Wes Annac – The Pleiadian High Council : The Events On Earth Are Manifesting In Accordance With Emerging Lighted Templates – 14 March 2012

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-Channeled through Wes Annac-

While the secretive societies and sects that you have known as the Illuminati are reaching their end and complete crumble, they still plunder ahead with their own dark agendas as if they are still in any type of position to determine what happens on Earth anymore. Indeed they are not, and we have informed them of this countless times and the message does not seem to be heeded.

This is ok for whether or not they understand this message and soak it in, the events occurring on Earth at this time will be and are speaking for themselves. They are being forced to step down in ever-increasing numbers, and indeed the beginning of this year 2012 is already beginning to see many things coming to fruition that you have been told were going to transpire.

As always we are doing everything possible from our positions to see that the Illuminati’s exposure and your resulting freedoms being attainted as a collective goes as smoothly as possible, but of course there are going to be some difficulties and setbacks as there have always been. With the allies we currently have in place on your world working from every angle and leaving no stone unturned so to speak, we are confident that any possible setbacks or delays can be determined and predicted ahead of time and taken care of as appropriate.

At this delicate stage in the game, we must ensure that the many changes we have all been waiting for to transpire do in fact transpire when they are supposed to. Your planet is reaching enormous strides in awakening and embracing the energies on Gaia’s surface that have been forgotten about and suppressed for so very long, and as this happens naturally events on your surface must begin to transform and change to conform and fit in with the Lighted template now rising up from Gaia’s core to Her surface and atmosphere through the energy gates established all around your dear surface.

Again, the dark on your world are still plundering ahead with the own agendas, the majority of which will and have already failed. They keep themselves busy on a constant basis thinking of ways that they can outsmart their perceived enemy and gain an advantage in this whole scenario that has been set before them. They have been let know that the time must come for them to not only step down, but face humanity for what they have done to you all.

Of course it must be kept in mind during the trials of these souls that their very purpose of incarnating on your world was to give you a measure of the collective lower vibrations you had been manifesting on Earth for so very long.

To assume that all of the darkness that has been fed on Earth for so very long is the fault of only the souls in question or of the Annunaki is to refuse responsibility for Creations and energies that you yourselves have manifested whilst on Earth.

Of course you are now beginning to grow away from the lower vibrations you have been feeding and you are realizing them for their true nature, and we have noticed that many of you look to the actions being committed by the illuminati and you are realizing that the various things they do run against the fabric of what is right and fair, and we do not exaggerate in the slightest when we say that everything you have heard that the Illuminati do, you have done yourselves whilst inhabiting the lower dimensions.

The lower dimensional experience is just that; lower dimensional. At any time during your experience, you all could have chosen Love over hate and separation and collectively began to transcend such illusions but the energies you had already been manifesting would not yet call for such a collective awakening as you essentially hold yourselves back by manifesting and continually feeding lower vibrations.

Thankfully, at this period in your time the energies for a collective ascension and awakening are now becoming available and in general, this whole experiment and the ascension aspects of it are going much more marvelously than anticipated.

We say this because you are yourselves bringing through the majority of the Loving and pure energies being manifested through Gaia’s Light grid, and while the original templates for such energies did and do originate in the higher realms as indeed, the templates of all of you are energies which were crafted from the higher realms, you graciously accepted and integrated this energy and have been funneling it through yourselves to feed the Light Grid of dear Gaia ever since.

As you do this, the exposure and perceived defeat of the Illuminati is aided greatly and becomes much easier. Of course you have heard that the Illuminati are only allowed to do what you as a collective allow them to do, and the willingness to cut off completely lower vibrational ties in any of their forms on your part is serving to cut off the lower energy feedings that the Illuminati heads and various lower astral beings who have been feeding off of many souls on Earth for so very long, have been performing.

Continue in your efforts and if at all possible, increase them and increase the times in your Lives when you feel happy, at peace and most importantly, un-stressed. Stress is one of the most prevalent forms of the lower dimensions and is also one of the most convincing, as stress can pop up at any time and convince you to feel it’s energies by appealing to the side of you that is pure logic, pure mind and reasoning.

Such parts of your minds will listen to the messages you are being given whether they feel of the Love or of deception, and in many cases the messages which are meant to get you to feel the most stress are also the messages that appeal best to your logical, rational ego-driven mind.

This is because mind and ego do not have to feel the higher energies of Love to thrive, but they do indeed thrive on the denser energies of stress and frustration, because mind and ego are employed exponentially during such times of stress and frustration.

One of the many efforts the Illuminati are making on your world to stove off the inevitable is to add a greater, more poisonous concoction to the chemtrail mix that they have had their fringe-scientists create.

As many of you know, in many areas of Gaia’s beautiful surface chemtrails are no longer being allowed, and this is measured by the collective Loving energies that are being manifested and brought through the local areas of Gaia’s Light Grid which are established within the atmospheric energy gates of such areas. There are still some areas where these chemtrails are being successfully sprayed, and this is because the collective density manifested in such places allows for such things to happen.

As always, if it was up to us we would simply use the collective Love manifested in other areas to heal such chemtrails but believe us dear souls, while we cannot completely dissolve the chemtrails of such areas we are still working very hard invisibly in the skies of such places, healing the chemtrails and various other atmospheric pollutants in any ways we can, in accordance with what can be done with the collective Love manifested in the area.

