Lisa Gawlas – Looking Straight Into The Eye Of The Storm – 17 March 2012

Yesterday was surely a day I will never forget.  I have been peering into the Light for close to 10 years, I have watched humans and Life change in ways I feel beyond privileged to witness.  Just when you think experiences cannot get more intense… the universe proves me wrong!!!

My first reading yesterday… my lord!  It took me a little bit to get oriented to the highly evolving, expanding, intensifying energy that is Life right now.  Everything seems to have become a very large sphere of radiating energy.  There is a movement to this sphere that reminds me of a super charged static storm.  Just peering into it is intense!  Trying to find YOU in it… geepers creepers!  Not an easy job!

I had to place my entire field of vision… very much like sticking my whole face into the intense sphere of energy to see thru what I can only call organized static energy… and when I found my first lady of the morning… I was and still am baffled!  She was the like a pure radiant star, as you would see it in the sky.  The silver energy started out like a small ball… maybe baseball sized and as I pulled her energy towards me (simply to try to do a reading) it/she/the silver ball enlarged and the larger it got, the more intense was the sparks of pure silver energy.

The pure energy coming from this exchange was like nothing I ever felt before.  The image of my client simply looped over and over again… a small ball of pure silver energy emerging larger and larger as it moved towards my face… intense for sure.  I was hoping to really understand it more today… not at all.

My 2nd reading was similar.  This time tho, I could actually see the curve of the sphere of energy that was everywhere I looked.  turbulent and purposeful was clear as a bell.  Same with her, took me a while to find her in this new pure energy… and when I did, again, straight in the center… she was teeny tiny… like 2 inches tall.  Spirit said it was to show size of this field around her. not that it was implying she was tiny.  She was standing on a gold energy line, and looked to be like a mini-statue, same gold energy, just to the right side of center.  I understood this was her spiritual side… but what it all meant… no one said a word.

Within both readings, I could feel my own brains blowing within the wind of this sphere of energy… disorienting like no-ones business!

With both readings, we agreed to reschedule until this massive energy change settled down… 3 days should have it settled by the 18th!

Even if we reschedule, I always ask if there are any questions… sometimes we can snoop out things by asking.  This indeed proved to be the case with my 2nd reading.  She lives in central florida, so she wanted to ask about the vision I had several days ago.  But she also mentioned something I never heard before, creating an avalanche of ahhhh-hhhhhaaaa within!   She said that Florida is like the penis of the USA.  Instantly the vision came back… and the clarity brighter.  Think about sex just for a moment… the tip of the penis (Dade and Broward counties) emerged into the feminine waters (the ocean).  The electricity of this understanding ran thru every cell of my body.  I still have no idea how and really if it does play out as I see it… but the correlation to the sexual energy and the event itself…. amazing.  This was the last thing we talked about before hanging up the phone… the second I closed the call out, I got a nose bleed thru my left nostril.  Now here is something I didn’t think about either until just this minute… the red of my blood could very well represent the red of August that I had seen.  New blood, new energy, new life.

I decided that sticking my nose into the field of light as it is changing… not to wise on my end.  Once I got my nose bleed to stop, I wrote to my 2 other scheduled appointments to reschedule.  Funny, when I emailed each one, my nose dripped blood again (no where near to the degree of hanging up the phone tho)… I knew this was my bodies way of saying… too much is too much.  Don’t put your face into the field of the storm!!  Okey Dokey Pokey!

So what does crazy ass me do… I go run a bath!!  I surely don’t see the field in my meditations like I do when I do a reading… not at all.  As soon as I got into the water I could feel a pulse of energy on my left side only… pinging a tooth that really would love to see a dentist.  It was gentle but obvious… no light sucking for me today… not even on my own turf!!

Can I tell you… I have never been more excited about a nose bleed in my life.  I never get random nose bleeds… ever.  But it really does show us the intensity we are in is very very real… and if we are crazy enough to stick out face in the energy, there are consequences… which I am grateful to have experienced.  My body said clearly THIS IS REAL!!  Happy dance!!!

Today will be day three of this intense changes as I have seen them start on March 15th.  From prior experience spirit said when massive changes take place either in our body or on earth (in this case… both) it takes 3 of our linear days to fully complete.  It will be interesting to see if I can see anything today…

Before I close I want to mention an email I got from Nasa last evening, really placing the cherry on top of all that we are understanding and seeing first hand without any fancy telescopes.  Nasa’s orbital telescope “Fermi” is picking up crazy energy photons.  This video from Nasa says it all: Well here is the link, I can’t figure out how to embed the video here:

My heart sure does skip a beat!!  All of this just intime for the equinox!!  Divine timing in all ways.

I love y’all so much… thank you for allowing me to have the greatest seat in all this world.. your heart!!!


Lisa Gawlas

P.S. My first reading today (the 17th) happen to be at 7am.  I want to share what I had seen… the entire sphere of energy filled with long stem Shambhala flowers.  A bouquet like I have never seen before… but also, could not get any more information than that super excited visual!!   Just had to share this today!! link to original article


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