Wes Annac – SanJAsKa – We Are Truly Your Family From The Skies – 16 March 2012

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-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Clusters upon clusters of ancient energy stargates from periods in your history dating back as far as Atlantean times have been coming online in exponential rates, and this has been happening in accordance with the expanding and reawakening of the many chakras in the spirit complexes of man that have until now been kept closed.

Of course, there are still many unawakened souls inhabiting dear Gaia’s surface at this time and their chakras are expanding as well as all that has been of the lower dimensions is being cleansed and transmuted at this point.

Many have still chosen to remain unaware at their surface of the changes that are happening to them from realms that they cannot grasp conceptually because they do not remember such lands. The lower dimensional spell has been very strong and the veil of forgetfulness was necessary for the enabling of you all to learn many different unique lessons through inhabiting many different unique roles on Earth.

Beyond the veil, much energetic work is being done to transmute the lower vibrations of separation, hate and fear that have been manifested and fed on Gaia’s surface for so very long. That has been an aspect of the ascension of this surface of Earth that the majority of Lightworkers and Light Holders inhabiting the surface of dear Gaia have been performing.

There are many souls incarnate on Gaia who are assisting humanity in very public ways, but in many cases the energetic and etheric assistance Earth is begin given is being performed by souls who are not known by any means in the public arena, but these souls nevertheless assist in the ascension of dear Gaia’s surface in marvelous ways.

Some of the souls we speak of are incarnate on Gaia in very modern places, and they fit in to such places with ease as they look like the rest of humanity as indeed, you are all incarnated into human bodies. But they have discovered for themselves the energies of the higher realms and of us ascended souls who exist in the higher realms.

Each and every soul we speak of be them a public Lightworker or a Light Holder who is not quite as known to the general public, are Angels who have incarnated on the surface of Earth to lay the foundation and feed the template of the Lighted energies being given to you all from not only Gaia’s core where She has ascended, but from numerous other Galaxies, Universes and planes of reality as well. If only you could fathom the number of ascended souls looking upon you and encouraging you in your continual ascension processes every moment, as there are truly an infinite amount of us.

If only you knew dear souls, the extensive level of contact we have already made with you throughout your history. Yes you have heard of it from channeled and terrestrial sources alike, but if you could fully remember the past Lives of yours in which you witnessed such monumental moments in the history of the various civilizations you were a part of that we contacted over your history, than we would not seem by so many to be unfamiliar sources.

We are truly your family from the skies, from the heavens, from these higher states of consciousness that you are growing toward on Earth in rapid rates. We are not unfamiliar aliens; we are the ascended forms of each and every one of you on Earth. We are the Love that is you, incarnate in a less dense temple and still learning lessons, all while existing in a purity of reality that you dear beautiful souls on Earth have yet to fully fathom during your surface experience.

The Earth has dealt with many levels of Her overall reality being very dense and continually fed with negative energies, and one way that the karmic energy is balanced out is through a collective experience of the lower dimensions that had been manifested by all incarnate on Gaia’s surface for so very long.

This happening was the incarnation and overall forming of the souls on your world who are known in your modern times as the Illuminati. As has been discussed before, they have taken many different forms over your history and they have run many different powerful influences in the worst interests of humanity.

Your forgiveness toward these souls will be needed in the immediate period ahead, and it will be one crucial test for you as a newly-realized collective consciousness. When we say newly-realized, we mean that you will all be let know so very soon your origins and the fact that you truly are linked not just in mind and in spirit, but energetically as well.

The foundation of all of this discussion must involve an intricate discussion of many Laws of your physics that you have been kept from knowing or that your scientists simply have not discovered and would have been laughed-out of their professions if they did.

The process of keeping the whole world in ignorance is brought about through the typical means of criticizing and belittling any type of revolutionary invention or discovery that actually could prove to see humanity grow and believe us dear souls, there have been a great many [revolutionary inventions and discoveries] on your world even recently.

The dark on you world do not want the souls of the general public on Earth whom they brand as unawakened peasants to receive , use and benefit from technologies that they themselves use and benefit from, as they perceive themselves as the only souls worthy of such inventions.

As you can see, the egos on these souls extend out very far which is why your Love and forgiveness will be needed in the immediate period ahead. They have let their ego convince them of ‘realities’ that truly aren’t realties, and the power of mind control is one that is very strong and the influence of the mind control forced upon the souls we speak of by the Annunaki has instated in them mind-programs that are very tough to break.

Among joining our ranks in the Galactic Federation, the Annunaki began much processing and erasing of the methods of mind control that had been forced upon your dark and many of you in an effort to get you to do their bidding. What must be understood dear souls, is the fact that many of the actions your dark are and have been taking are left over from quite convincing ego and mind structures that these souls were not forced into receiving, but were grateful to receive as they were misled as to the true nature of the programming they were receiving. The Annunaki told your dark that the programming they would be receiving upon entering the Annunaki’s ‘healing chambers’ would see them be ascended Gods walking the Earth, as your dark assumed the Annunaki to be.

