Celia Fenn – Archangel Michael – The Multi-Dimensional New Earth Takes Shape – 17 march 2012


Archangel Michael | Beloved Family of Light, at this time it gives us Great Joy to greet you once again as you move towards the First Equinox of 2012. Indeed,things are Shifting and changing on your Earth, and the first new energies of the New Wave of Light for 2012 are beginning to be felt on the Earth.

Many of you may be feeling a little low, as you wait for the new wave of energy, and may be feeling a little down when you consider events on the Earth right now, especially in the Middle East. You may seem no closer to the ideals of Peace and Harmony that you seek. Beloveds, know that all is in Divine Order and in the Flow of Creation, the energies of Change are moving forward. The Earth is making herself ready to Reconnect with the 8th and 9th Dimensions of Light, and the Earth Keeper Councils and the Councils of Elders who will be responsible for the New Earth are now being formed and brought into existence.

Yes, Beloved Family of Light, after 2012 and the Earth’s Passage through the Portal of Light in December, the Earth will be entrusted to the Keeping of those of you who are chosen and elected to the first New Earth Council of Earth Keepers and its associated Council of Elders. These Beings will be initiated into the 8th and 9th Dimensions where they will work with the Solar Councils and the Galactic Councils of Light. At last, Earth will take its place as a “star of Light”, whose evolutionary path is determined by Divine Will and Divine Creative Intelligence, and those who follow the Divine Will.

You may ask how this is possible, given the state of politics on your Earth today. We say simply that the New Multi-Dimensional Earth is taking shape and the “old” energies of conflict and duality will have little importance in the Future that is being manifested. The frequency of duality and conflict belongs to the old third-dimensional world, and it is fading away. The new fifth-dimensional Earth is based on Flow and Harmony, and the shifting of polarities into Unity. Those in your Earth society who are advanced seek to bring polarities into unity through dialogue and discussion. This is the way of the New Earth and it will become the predominant mode of political life in an awakened fifth-dimensional Earth.

But, more importantly, the real power to determine the future path of the Earth is passing into the hands of the Earth Keeper Council and the Council of Elders. These ones are called and chosen in the Higher Dimensions and they have access to the Solar and Galactic Councils. They are not “obvious” to those in fifth-dimensional society, but they are those who are multi-dimensional and can access Higher Consciousness and create and manifest according to Divine Will as it is expressed in your Golden Rose Galaxy that is birthing and forming now.

Earth takes her place, and indeed, so do you as you “hear” the invitation to access Higher forms of consciousness and Earth Leadershio. You will become aware of your new connections to your rebirthed sun, whom we now call “Solaris”. The 8th Dimensional Council of Solaris unifies the Planetary Councils of your Solar System and connects with the Stellar and Galactic Councils. Then, you will connect with the 9th Dimensional Councils of the Golden Rose Galaxy, Rosa Dorada, the new name for your Golden Galaxy that is forming now and was formerly known as the Milky Way.

With these structures in place, Earth ascends into her new “orbit” as the Blue Star Planet, the first planet within the Galaxy to achieve full Multi-Dimensional status and to be governed by a Council of Earth Keepers and Elders. These are “elected” by their Soul Communities on the Higher Level for their Wisdom, Commitment and Courage.

Indeed, Beloved Ones, there is much excitement as these new structures are put in place and connected with the New Earth grids. We know many of you have through that the Beings of Light would come down to the Earth, but we say that it is you who will ascend to meet with the Beings of Light in the Solar and Galactic Councils and take your place as part of the Golden Galaxy. And as you do this, you will also remain a part of the society of the Earth on the material level, ready to contribute and enjoy in the New Earth that is being birthed. We celebrate that Earth is no longer an “infant” in the keeping of the Sirians, Pleiadians and Arcturians. Now, the Earth is a fully mature and independent Star Being, representing the energy of Solaris in the Golden Rose Galaxy.

Dragons and Dolphins

Beloved Family of Light, as you begin this next phase of Connection and Re-connection, you will also make intense connections with the Awakening energy of the Dragons, and also the energy of the Dolphin Masters. These two groups of Light Beings are especially focussed on this part of the 2012 alignments and are fully ready to work with those of you who are ready.

Firstly, in the 6th Dimension you will encounter and reconnect with the Dragon energy. The Dragons are Higher Dimensional bearers of the “Cosmic Fire” or Angel Fire. This is a very basic but powerful elemental energy that you might term “nuclear” energy if you were to think of it in scientific terms, the basic “fire” that holds the holographic matrix in place.

