Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – To Live – 16 March 2012

God said:

There is no knowing in certainty specific aspects of what life holds for you. I am going to tell you, however, that life holds many wonders for you. Life itself awaits you even as you are already in it, moving in it, living it, masquerading in it.

For much of life in the world, as it has been, you have been marching in a parade, and you have been on the sidewalk watching the parade as well. Life is, indeed, something to look at.

You observe yourself as you march, and you draw conclusions. You march deliberately to the beat of the drums. And silently, objectively, you watch yourself march, and you may beat the drums you march to as well. And this is life as you know it, activity observed, and conclusions drawn.

You are more than the masquerade you think you are. You have taken a costume as your identity, and, in the same way, so have you seen others as the costumes they wear. Or you have seen yourself and others as the splendor of a house lived in or the zeros of a pay check. What people wear is only what they wear. Where people live is a description of the house where they live and where they live is not who they are. Their pay check is only their paycheck. The paycheck can be taken to mean any number of things, none of which may be true.

Someone’s smile may be true, or it may not, but, definitely, the status of individuals, high or low, is a masquerade. There is a collective masquerade in the world. Labels are given, and labels are used, when labels are only labels and don’t come near the Truth. When all are One, what does status have to do with anything?

It is as if in life, there is a juggler who tosses oranges up into the air. Some come down, and some don’t yet. Some come down as apples, and some come down as turnips. Life is often a juggling act. You live in two worlds at once, and you juggle the two sides of your life.

Your life is ever-moving. It is definitely not stationary. And yet you, a silent witness, bear testimony to the appearance of your life on Earth.

The movement of your life is one side of the coin. The stillness is another. There are other dimensions as well, yet that is for another day.

You are the silent witness of your life, and then you, the you who is under the spell of the relative word, draw conclusions from what you have seen. And so you label your life. You say it is beautiful, or it is good, or it okay, or it is rough, or it is tragic. It is only life.

And so you judge the value of your life, as if only one arrangement is okay and any other way is not okay, as if your life has to be a way it isn’t. And so you start and stop your life and perhaps block its flow. You pause in your life as you assess it, as though you were a county assessor adding up points.

There is more to your life than what happens in it. There is more to you than what appears. There is more to everything than you can imagine. Admit to yourself now that you don’t know all that much about your life. You will know more when you let go of gauging your life and possibly condemning it.

Take life as it comes, Enjoy being alive. You don’t have to argue with life. You don’t have to decide that life is wrong, and that you are right.

Life is going to do its thing. Have some understanding of life. Be easy with yourself. Be easy on life. Be easy. link to original article


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