Geoffrey West – Why Signing And Sharing The Petitions For Disclosure Of Our Galactic Families Is So Important – 16 March 2012



White House:


It is important to start this by being clear on one very important point on the issue of the disclosure of the existence of our galactic families:  it is happening now, and there is nothing that will ultimately prevent this from happening!    It is no longer an ‘if’ or ‘when’ event.  On the other hand however, it is an if/then situation:  If governments will not assume their responsibilities to the people of this planet, the people themselves will do it, and then hold their leaders accountable to their own choices afterwards, preferably as peacefully and lovingly as possible.

This may then prompt some therefore to ask:  “Why bother signing these petitions if it is happening anyway? Why waste my time?”

There is still one huge thing to consider when deciding whether or not you choose to support these initiatives.  The question is not whether or not disclosure will happen, because, as already noted, it is happening.  The QUESTION becomes:  “Will the transition from a pre-galactic society to a fully galactic society be easy and relatively painless, or will it be a longer, drawn-out event filled with pockets of fear worldwide upsetting the pace of acceptance and change?”

Our galactic families have said they are here and that they wish to meet and work with us.  This is repeated constantly in many sources, including Mike Quinsey1, Greg Giles2, Sheldon Nidle3, Matthew Ward4, Wes Annac5, Montague Keen6 and countless others.

Our galactic families have also said countless times that they cannot interfere with human free-will.  If the people of the world choose to react with fear, there is not a lot they can do about this.  Fearful people may harm or possibly kill other fearful people.  Those who are neither able nor willing to move up to a higher vibration will not be able to sustain themselves in the higher vibrations of the New Gaia.

Those of us who know what is happening, and who support disclosure have been told to share this message as much as possible around the world to help in the following ways:

1.  Announce the presence of our galactic families

2.  Share messages of peaceful contact and assistance in rebuilding a pristine, clean planet with abundance for all.

3.  To announce that our old ways of living are changing to a higher vibration, and each individual has the Divine free will to choose whether or not she/he wishes to participate in the birthing of a higher-vibration planet and civilization.

4.  Reassure that with change of this nature, there will be a period of challenge, and maybe even extreme challenge.  We have been going through much worse, so it is the responsibility of Lightworkers worldwide to stay calm, and keep others calm, while being in service to humanity and our planet.

There are those around the world who refuse to accept this reality.  So be it, blessings be to those people in their choice.  There are those who are ‘closet-believers’, and are not yet ready to stand for this issue.  There are those who know and believe but do not know how to help make a difference from within their present reality.  Finally, there are those who are out there, making it happen, setting the example for all others.

Signing these petitions does at least five things:

1.  Since the world leaders do not appear willing at this time to do the right thing for humanity and our planet, it empowers those who are confident enough and courageous enough to stand up, and announce disclosure themselves to the world. It also announces the desire of the people of the world to RECLAIM our planet from fear, debt and slavery to create a new world in energies of true peace, love and LIGHT.

2. It empowers the ‘silent supporters’ who will only speak up if and when they see thousands or hundreds of thousands of people doing so.  They need us to help them overcome fear; we need them to help re-create our planet as quickly and as safely as possible for all of humanity and the planet herself.

3. It empower the leaders of smaller countries that have been kept in states of poverty and control by dark energy institutions of leadership such as the IMF and the World Bank, among others.  It can offer them the courage and hope to speak out against those who have enslaved them to release the technologies that can not only help the poorer countries but the whole world.  They may feel more encouraged to speak out if they see the world demanding it.

4. It will send a clear, powerful message to those who are (now) desperately trying to maintain their stranglehold on humanity and the planet that their time of power and control is at an end, and that the people of the world are now reclaiming their planet in truth, Light, love, accountability, transparency and TRUE peace.

5.  As all of this happens, the awareness rises sufficiently so as to further prevent chaos and fear, allowing more humans to step into the new future that lays ahead, even in the face of uncertainty, because everyone is going through it together, and they are intent to go through it with as much love and compassion as possible, making the exciting and beautiful changes come even more quickly.

It is in the interests of ALL to help support these petitions because even if you may feel that it is a wasted effort, the rising numbers will bring strength and comfort to others to stand up, which in turn will give some leaders strength and comfort to stand up, which in turn will make the changes progress with greater speed and with less discomfort.