The Dragons were the early bearers of the Cosmic Energy and were your “ancestors”. They breathed fire because they were expressions of Cosmic Fire itself. When you awaken the Dragon Fire, you reconnect with your ancient ability to work with the Cosmic Fire for co-creation with the Divine. When you live in fear of the Dragon energy, it lives in your shadow side and can emerge in destructive ways as “explosions” of rather negative fire. This happens on a large scale when humans go to war and rain fire on each other in the form of weapons, especially nuclear weapons, which are the ultimate negative use of the Dragon Fire. This is what has happened when humans have approached the Dragon Fire from a scientific point of view and tried to harness it for negative purposes. Indeed, much of the present conflict in your Middle East centers around the use of the Dragon Fire for war and who should have the right to access this power. The Dragons themselves have evolved as well, and no longer wish to be used for negative purposes, they wish to reconnect with Humanity and offer themselves in the service of Peace.

Historically, the relationship with Dragons has been one of fear, leading to abuse and destruction. In the third-dimensional world where perception works in duality, the Dragons were feared and brought into conflict and “vanquished”. In the fifth-dimensional New Earth you recognize Polarity within Unity and so the Dragons can re-emerge as you move into Mastery and the Higher Dimensions. In Mastery, you can become Dragon Riders and direct the Dragon Fire with Consciousness and use its power in manifestation and creation for the highest good and according to the Divine Plan. This is the way that the Dragon energy wishes to connect with humans, and not in the scientific way where the energy is harnessed and used without any understanding of the Sacred Relationship between Spirit, Dragons and Humans.

The Second Group of Light Beings is the Angelic Dolphin Masters, who are the Higher Expression of the Cetacean/Dolphin energy of Earth. They come from the Galactic Center or Great Central Sun, via Sirius and the Pleaides. Their purpose is, and always has been, to guide the development of the Species on Earth, especially the emerging Human Angelic Species. The Cetaceans are Masters of Holographic Engineering, and wherever there is a need for a major evolutionary shift or recalibration, they are there to assist. Even as Earth ascends into the New and Independent role in her Solar System and Galaxy, the Dolphin Masters continue to assist in this “birthing” process.

The Dolphin Masters and Angels embody the Cosmic Christ Consciousness. They flow with the Golden Energy of the Cosmic Christ, but they also embody the Turquoise and Magenta Rays of the Christ Love. The energy of the Dolphin Masters is expressed in Dance, Music and in Joy. It is fluid and flowing and light, beautiful and harmonious. When you embody the energy of the Dolphin Masters you become as they are, fluid, graceful, joyous and able to react with grace and speed. No change of direction in the Flow is a problem, you are simply able to move with it.

With the assistance of the Dragons and the Angelic Dolphin Masters, the Fire of Creation and the Evolution of Species on the Earth will once again be aligned with the Divine Will and Divine Creative Intelligence. This will ensure that these energies are used only for Higher Purpose in the New Earth.

The March Equinox as a Point of Balance

With all these change and reconnections and recalibrations, it is probable that you will be feeling some of the effects of these waves in the different dimensions. Firstly, Beloved Ones, it is possible that you may be feeling a sense of disconnection, as though what was important before no longer is. Or projects that seemed to be going smoothly might suddenly come to a halt. Also, you might find that relationships and friendships also suffer from a similar hiatus and disconnection. This is simply an aspect of the huge changes that are being put in place. You can be assured that in a few weeks things will flow smoothly once again.

The Equinox itself will be a point of Balance for you and your life. It will represent a moment when you will be able to find inner balance and peace and reconnect to the new flow of your lives. Many of you will find new directions and new paths as you enter into your new roles, especially those of you who will be working with the Earth Keeper Councils and the Councils of Elders.

In terms of the physical body, there may also be some symptoms. In the past, the symptoms were felt mainly as a result of the change of center and balance from the Solar Plexus to the Heart. Now, as you enter into this new phase, you will find that the physical body is actually becoming lighter, that is more filled with light and lighter in weight. In this phase, you may feel very heavy in your body, you may feel exhausted, and you may have difficulty sleeping. You may also have difficulty with food and finding food that aligns with your new sense of your physical body. These too will pass, Beloved Ones, as you become more accustomed to the lighter nature of your multi-dimensional body.

Soon, you will feel filled with energy and ready for the new opportunities and challenges that will present themselves towards the middle of the year as you move towards the Lion’s Gate at the end of July!

We wish you much Joy and Love in the coming weeks and months and we celebrate with you the manifestation of the New Earth!

Celia Fenn

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  1. Wonderful wonderful news, it perfectly explains and validated for me why I am bringing in Dragon energy as a Dragon Rider Fairy. I am painting them in their true, loving, powerful and soulfull forms.
    Thankyou Celia.