Lucas – Seperation Is Thinking From The Mind Not From The Heart – 17 March 2012

A beautiful day to reflect it was yesterday. As the afternoon was becoming the present  all worries  and sorrows had found their solutions.  So balance was found  again. I was online reading and offline reading my post and came across several things having the same theme: separation.

The lack of respecting diversity or  respecting other ones choice is felt dearly.  separating is being cut off and is  apart from and not united. It is even an illusion to think if you separate yourself  by merely thinking as being a apart entity and act like it or think like separated from that what you not want, as it is part of the wholeness of the One. separation is nothing more than an illusion. And that illusion can become so real as you want it to be. But this separated reality is still part of the One.

Thinking with your mind is what creates these thoughts of  not being One.  The heart is not able to think separation. It is  always connected to the source. Creating and thinking from the heart will always be to unite, to  include and to embrace, to create love. There is no judging, no pain, no mirroring, no doubt, no ego. The dark ones we so “oppose”of are deep in their hearts like us beings of light living the illusion of separation.  Hear the separation already taking place in the word oppose.  So we need not be accepting their separation thoughts and creations of duality. But we can embrace them with our unconditional love. Show them our compassion in staying in the now without letting go of our Oneness. All will always return to the One as it is our destiny to unite with the source eventually.Even via u-turns and closed roads as it seems to be. We always find our path back to the One.

This said you need not go along with the dark ones actions and thoughts. Let the dark ones still awakening  see in your being light and love that we wanna unite with all again. We can peaceful demonstrate, inform them, without  letting us separate again from who we are.  We need not be organised to do so. We need just be feeling united and act united without physically being attached. You see Oneness it not kept in cages or is ruled by leaders or groups.  Oneness just is.

It is not an easy task we have to find our unconditional loving mode. It is like loving your enemy, loving your executors, loving the one who has done you wrong, the one who hurts you, all that thinking is separation in your mind.  Therefore  unconditional love as it says unconditional is so difficult. That is why we struggle so much in our duality and ego bits still needing to clear.

Let it be.

Let go of what was. The past has happened. That what has not happened and is not now is not important now.  Be now. Be peace and unity that is unconditional loving all that is you, surrounds you, your fellow humans, animals, plants, earth, the universe  and is Oneness. Be the loving light. We are One and never can be separated from that ever.

Love and light,


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3 responses to “Lucas – Seperation Is Thinking From The Mind Not From The Heart – 17 March 2012

  1. Yes I do agree,always think from the heart first,before you think from the mind. It bring out the Love and prosperity in everyone.
    Much Blessing and Love to everyone, Anthony…

  2. Wonderful article, Lucas….. thank you for sharing your love, light, and understanding with us!
    LOve and LIght, Fran ♥♥♥

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