The Annunaki have paraded around on your world as Universal Creators for many, many centuries, setting our Lighted efforts in contacting your various civilizations when they were ready, back many times.

The Annunaki picked out the souls whom they wanted to do their bidding once they left the surface of Earth and began monitoring it from their motherships. They invented chambers not of healing, but of a forced convincing of pretty much whatever they wanted the souls who would enter such chambers to think and feel.

Of course, the many souls who are the Illuminati heads on your world were more than willing to go into these chambers for the ‘masters’ who had ordered them to do so and you are still seeing the resulting heavy ego effects in play with their various actions in this current moment.

Upon what we have just informed you, a few things should be cleared up so that confusion on the part of those who will read this message is not garnered. Indeed, there are real Healing Chambers that will serve to expose one to parts of themselves that they have kept hidden away for so very long, and upon one’s exposure to those parts of themselves they will undergo, while in the [real] Healing Chambers, a long process of integration, transmutation and forgiveness of those parts of themselves who have been based in the lower dimensions of illusion.

Many assume the Lighted Healing Chambers that you have heard about from channeled sources to be some type of miracle machine that does the work for you. We wish you to know that this is not so dear souls; you will not enter the Healing Chamber and immediately come out ascended.

Just as with the physical experience, you are given the opportunity to face your ultimate fears and those parts of yourselves who would remain comfy forever hidden away and binding you to your lower dimensional experience if you would not have been exposed to them upon entering a Healing Chamber.

You do not need a Healing Chamber or even a pyramid to ascend, as all of the work you are given to transmute and integrate in our Lighted Healing Chambers will be the same work you are being given on Earth with your Life paths, it is simply that you are exposed to your own darkness to transmute faster.

It should also be expressed that upon our official arrival on your world in accordance with the various events unfolding on Earth, you will have the complete choice as to whether you wish to enter a Healing Chamber, and it will certainly not be a requirement but we know that the opportunity to do so will be greatly appreciated by many awakening starseeds whom we know are eager to reach the states of consciousness that you are all just beginning to remember and get a glimpse of.

The dark on your world did not have a choice in entering the Annunaki’s illusory ‘healing’ chambers. The Annunaki pretended as if they were giving them a choice, though the penalty of not entering their mind-control chambers was a forced exit from the ‘elite’ group of minions who were being ’trained’ by the Annunaki, which was a penalty that none in that group wanted to suffer as heaven forbid they did not have contact with the ‘gods’.

It should also be expressed upon you all hearing of the many dastardly things that the Annunaki has done, that they have since joined the side of the Light upon paying their own karma out for what they have done to Earth for so very long.

As a part of the treaty in which they joined our ranks, many souls of the Annunaki took temporary Lives in many impoverished, third-world countries so they can see and feel in its full intensity what they had done for so long on Earth and what they were now having their minions continue to do.

Many souls of the Annunaki are still incarnate in these places learning these lessons even right now, and the rest of these souls are working with us in the Galactic Federation, truly doing everything they can to reverse the dastardly programs they had forced onto the souls you now know as the Illuminati.

This has been one of the main focuses and Lighted goals of the Annunaki. They have been working so very hard and have even contacted your dark personally through the mediums that the dark use to contact us the majority of the time, to let them know that the time of greed, destruction and plundering of Gaia’s resources has truly passed.

The time for a Lighted ascension of dear Gaia’s surface has now arrived, and the dark souls on your world are being shown this every day. You can all aide tremendously in this effort by continuing in your decrees and in your efforts to bring only the highest and purest energies through your spirit complexes and emotional filters.

You do have the choice as to which feelings you let through yourself, and like the convincing speeches of the Annunaki to their former minions, those parts of yourselves still biased in ego will give you very convincing speeches and emotional impressions as to why you should feel a certain way.

Do not listen to these influences dear souls, listen to the influence of your higher self and the many guides who are assisting you at this time and waiting for you to realize the assistance they are giving you.

Listen to those thoughts in your head that pop up and let you know that everything’s ok, that all is as it should be for believe us dear souls, it truly is! Especially now with so many events coming to fruition on your world, everything truly is wonderful and you are to see the fruits of you labors so very soon, and while we know you are weary of the word soon we must let you know that you all decide when soon becomes now.

You have the inherent choice every moment as to which future you wish to bring yourselves into by the actions that you commit every moment. This is a message that has been repeated many times and will continue to be repeated until it is truly soaked-in that you are the Supreme Creators of your reality and you carry much more sway and influence over what happens to Earth than the Illuminati do. You are the Ultimate Creators and deciders of what manifests and happens on Earth.

Thank you to SanJAsKa.
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