John Ward – The More Self-Deluded The “Opinion-Leaders” Become, The More The Slog Thrives – 16 March 2012

(John Ward AKA The Slog)

The Slog would like to wish all its readers a Merry Cataclysm

As the eurozone powers bumble on towards another compromise of their already deeply compromising situation, the MSM continues to print what the Elites tell them. I have very little time for Channel Four ‘News’, but they were spot on three years ago when they said, “The internet is for) opposition”.

‘Euro zone finance ministers and central bankers will discuss the size of their bailout funds – the temporary European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) and the permanent European Stability Mechanism (ESM) in Copenhagen on March 30-31…..”Given that the situation is difficult in several countries [he means Germany], it seems to me the easiest option is the least ambitious one,” one senior euro zone official said…..Out of its 440 billion euros of lending power, the EFSF has already committed 192 billion euros to bailouts for Greece, Ireland and Portugal…’

Bollocks. (Reuters)

‘Campaigners against the [the UK 50p rate of] tax have been lobbying politicians hard in their efforts to apply pressure on Mr Osborne. They admit the tax is likely to have raised money this year, but point to figures from the Centre for Economic and Business Research predicting a longer-term fall in revenues as wealthy people do more to avoid paying tax and increasingly move abroad….’

Bollocks. (FT)

‘Sales at restaurants with waiters jumped 8.7 percent last year, a sign in the past that the American economy is improving.’

Bollocks. (New York Times)

‘Goldman Sachs is considering strengthening internal rules on disclosure to clients of bankers’ financial holdings.’

Bollocks. (Wall Street Journal)

‘[Hector Sants] is not going [from the FSA] because of any disillusionment or disenchantment with the new system, but simply because at the age of 56 he wishes to do one more big executive job – and that would not have been possible if he had stayed on much longer.’

Absolute and complete bollocks. (From – who else? – the BBC)

The Slog was founded, and continues, to deconstruct bollocks. This week, the site passed the two million mark on hits since it was founded just over two years ago. 64% of those hits have come in the last eight months. RSS feeds, subscribers, loyalists and international readership are all growing.

My sincere thanks go to those who have stuck with me over that period. I wish you all a bollocks-free weekend. link to original article

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