Visionkeeper – What We’ve Been Taught – 16 March 2012

If you stand back and look closely at the world today it amazes me how much negative thinking we have been brainwashed into believing. Way back when, men ruled the world and women we were told they had no rights. They were inferior. How long did we go along with that one before women’s rights reared its glorious head and fought back? We were taught to believe that the African-American race was inferior and should have no rights. Not long after we were taught they were to be feared, they were violent murders. We are still dealing with this fantasy today. Aren’t cats supposed to hate birds and kill them?

How did we allow ourselves to be forced to believe what they wanted us to believe? Homosexuals are bad people and carry disease or Occupy Wall Street are dirty hippies who are lazy and didn’t go to school. They just chop us up into little sections of people and pit us against one another because we are easier to control this way. If we hate one another or fear one another then we won’t join together and cause trouble like we are today! Divide and conquer. Whites, blacks, Asians, Republicans, Democrats, homosexuals, hippies, females, males, Protestants, Catholics, Jews, the list is huge, I could go on forever. We have been given labels, put aside into our proper groups and told to behave.

We were given IQ tests and told if we were smart or dumb. We were given tests in high school that would tell colleges if we were ranked smart enough to be accepted or not. If you committed a crime and went to prison you lost your name and became a number. If you were rich enough you could have a mortgage for a home, otherwise community housing was good enough for you. Think about the old saying ” so and so lives on the wrong side of the tracks”. Maybe if we cared enough to help one another there wouldn’t be a wrong side of the tracks. We have been brainwashed to see our world in sound bites not a whole beautiful motion picture, taught to see the worst in people not the good, taught to judge and fear and hate.

This is all so grotesque to think about, if you finally open your eyes and look closely at what exactly has transpired over the ages. Giving smallpox laden blankets to the Native Americans to kill them off because they were heathens! We are all beautiful and all equal and all loving and caring if we are allowed to be. What has become of all of us is no different from being trained to kill in the military. Brainwash us first so we don’t ask questions then give us a gun. There is no difference, the bottom line is we have all been told and taught how we should think! Whites should hate blacks, straight people should look down upon homosexuals. This is not our nature, this is not who we truly are deep within our hearts.

If we had been left alone and allowed to be who we really are, the whole world would be a very different place today. How sad and how tragic, but lets not get hung up on self-pity. Let us take these feelings of abuse and anger and put them to good use. Revenge is a waste of vital energy, we need to regroup and evolve. We need to put that energy towards finding our way back into our hearts and becoming who we really are! We are good and loving and perfect just as we are, no need to judge others for that was the evil way of the dark ones. Just because we were brainwashed doesn’t me we can’t break free of it and become whole again. We need to stop allowing ourselves to be brainwashed and that means turn off the TV sets. They are black boxes of mind control and by the way did you ever wonder why televisions were always black and not pretty colors? We should have gotten the message!

We must research and understand how brainwashing is done. It is subtle and done in slow increments so we will not notice. The Government and Corporations have done extensive studies on how to get us to do things, buy things, desire things. It is insidious and we must protect ourselves from further control. We must take back our own lives and not comply with their demands for us to be who THEY want us to be. We will be who we ARE!

We must continue to bring love into our hearts and lives and reclaim our identities. We will no longer tolerate having our wings clipped, rather we will blossom and grow into the truth of our humanity. We must embrace all of the possibilities of who we are, where we came from and who we can be! We are far more than we have been led to believe and we need to be proud of who we are. We are worthy and honest and loving beings not the creatures the dark ones have molded us into becoming. Break free and rejoice. We are who we are and we should love it! Dream on about the one world rising up!

Blessings to you all,

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