The dark have added to the mix many different poisonous and harmful ingredients many different times. They have grown quite bold in their latest attempt when it comes to the chemtrails, and indeed they have taken to bold measures countless times recently as they realize slowly but surely that they truly are ‘done for’ and they feel that they must cause as much harm and destruction on their way out, even though for the most apart they are not being allowed to anymore.

The sheer boldness of their latest attempts in many avenues has been a bit humorous as they do know that they are not able to do such things and yet they still attempt to do so as if by some fluke, they will be allowed to do that which they have been informed of countless, countless times they would not be allowed to do.

Gaia Herself, among doing many other things to show them that they cannot harm Her any longer, is taking to giving us great assistance in nullifying the latest additions to the poisonous mix added to the chemtrails. Whenever the original plan for the chemtrails was made, it was known by them that again, they would only be able to cause as much harm as the collective consciousness of any area would allow.

As such, they kept the poisons at a minimum at first as they knew that we would not allow that which would cause too much harm as it goes against the freewill of you all on the surface who would not have manifested enough collective darkness and density for them to perform the actions they wished to perform.

Now, as has been made obvious they truly cannot control what limits are placed before them. They feel that they can transcend such limits simply because they have been able to get away with so much while tricking generations of souls who were unawakened and developing the resulting ego complexes, perceiving themselves as gods and controllers of the unawakened souls whom they assume to be less than themselves.

The citizens of the areas that are receiving the cleansing of their chemtrails have likely noticed by now when such chemtrails are being sprayed and subsequently cleansed. For those who may not have yet recognized what this looks like, we will be overjoyed to give you an explanation.

Upon doing so, it should be expressed that nearly every area of Gaia’s sky is currently being occupied by starships and motherships, as a recent date along your Cosmic Calendar has been passed that has seen the arrival and establishment of so many more of us and our ships in your skies, in preparation for the events to come on your world.

There are many different Lighted ships, organizations and souls in the skies of Earth for many different [Lighted] reasons, and many of us are performing cleansing and healing work in your skies and atmospheres while we ‘wait’ for and do everything we can from our positions to achieve the results that have been promised and worked toward by so many.

One of the methods of cleansing we perform is to heal the chemtrails when they are sprayed, and believe us dear souls we know at any time at an instant when a chemtrail is being sprayed or in general, when your dark do anything as we have very close monitors on them at this time to ensure that they do not succeed in any of their many attempts to keep our Lighted plans from going forward in the timeframe that has been proposed.

As has been said before, we do not manifest the Lighted and Loving energies that see the breaking up of such chemtrails, rather we use our many ascended technologies to bring the Lighted energies that you have all been manifesting, through to be disseminated in your skies and used to break up and cleanse in a special and advanced way the chemtrails and other pollutants that they are sent out to cleanse.

To those inhabiting the areas that are receiving the cleansing we speak of, it will look to you like an almost foggy, cloudlike and transparent white ray of energy. Such anomalies have been explained away on your world before, to keep employed an ignorance of what such cloudlike rays truly are and their purposes in your skies.

As always, you are given half-truths and taught to believe that anything which could be outside the paradigm of your natural understanding must fit in your limited sphere of knowledge and as such, anything is pushed into such limited spheres of knowledge.

This energy is visible most of the time as for those who are aware of the chemtrails and what they truly are, we wish you to see, know and realize that in your area, the chemtrails are being broken up. This acts again in accordance with what Lighted actions can be taken in any given area. At times this energy will be hidden, but you will nevertheless notice the breaking up of the chemtrails and their resulting fade-away from your skies.

Whereas the chemtrails used to expand and criss-cross the skies, they are now being dissolved away as if they were simple contrails, and you will notice at times the Lighted ray of cloudlike energy around the chemtrails, breaking them up and assuring that they do not pollute your atmosphere and air.

Along with the importance of abiding to the freewill of the collective consciousness of any souls in any areas of the surface of Gaia, it is also important that we receive the proper amount and purity of energies in any given area to be able to perform such a task, as it is considered a violation of your Freewill to manifest our own Lighted energies to clean your skies as indeed doing so would not properly honor the Creative measurements of the energies you have manifested in such areas.

To begin feeling and manifesting the Lighted energies in your area if you feel that the cleansing work is not being done, simply make the effort yourselves to feel and express only the purest feelings and expressions of the Divine Love that you carry within.

Simply performing a good deed or giving another a nice smile will see the energies in others begin to perk up so to speak as well, and with a ‘pay it forward’ mindset one can at least begin the process of bringing more pure and happy energies to the collective consciousness of such local areas. As always, Love and harmony is what is needed to achieve such goals.

Remember that at all times you have the inherent choice as to what manifests and how the various goals that have been set out in your personal lives and in the exposure of the Illuminati and resulting worldly freedoms is achieved.

You are the heavenly Creator, sitting at your Earthly thrones and truly deciding and manifesting what happens and how it happens. Upon filling yourselves with the pure and Loving energies of your heavenly Mother and Father, nothing will stop you in your crucial and greatly-appreciated assistance in manifesting the pure energies that will see you better able to assist in bringing to manifestation all that we have been working toward. We Love you all so very dearly, and we will be with you on the surface of Earth and exactly when that happens is now being decided by you [collectively], even at this very moment.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.

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