Is this not what we all ultimately want?

Maybe two minutes of your time to sign these two petitions.

Why sign both of them?  Each petition has a slightly different focus, and I feel that this is a very good thing.

The White House petition has a deadline to it, and therefore it is very urgent to get 25,000 signatures before March 24.  This has been a well-structured petition to force the White House into disclosure.  They are, for the first time, on public record as saying that there is no proof of life, nor has there been any interaction with governments or individuals to their knowledge.  This second petition directly challenges this, and has the potential to kick the door down to this issue within the U.S.  If many people sign it quickly, the media will pick up on it.  The first petition put out by Paradigm Research Group already had more press coverage than all the other petitions combined.  In my very personal opinion, this petition follows the more left-brain approach to disclosure.  It is relying on factual evidence and presentation, while working with the structures that exist, to connect with those who resonate with this approach.  This group may not necessarily support the second petition, but the supporters of the second petition I think would bring their love and support to this petition.

This is an opportunity to get the media involved, which gets people involved, which increases awareness and reduces fear.  It creates the world we want quickly with less fear and chaos.

The AVAAZ petition embraces the more right-side, the esoteric and the love/peace nature that the world is evolving to.   These people know about peaceful resistance and are ready to make their voices heard in a peaceful and loving way – while being the example that the new Gaia is asking us to be.  This petition is targeted to leaders, ministers and UN-representatives worldwide, in the hopes of empowering the smaller nations with the demonstration that the world wants this truth to be made known.

It achieves the same goal as the first one, but in a slightly different way.  AVAAZ  has a large global network of over 13 million people.  As the petition grows in size, it may get harder for AVAAZ to ignore it also, and they may have to take it on as a cause for global change.

Two petitions, one goal:  A healthy, clean, peaceful and abundant planet and its liberated global population, taking its place among other peaceful star-nations living and BE-ing within a fifth dimensional consciousness of Light and love!

On the March 5th show of ‘An Hour With An Angel’, Archangel Michael was asked about the two petitions and whether or not they will achieve any purpose.  Michael was clear in his saying that the petitions deserved support7:

AAM: “Let us suggest to you that Disclosure is well underway, and it is definitely a combination of above and below. And when I say above, I mean not only my brothers and sisters of the Company of Heaven, I mean your brothers and sisters and my brothers and sisters of the stars. So yes, it is well underway, and there are more and more accidental sightings, shall we say that, as well.

Now, let us talk about these petitions and other actions that we would say have been divinely inspired. We are glad you have brought this subject up, for this is divinely inspired.

My friends, we know that you are tired, and sometimes discouraged, and that you think, “Well, what will one more petition,” – particularly if it involves government – “what good will it ever do, regardless of what level or levels of government?” It is not about government. It is another example of all of you declaring your hearts and your knowing. Even the being who has been an Earthkeeper forever, who has always chosen to reincarnate upon planet Earth, is aware of their brothers and sisters of the stars. It is not simply starseeds who know this. It is all beings. And it has far surpassed any age group, any cultural group or societal group. It is the known secret in your societies.

We strongly ask and encourage you, sign these petitions, because it is yet another form of declaration and saying, “We know this to be true.” You have learned the power of declaring truth. That is one of the gifts and benefits that you have seen, not only in the past several years, but over hundreds of years.

So yes, declare. There are several situations that are emerging, and again, it is in tandem with your star brothers and sisters who are as anxious for this to take place as you are. They have waited a long time. So they are with you in this, as are we.

Sign the petitions.”



White House:


How quickly do you want it?  If there were ever two petitions that had the potential to solve as many of the problems and challenges within the world in the shortest possible time, these two are probably the closest of anything ever submitted.  Whatever issues are most important to you in your world, your support of these petitions will very very likely see a resolution to those issues in your world within a very short period of time.  I am very confident in making that claim!

Your support can help make this so, and then you can know and experience this as truth!  Would you rather continue living in enslavement?

Please help support these petitions to help others find their empowerment, strength and comfort in all that is now unfolding!

Peace, love, and Light to all, in service to humanity, our planet and also our galactic families!

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