Steve Beckow – No, Anonymous. The Time For Violent Resistance Is Past – 18 March 2012

Anonymous has called for revolution, the overthrow of the American government. I suppose I’m not surprised.

They say:

“Who do we terrorize? … This is America’s time to have its own revolution. … Anonymous has decided to openly declare war on the United States government. This is a call to arms.”

See video, “Anonymous Calls for Overthrowing U.S. Government,” at

Their methods have from the start included acts, not simply outside the law, because an unjust law should be opposed, but framed in violence. This response has excited violence in return.

These moves, in my opinion, would only play into the hands of an elite that wants outbreaks of violent resistance to justify its own response. If the military industrial complex and its national security state were permitted to use the arsenal of force they’ve amassed, which they would not be (but not like Anonymous knows that), revolution would probably only result in a bonfire which in the end would consume society.

David Icke has said many times that the cabal works by problem, solution, response. They create the problem, offer a solution that benefits only themselves, and then respond in the name of the people. I can hear the cries of “restore public order” now, leading to the “solution” to the problem they’ve created of oppressing the people in the first place.

Fortunately neither the cabal nor Anonymous will find their solutions being taken up by many, as far as I can see. We’re too far along the curve to peaceful people power and a world that works to provide tinder for Anonymous’s match to burn. I grant they mean well.

A world that works cannot be built on violence, as far as I can see. Violence leaves residue and residue becomes the basis for a fresh round of violence. Even at the microcosmic level, truth told harmfully leaves residue. There cannot be further residue if we’re to grasp the larger prize of a world without victims and oppression.

Anonymous knows nothing of the rising energies on the planet, the Divine Plan for this age, the peaceful movement towards emancipation of the people, and the denouement in Ascension. Yes, the cabal continues to enact elements of its grand plan and admittedly it’s hard to see why one should argue that none of this will ultimately harm us. Why should they believe when they know nothing of what’s transpiring over our heads, within our bodies, and even under our feet?

I don’t want to withhold acknowledgement from them for their caring for the people and their willingness to sacrifice all to win freedom. But if someone close to them could somehow inform them, as we need to inform everyone else, that violence is no longer needed and will no longer work, that would be a contribution. Simple expression of the people’s wishes, simply unanimity, simple refusal to co-operate is now enough to carry us forward to our common goal.

We’re no longer living by the New World Order’s law or the law of resistance. We’ve passed out of that phase of life. We’re now living by the natural laws, which alone will bring us the outcomes we desire. Prime among those laws is the Law of Attraction, the alignment with which will bring us the peace, freedom and harmony we long for.

It’s time to leave the childhood of humanity and enter its adulthood. It may be more difficult to do and maintain, but a balanced, mature and peaceful response is the only one that will allow us to make the transition from the sad and oppressive world we live in to the wonderful, barely-imaginable world that beckons and cannot now be prevented. link to original article


2 responses to “Steve Beckow – No, Anonymous. The Time For Violent Resistance Is Past – 18 March 2012

  1. Very good points, Steve. Very good advice, too. We must strive to move ahead as much as possible without utilizing the aggressive, separation-based tools of our ‘oppressors’ — or risk moving backwards, instead of forwards. Just a couple of things you might have overlooked, or not be conscious of (though I doubt that).

    First, I myself, though not in contact with anybody involved in that group (that I know of at least), believe that at least a few of those Anonymous guys DO have a more expansive, grander understanding of what’s happening, especially those also involved in the Occupy Movement. Your assumption that, as an entire group, they do NOT know anything about the ‘real deal’, I just cannot agree with.

    The other things is this, an understanding that I came to myself not too long ago: Many, many people have not yet even BEGUN to clear out their karma, or their deep emotional/spiritual baggage, or even give it any focused attention whatsoever. Some souls may not yet have had a chance, in any lifetime, to literally give their physical lives for a ‘just cause’. Therefore, this ‘call to arms’ by Anonymous MAY be manifesting (as in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, and elswhere) in order to do just that — give those still-deeply-mired-in-illusion-and-karma beings an opportunity to have that EXPERIENCE, and thereby free them up to move forward/upward more quickly, maybe even enough to ‘catch the train’ to ascension before it leaves the station. It could also be an opportunity for a few hardy souls to boldly make a ‘sacrifice’ of their physical selves for the One that we Are, taking on and transmuting the ‘karmic burden’ of many others (again to further their spiritual evolution — ‘consciously’ or not). As many channels have said over the years, everything happens for a reason, all is in Divine Order, and there is no such thing as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ from the highest perspectives. Right?

    I offer this as something to consider as another possibility, that’s all.

  2. This was/is well spoken, and totally agree with the non-violent approach.
    David Icke is correct in what he saying, with the ‘Problem–Solution–Response stratagy that used so well time after time to forward the Gobal elite’s adgenda’s.