    Mahalo to VisionKeeper!